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eBug: ID Type Menu Discrepancy


ID Type Menu Discrepancy  


2 - Not Critical - Major (4 hr) 








3 Items for Priority 2(1) add two more options to drop down and (2) Make ID Type drop downs consistent. (3) fix both system admin and public versions of the Registration screen:
(1) Update 5/3/13 CF:  Please add 2 more items to "ID Type" menu:
VT LEA Dept Number
VT LEO Number
Remove the choices that are not for Vermont, e.g., SSN)
(2) Email of 4/30/13 CF: Giuseppe,
Please see the attachment for a description of the discrepancy of choices in “ID Type” on the Search for Users screen vs the Add Unaffiliated User screen. 
(3) Note: these changes are based on the System Admin version of the registration screen.  On the public version and the System Admin version:  if Role = Law Enforcement Agency, TYPE= VT LEA Dept Number, Text below entry "Please enter VT LEA Department Number".
ALSO:  (new, when new Role "VT Law Enforcement Officer" can be added), TYPE = VT LEO Number, Text below entry says "Please enter VT Law Enforcement Officer number."


7/4/13 gf: Fix applied to Production.
7/2/13 gf: There is some confusion about what did not get promoted into production.  AMCAD believes that only the mispelled contain did not get promoted.
6/13/13 RC:  Didn't migrate to production yet (G was on vacation)
From: Conklin, Rick
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 3:59 PM
To: Andrew Chanthaphone
Cc: 'DV Rao'; Foster, Cindy
Subject: RE: eBug item #15 - ID Type change and search
Please promote the fix (listed below) that Giuseppe did (before his vacation) to VT Production.  Thanks.
PS – before you do this, it might also be easy to fix one typo in an error message (misspelled “contain”) that Cindy has found (she put this in eBug):
The document failed because it does not conatin a valid UNIT/DIVISION combination (Unit='Rutland' / Division='CorruptCIVIL').
Rick Conklin
From: Foster, Cindy
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 3:53 PM
To: Conklin, Rick
Subject: RE: eBug item #15 - ID Type change and search
Confirming the success of this fix in Test. 
Cindy Foster
From: Giuseppe Ferrigno [mailto:GFerrigno@AMCAD.COM]
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 11:40 PM
To: Conklin, Rick
Cc: Corsones, Therese; Foster, Cindy; Andrew Chanthaphone
Subject: RE: eBug item #15 - ID Type change and search
The issue with changing the ID Type/State/Number on the Manage Users screen and creating two records (It should NOT add a new record, but rather just update the existing record) has been fixed in TEST (  Please verify/confirm and let me know when you would like the fix promoted to production.
5/27/13 gf: fixed and applied to production.
5/21/13 CF:
1 – Types added
2-  Discrepancy of types on search and Add Unaffiliated Users screens have been corrected.
NOTE: Bug?  On the search results screen, the ID # column does not appear to display ALL role types of numbers.
5/21/13 gf: ID Types and roles have been added.
7/5/13 CF: Bug (In red above) has been fixed in prod and test.)
5/3/13 Rick:  THE FOLLOWING ARE NOTES; these were in Cindy's original 4/30 email and were answered as follows:
1- The attachment also describes a problem with searching on the ID number, and wondered if the problem was due to our inability to choose “other”, which is the ID Type we had assigned to the user record in question.  ANSWER: No.  In PROD this morning we were able to search with the VALUE ONLY (leaving ID Type blank), put in a value = 132 in dialog, and system returns 2 rows, attorney and DCF filer.  Since the key to "user_information" table is USERID+TYPE, the fact we had 2 rows with same value but different types is expected.  If we wanted the Attorney only, we could select "License Number" from Type dropdown, only one row returned.  CURRENT ISSUE continues: since "Other" is not a TYPE choice as of today, no way to just search for an LEA.
2 - However, on the search screen we also tested the two options that ARE available (attorney license number and employee number) and neither produced results when paired with “77” in the number field.  That isn’t right either, because there is an attorney with the number 177 and as we understand it, entering even a partial number should bring back any results that contain that number, either partial or complete.  ANSWER: Partial search on Value is not supported at this time.
Manage Users results screen - ID numbers missing.docx    
Created at 4/30/2013 14:27  by Foster, Cindy 
Last modified at 7/5/2013 14:11  by Foster, Cindy