September 25, 2018

Proposed Rules on Possession and Use of Recording and Transmitting Devices in Courtroom and Courthouse

Vermont Supreme Court seal

The Vermont Supreme Court has sent out for comment proposed rules governing the use of recording and transmitting devices in the Supreme Court and all divisions of the superior court. The current rules on recording equipment in the courtroom focus primarily on the recording of court proceedings by news media using conventional cameras and audio equipment for broadcasting or publication. The proposed rules reflect extensive advances in technology that place the ability to record and transmit images and sound in the hands of any person in a courthouse or courtroom with a smartphone or other portable device. The proposal covers use of devices by media, participants to court proceedings, jurors, and members of the public. A special committee drafted amendments, which were sent out for comment and considered at a public hearing. The Supreme Court further altered the proposal and is sending the revised rules out for comment a second time.

The proposed amendments can be found here:

The text of the rule amendments can be read below:

Comments on these proposed amendments should be sent by November 5, 2018, to:

Emily Wetherell, Deputy Clerk
Vermont Supreme Court
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT  05609-0801