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eBug: Error Message in Editing Case Information


Error Message in Editing Case Information 


3 - Not Critical - Std (3 day) 








1/3/13 CF: While tag splitting documents under a clerk sign on in Production, I neglected to add the proper court code to a docket number field. 
I then signed on as an admin, accessed the filing by searching in the System Viewer, highlighting the row then opening the Case Information tab, and made the addition to the docket number.  (Filing # is 70396, docket #167-9-12 (to which I was attempting to add Wnjv).  When I hit SAVE, I get an error.  See attachment for full text of email plus screenshots sent to AmCad 1/3/13.    


8/28/13 RC:  We think this is being fixed by Next Drop #34.
7/2/13 gf: These can be manually handled by AMCAD until such time that it can be done as needed by the administrator.
1/4/13 GF's email: .  The reason you were getting the error is that the docket number already existed.  It was added with the second document.  See attachment for screenshots and further clarification
1/4/13 CF: Further Note: I have asked GF how to handle a correction which intentionally changes an erroneous docket number to an existing docket number.  Awaiting response. 
AMCAD Response to Error Trying to Modify Case Information.docx    
Error Trying to Modify Case Information.docx    
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