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eBug: "Account is inactive" message not correct in Forgot Password


"Account is inactive" message not correct in Forgot Password 


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From: Giuseppe Ferrigno [mailto:GFerrigno@AMCAD.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 12:10 PM
To: Conklin, Rick
Cc: Foster, Cindy; Corsones, Therese
Subject: RE: Account is "inactive" message
I am able to duplicate the issue.  It appears to be related to providing the incorrect answer to the Security Question using the Primary email (see screenshots below)… it works correctly when the User Name is provided.
Notice the correct message for invalid Security Answer when user name is used:
Let me get back to you with a game plan for when this issue can be addressed in TEST.

Giuseppe Ferrigno
AMCAD | Technology | Innovation | Progress
Project Director
(512) 784-8874 cell

From: Conklin, Rick []
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 8:55 AM
To: Giuseppe Ferrigno
Cc: Foster, Cindy; Corsones, Therese
Subject: RE: Account is "inactive" message
Giuseppe –   Hurray ??? (I am not sure you will like it … ;-).   In TEST, I got the “Account is inactive” box (1st screen shot below).   However, you will see that all my accounts in TEST are ACTIVE (2nd screen shot below).   I know for at least one of my accounts “Mom” is the correct security password.  BUT … Some logic under the “Reset Password” button is generating this message box – the message box may not be wrong, but it’s message text is.   What is interesting about me is that I have multiple accounts in TEST, and they all have my same email as the primary email.   So I would guess the logic is having trouble figuring out WHICH account to reset the password?
That doesn’t make a lot of sense for attorney/filers in Production.   They are not likely to have multiple accounts with the same primary email.  It could happen but not likely.   The man yesterday only had one account that I saw.   He told me he put in his email (not his user name), so I would say that logic path has something to do with putting in email, and perhaps not answering the Security Question properly (yesterday, he thought he did, but wasn’t sure).
Anyway … I suspect there is something wrong with the error handling logic under the Reset Password button.   Perhaps it is a simple matter that eUniversa is confused because the SQL query to look up “primary email” was expecting a single row to return, and it got multiple rows (or no row? probably more likely for users who don’t remember either email or user name) instead, then the message box is probably necessary but needs a different message??   Please let us know what you discover.


8/28/13 RC:  Move to Next Drop, #64
Created at 6/13/2013 9:10  by Rick Conklin 
Last modified at 8/28/2013 11:01  by Rick Conklin