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Track eCabinet-related problems, tips, and policy direction.
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 1eCab-StaffTipStaff need higher-resolution winterm display setting
In order for eCabinet Clerk Review/TagSplit screens to work properly the winterm display setting needs to be set at the highest feasible resolution.  If the winterm display resolution is set too low (800 x 800) the user will have to do a lot of scrolling.
Set winterm display to 1024x768 or higher.  The system was designed to work with at least 1024x768 resolution for Clerk Review, TagSplit screens.  The staff screens will expand to display more of the document image on a bigger monitor.  Filer "shell" screens are not affected and will work properly with a lower resolution.
 2eCab-StaffTipObsolete    Reject all docs if don't want to charge fee
The system will charge credit card if any document in a filing is Accepted.
For a new case with a filing fee, the staff should Accept all documents in a filing.  If any document in a filing is Rejected, all documents should be Rejected so the filer's credit card will not be charged.  NOTE:  When the filer submitted the filing the system "held" the filing amount at Submit.  Even if all of filing is rejected, the "held" amount will not be released by the bank for several days (even though the card was not actually charged).
 3Request-FilerAdd Parties/CaseTitle to email 1 and 2
Filer's can't tell what they filed in email 1 and 2 just from Filing number and/or Docket Number.  Filer's know cases by Plaintiff and Defendent names, not necessarily docket number.
Filer requests that we either add primary Plaintiff and primary Defendant names (or eCab calculated Case Title) to email 1 and email 2 so they can distinguish multiple filings to same case on same day.  
 4Helpdesk-TechFiler clicked Unit/Division then screen froze
Filer logged on, went to New Case.  On Case Info screen they selected from drop-downs Court, Unit, and Division. After they selected Divsion, screen gave "Waiting" box and windmill cycled.  Screen would not advance to Case Type.
Filer was using IE 6.  If filer having issue with Case Info screen, need to validate what browser and version.  The only supported browsers are IE 7, IE 8, and Firefox 3.5.  We may support Safari on Mac, but not tested.  Please remind filer to check FAQ's on website.
 5eCab-StaffTipScanner: Create Shortcut for TagSplit Button on Kyocera
Getting to the TagSplit button requires too many clicks. Need a shortcut.
Create Shortcut for TagSplit Button on Kyocera Copier/Scanner:
1. system menu
 2. edit destination
 3. one touch key
 4. click open on blank button (0002 or 0003)
 5. register/edit
 6. scroll down to which ever folder you want to put in the shortcut
 7. ok
 8. close
 9. close
Settings on Kyocera should be:
Click on System Menu
 Common Settings
  Down arrow (bottom right hand of screen)
 Next (beside Function Defaults)
Original Orientations: Top Edge Top
 Original image: text
 Color Selection: black & white
 File Separation: off
 Continuous Scan: off
 Scan Resolution; 300 x 300 dpi
 File Format: PDF
 6eCab-StaffTipDocument in Clerk Review is Upside-down
The document(s) displayed on Clerk Review/Viewer screen are upside-down and the staff person has to use the rotation option in Adobe Acrobat to turn it 180 degrees.
Acrobat in the Clerk Review/Viewer doesn't allow you to save the rotated document. Therefore, make sure that you scan with the top of the document away from you; that is, at the top of the feeder.
 7StaffBestPractice"efile" Event Must begin VTADS Entry for New Case
How do we tell VTADS that a new case is electronic?
Start each new case with an "efile" event to record that an electronic file for that case will exist. THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST EVENT ENTERED INTO ALL NEW CASES.  
 1) The event will populate an "Electronic File" notice in the header of the case so staff can see that an electronic file exists when they open the case.
 2) The event will cause the Superior Court Civil Calendar (Rrca30) to include an EFILE designation next to the cases on the calendar that have an electronic file. This will help the staff and judges prepare for the daily court calendar.
 8eCab-FilerTipLicense Number is Attorney Licensing number, Not VBA Membership Number
There has been some confusion as to what license number to enter when registering as an attorney or adding an attorney as a party.
In both instances, License No. refers to the Attorney Licensing number, not a membership number for the Vermont Bar Association.
 9eCab-FilerTipRemoving Documents or Parties
If a filer has attached the wrong document or entered a party incorrectly, how does the filer fix the problem?
Prior to submitting the filing for clerk review, the filer can use the Documents and Parties tabs to return to those pages and correct the information.  eCabinet has built a Documents list and a Parties list. You can click the item and the Edit link.
Once submitted, documents in a filing must be amended or replaced using civil procedure--as you do now. In the case of parties--adding or deleting them--you must work with the court staff to change that information.
The court staff cannot "replace" one pdf image with a different one in Clerk Review.   If the filing is not yet "completed", the clerk can Reject it.  If the filing is "completed", the filer must resubmit a corrected document.
 10Request-Staffcarry forward docket number in tagsplit
Having to re enter entire docket number when completing numerous documents for the same case in tagsplit
Please consider carrying forward the docket number from last one typed, also a switch that allows each person to turn on or off
 11StaffBestPracticeTime-sensitive Submissions
In many submissions, the date that the filing was submitted to eCabinet (and the filer received e-mail 1) is crucial. How should we handle time-sensitive filings?
The crucial date is the Event Date. We will review and accept anything time sensitive asap and make the date the submitted date.
If the filer files Friday, the event date will be Friday.  However, if the the filer files on Sat., or Sunday, the event date is Monday--the first business day.
 12eCab-StaffTipProblems with Unsupported Browsers
While entering a filing, eCabinet gets hung up on Unit.
The filer is not running a supported browser: Internet Explorer 7 or 8
 13eCab-StaffTipPassword isn't being accepted
If typing password quickly and/or involves a capitalized first letter, eCabinet is not getting the first character even though the person is typing the password correctly.
Slow down a little to ensure that eCabinet gets the first letter.
 14StaffBestPracticeEntering Credit Card Obligations
How do we process credit card payments?  What VTADS entries do we make?
 When a filer pays by credit card, you need to note that the payment was made by credit card but is still due since the actual funds have not been received by the court. The actual deposit takes two business days and is reflected in the VIC reports.
 cvfile Event: Upon entry of a “cvfile” event the staff fills in a series of fields. For cases which are filed electronically and have been paid for by credit card, the fields the staff need to be aware of are:
 • Fee? – In this field enter the new code of “ccdue” to denote a credit card payment was made but the money has not been received.
 • Payment – Leave this field blank as payment has not been finalized.
 • Fee Amount – This field is not tied to the finance system. You could enter the full fee due (filing fee + 5% surcharge) or you can leave it zero. Any entry in this field cannot be adjusted later and, again, is not part of the financial system.
 ordfee Event: With the efile event, cvfile event and parties entered, the staff then enters an “ordfee” event to create an obligation of the filing fee that is still due from the credit card receipt. The obligation will be the filing fee associated with the case.
 In the ordfee event, enter into the Fee Amount field the appropriate amount due.
 With the obligation now created, you ensure that payment will not be missed for the case. You can get reports that show outstanding obligations and you can also create a tickler to remind you that payment should be received via VIC in approximately two days. If payment is not received then you may need to investigate why the obligation is still due.
 15StaffBestPracticeEntering Payment for Obligations Created for Credit Cards
For credit card payments, how do we handle receipt of the credit card payment?
 Each day, the court staff needs to review the appropriate VIC reports (available from the CourtPay website) to see if any deposits were made for their specific Unit and Division.
 If a deposit was made, you will be given the deposit information such as docket number, person making payment, payment amount, confirmation number, etc. Using this information the staff can then call up the case (or entity can be used as well) in VTADS and enter the credit card payment (credit card is a payment type like cash or check) against the ordfee that was created earlier.
 When entering a payment by credit card, enter the payment Type as “ccd” for credit card and in the Chk/Conf # field enter the confirmation number for that payment from the VIC report. This allows us to trace payments with VIC. When entering a Type as ccd, the Chk/Conf # field is required.
  At the end of each day as the staffs prepare their daily deposits, they should be able to match the VIC payments for the day with the VTADS deposit reports, enter the correct information on the VISION worksheets and then enter the proper information into VISION.
 16eCab-StaffTipVTADS automatically adds the surcharge to fee
If you enter the full amount the filer owes (filing fee and surcharge, shcih you can't enter separately on the Ordfee box, VTADS adds another surcharge.
Don't enter the surcharge. VTADS does that. Only enter the filing amount; e.g., 250.00.
 17eCab-StaffTipPrinting electronically filed documents to create a paper file
How do I print the electronic documents from the Clerk Review screen?
eCabinet displays the documents in an Adobe Acrobat Viewer. Use the Print function in Acrobat to print each document after you Accept or Reject it.
 18eCab-StaffTipTagSplit: Complaint includes additional documents
When separating documents for scanning, note that the Complaint may also require inclusion of other documents that are considered part of the complaint.
You may include the Summons (Doc type: Summons/Complaint) with the complaint in a single document.
Some actions (e.g., collections) require that you attach exhibits as appendixes to the complaint. They go with the complaint.
If you give the filer a payment receipt, add the court's copy of the receipt to the bottom of the complaint pages.
 19eCab-StaffTipVTADS entry: didn't make "efile" first event
The efile event must be the first VTADS entry.  What can you do if you skipped it?
You are going to change that case's docket # to a docket # from last month and ask JUD-Help to delete it:
1. Click F1 repeatedly until the Docket # is highlighted.
2. Use the arrow key to reach the middle part of the docket #: 662-10-10 Wrcv.
3. Change the middle number to last month's code: 662-09-10 Wrcv.
4. F9 it
5. Add an event dated yesterday (so it will display as the first event code) that says: Please Kill this Case Entry.
6. Send an email to the JUD Help desk asking them to kill 662-09-10Wrcv (what you changed it to).
7. Re-enter the case correctly, giving it the docket # you originally assigned: 662-10-10 Wrcv.
8. Go about your merry way.
 20StaffBestPracticeCVfile Event Points to Multiple Documents
Because the documents electronically filed are separate items, it is tempting to give each document a separate Event code.  
If  you wouldn't enter the document in VTADS in the paper-based world, don't do it now. For example, you could use event code DOCUMENT f or a cover letter sent with the filing. Better yet to code it with CVfile.
 21StaffBestPracticeHow to Enter Cover Letter in VTADS
Filers often include the cover letter as a separate attachment; should it be entered in VTADS as a DOCUMENT event?
No. Give the cover letter the CVfile event code.
 22StaffBestPracticeIn TagSplit: What to Group with the Complaint
Do we scan each document separately, or do we group the Complaint, Summons, Cover Letter, and Payment Receipt as one document to be scanned (e.g.,no blank pages between them)?
 23Request-FilerEmails 1 and 2 should be sent to parties
Several attorneys have asked that the No Reply emails be sent to the parties as well as the filer--in essence, perform the service.
 24eCab-StaffTipClerk Review Checklist
Can you provide a list what court staff needs to check for each document?
For each attachment:
1. Is it the Category and Document Type specified by the filer? You can change it if incorrect.
2. Is it legible? Make sure you down arrow through every page.
3. Should it have its own VTADS Event Code, or is it part of the CVfile event?
4. (During initial rollout only) When you printed it (with the Acrobat Print function, did it print correctly?
5. If the filing was submitted while the court was closed (e.g., over the weekend or after 4:40 pm), do you need to change the Event Date to the Received Date?
6. Did you look to see if there were any handling instructions?
7. Did the filer correctly categorize the attachment as General vs Confidential (or do you need to select Restricted)?
For the filing as a whole:
1. Did you receive all of the attachments?
2. If the filer is paying by cash or check, have you received the payment? If so, process it in VTADS. Print the receipt and add a copy of the receipt to the case file. Put in Clerk's note: VTADS Payment Receipt.
3.  If this is an existing electronic case, is the docket number correct? If this is a new case, do you have a unique docket number from VTADS to assign it?
4. Are the Case Type and Subtype correct?
5. Has service occurred? If not, you must classify the folder/docket as Private, then change the folder to Public when you receive receipt of service (using Clerk Viewer).
 25Request-StaffClerk Review Interface Corrections/Requests
Doc Types:
Miscellaneous-Letter to Court: "Letter" has three l's.
Notice: There should be a Notice of Appearance choice.
Motion: Add proposed Order on Motion.
Receipt: Add Payment Receipt
Return of Service is currently under Miscellaneous.  May be better under Initial Pleadings
 26eCab-StaffTipTagSplit: Do All VTADS Entries & Insert Blanks
How to minimize the passes through the paper documents and the need to switch back and forth between VTADS and eCabinet.
For each case, do the VTADS entries as you examine each document in the filing. Write the docket # on each document in the filing. As you enter Event codes, write those on the documents.  If VTADS generates a payment receipt, motion for hearing, or other document, add a court copy to the stack of documents to be scanned.
 27eCab-StaffTipHow handle docs that you would have torn up if working in paper?
Working with paper filings, there are a number of instances in which the court staff simply removes a document from the case file.  Can we just delete a document in eCabinet?
VTADS does not need to keep track of every document in the file.  eCabinet does require that.  We could go into Clerk Viewer and edit the metadata on the document, giving it an event code we entered into VTADS indicating that we "tore" up the document.  This seems to be a lot of work.  
 28eCab-StaffTipTagSplit: Sealed document in paper file submitted
Received a new case that case has a sealed envelope with a medical evaluation in it.  How do we handle it?
Court staff must open the sealed document and assemble the contents for TagSplit, recording somewhere that it is confidential.  When the staff "completes" the filing, while the folder/docket may be "Publis", the specific document attachment is marked either "Confidential" or "Sealed" (if that is the correct procedure).
What to do with the original?
 29eCab-StaffTipTagSplit: Handling Affidavits
Should affidavits be separate attachments?
Rule of Thumb:
If an affidavit comes in with a complaint, make the affidavit a separate document. (Should event code by CVfile or a different event code?)
If an affidavit comes in with a motion, it goes with the motion and should have the same event code as motion. Do we scan them together or as separate documents?
 30Request-StaffClerk Viewer--Add Document function fix
The "back door" add function in Clerk Viewer is very useful, but the link for browsing for the actual document is not very noticeable.
Treat the Attach/browse for document link the way other entries are treatedon the screen; that is, in black type with a text box and browse button attached.
 31eCab-StaffTipRemember to Return Items You Look At
Any action you perform on an item in the Filings queue causes that item to go to your individual work queue. If you don't return it to the queue it came from when you are done, it can get lost; that is, no longer be in the common queue or the last queue it was in.
Click the Return link to return the document from the queue it was just in.
 32Request-StaffManage Queues Screen for Court Admins
No where right now to see at a glance who has what fiings.
Create a screen showing what is checked out and by whom for each queue.
 33Helpdesk-TechSymplex feeder seems to be slipping
Scanned in a 79-page TagSplit pile. While going through the documents, it appears that as the pages fed into the scanner, the later pages started slipping. They are slightly crooked when displayed as PDF files in the Clerk Review screen.
 34Request-StaffAbility to attach a second monitor
It's time consuming to switch back and forth between VTADS and eCabinet, but both applications are impossible to read if displayed side by side on the 22inch monitor.   It would be nice to have a choice.
Add a second monitor.  Can't do it in Windsor because the second plug on the WinTerm is a serial port, not another video port.  Also, Windsor is maxed out on portals for connecting to the server.
 35StaffBestPracticePolicy on Correcting Document Type Choice
While reviewing the documents that were e-filed, the staff person determines that the filer selected the wrong document type. What should she do?
Judge Davenport says the court can correct it.
Also, could mark the document as at Issue and send an email to the filer.
 36Helpdesk-TechUnable to log in after password change
Attorney changed his ecabinet password and then was not able to log in.
User was not aware that password is case sensitive.  Had user try again with the password’s case sensitivity in mind and was able to successfully sign in.
 37Helpdesk-TechUnable to activate account
Attorney received the auto-registration email from Vermont Judiciary, but was not able to activate the account.
Attorney's assistant received the auto-registration email from Vermont Judiciary, but did not activate the account.  Instead she registered manually. Contacted user and she stated that she had partially typed in the URL from the email.  Once user was advised to copy and paste the full URL, she was able to activate the account.
 38eCab-StaffTipUsers from Windsor County having issues logging in into eCabinet.
Users from Windsor County having issues logging in into eCabinet.
User error, not typing in password correctly.
 39Helpdesk-TechUser can't register via the registration email.
User can't register via the registration email.
User was running IE 6. User updated browser and was able to register.
 40Request-FilerAdd Case Name and/or Parties Column to My Filings
The My Filings page lists the filings by filing # or Docket #. Attorneys and staff refer to cases by case name or parties.  The list of filings is cumbersome.
Add a Case Name and/or Parties column.
 41Request-FilerImplement the Docket # Display Page
On the My Filings page, ifyou click the Docket #, eCabinet displalys a screen with headings:
Documents that are viewable by public
These sections are not populated
If eCabinet populates this screen, attorneys will have the party information they are requesting.
 42StaffBestPracticeStandardize Submittal Date/Filing Date
Both attorneys and court staff want standardization of submittal and filing dates appplied to cases.
This seems to be the consensus:
The date the filing is submitted via eCabinet (filer receives email 1) is the Filing date (even if it is Xmas day).
 43StaffBestPracticeEstablish protocol for grouping documents for TagSplit
How documents are grouped or separated to prepare for TagSplit should be standardized.
What may be included with the Complaint? e.g., cover letter, payment receipt, exhibits.
Must first determine how these documents will be event coded in VTADS. Complicating the solution is that VTADS does not track EACH document, but eCabinet does.  Will VCase conversion be best served by entering separate DOCUMENT events or grouping the documents under CVfile?
 44StaffBestPracticeSummons and Receipt of Summons Get Event Code CVfile
The summons and its receipt are part of the CVfile Event. However, sometimes the summons is a separate document from the receipt and other times the receipt is noted at the bottom of the summons.
Give both documents the same event code. If performing TagSplit, keep them together and attach to the complaint.
 45StaffBestPracticeWhat to do with the filer's payment receipt?
When VTADS generates a payment receipt that is sent to the filer, the court's copy goes into the case file. What event code should it have?
Don't code it as Document. Add it to the complaint if payment comes in with the case (or as a separate document if payment comes later), but code as CVfile.
 46eCab-StaffTipHow to Cancel an ordfee in VTADS
If you enter the wrong fee or have to delete a case, how do you handle the fee that has already been entered into VTADS?
See the attached file.  You can't delete financial transactions, just offset them, keeping a record.
1. Display the case
2. F-9
3. Do another ordfee with the ordamend event. In the FEE field, zoom off to get the payment order number.
4. Reenter the whole thing again.
 47StaffBestPracticeSummons and Receipt of Summons Get Event Code CVfile
The summons and its receipt are part of the CVfile Event. However, sometimes the summons is a separate document from the receipt and other times the receipt is noted at the bottom of the summons.
Give both documents the same event code. If performing TagSplit, keep them together and attach to the complaint.
 48StaffBestPracticeWhat to do with the filer's payment receipt?
When VTADS generates a payment receipt that is sent to the filer, the court's copy goes into the case file. What event code should it have?
Don't code it as Document. Add it to the complaint if payment comes in with the case (or as a separate document if payment comes later), but code as CVfile.
Attachment 49eCab-StaffTipHow to Cancel an ordfee in VTADS
If you enter the wrong fee or have to delete a case, how do you handle the fee that has already been entered into VTADS?
See the attached file.  You can't delete financial transactions, just offset them, keeping a record.
1. Display the case
2. F-9
3. Do another ordfee with the ordamend event. In the FEE field, zoom off to get the payment order number.
4. Reenter the whole thing again.
 50Helpdesk-TechUser was unable to activate account
User was unable to click on the link in the activation email to activate her account.
User's account was activated by the help desk and was able to successfully log in.
 51eCab-StaffTipChange Status of Folder or Document Public/Private, Private/Public
There are instances when you need to change the status of a document or whole case from private to public--or vice versa. How?
To change a document’s folder:
 1. Display the case in the Clerk Viewer list. (Filings> Clerk Viewer)
 2. Click a document and select Edit.
 3. You can change the subfolder on the screen displayed.
 To change the whole case:
 1. Display the case in the Clerk Viewer List.
 2. Click the Case Information tab along the top.
 3. You can change the whole folder to public.
 52Helpdesk-TechUser was unable to click on the link in the activation email to activate her account.
User was unable to click on the link in the activation email to activate her account.
User's account was activated by the help desk and was able to successfully log in.
 53Helpdesk-TechAttorney did not receive pre-registration email.
Attorney did not receive pre-registration email.
User was successfully registered and activated.
 54Helpdesk-Techactivation link does not work
User received my "Your account for ecabinet is ready for Activation" email, but the activation link does not work.  It also did not work when user typed in the account manually.
User's account was activated by help desk.
 55Helpdesk-TechUser was unable to activate account using Safari.
User was unable to activate account using Safari.
User's account is active.  It appears that she was able to activate it on her own.  User was advised while she may able to file documents with Safari on iMac, it is not one of the officially supported browsers.  The supported browsers are IE 7.0 or above and FF 3.0 and above.
 56Request-FilerUser would like to pay with checking account.
User would like setup to allow our firm to give a checking account number and routing number so that it automatically gets withdrawn from their account.
 The current system allows for the use of credit card payments through the website or separate payments via check or cash directly to the specific court. We are currently working with our vendors to provide the ability to pay for filings by electronic check through the website as well. We do not have a final date the functionality will be available but we are working to have it completed by the end of November.
 57Helpdesk-TechUser changed password, can not log in
User changed password and then could not figure out how to log in.
User was attempting to login to eCabinet via the ‘Sign In’ link at the bottom right hand corner of the Vermont Judiciary page.  User was instructed on how to get to the correct login page and he was able to login.
 58Helpdesk-TechUser forgot password and security answer.
User forgot password and security answer.
Help desk re-set the user's password and the user was able to log in.
 59eCab-FilerTipWhat happens to paper cases during optional period?
At the VBA Annual Meeting, the Rules panel stated that during the optional period, everyone can file paper cases and those cases will remain paper-based. This is incorrect.
Add a FAQ on this topic. In actuality, the courts are scanning all paper-based cases.  When the optional period ends, SRLs can continue to file paper on the case, but attorneys must electronically file.
 60Request-FilerFilers want to see all case filings--from their PCs
eCabinet allows filers to see only their own filings. To see filings from other parties, they must go to the courthouse and use the Parties viewer.
Make the Parties Viewer available online (requires rule change).
Or: have eCabinet or court staff send parties email notification of filings--with links to documents.
 61Request-FilerIs a faxed document an electronic filing?
At the VBA Annual Meeting, a participant asked if there was a way that faxing a document could become an electronic file?
Several possibilities:
1. take faxed document and scan to T&S
2. Configure fax machine to automatically place faxed documents in T&S queue.
Note that after optional period, only SRLs can fax documents (in essense a fax is a paper filing); attorneys must file electronically through eCabinet.
 62Request-StaffHow will we roll out small claims and stalking?
Although eCabinet has rolled out in Windsor/Rutland civil division, small claims and stalking have not been piloted.  As of Jan. 3, 2011, these case types will be part of required electronic filing. Note: Judge Davenport's rollout schedule does NOT add them in anywhere else, so it is assumed they are part of required filing.
Consider making small claims and stalking optional in January.
Provide training to small claims staff.
 63StaffBestPracticeProcedure for contacting court when can't file electronically but required to
At the VBA Annual Meeting, participants asked what to do if they cannot file electronically and are required to.
If the filer knows in advance, the filer should file a motion requesting permission to file on paper.
If the circumstances are beyond the filer's control (technical problems, Citrix failure, etc.), the filer should call the court and court staff will tell the filer how to proceed.
 64Request-FilerDeadlines Clarification
There is a lot of confusion as to how filing electronically impacts the SOL and filing deadlines.
Create a reference card that can be posted at the courts and in News/Information on eCabinet website that details the deadlines.
The rules do not change the computation of time for deadlines. For example, if there is a 10-day period to respond, the period doe not continue on weekends and holidays.
 65StaffBestPracticeProcedures to follow when working with appeals to government agencies
Brought up by Will Baker at VBA Annual Meeting. Scenario: individual sends appeal (may be paper) to court with check.
Many of these appeals are voluminous.
Clerk transfers it to Superior court. Superior ct staff scans it.
 Judge Durkin suggested that we might not want to accept appeals.
 66StaffBestPracticeHow will electronic filing affect service by sheriffs?
Service rules have not been changed by eCabinet--esp. original service.
Will sheriffs take writs/orders from courts/clerks?
Talk to sheriffs about putting together paper form that can be turned into an electronic version with Judge's signature. Court staff will run off form and stamp it.
May need to change rule: Rule 11 says signature must be original.
 67Request-FilerHow do attorneys get copies of pro se filings?
Pro se filers do not understand that they have to serve the other side.
Attorneys request addition of a provision for notifying the other side when the court staff scans in a pro se complaint.  
VBA Panel told attorney to do what they do now: call the court if they can't get a hold of the pro se filer.
Said that court staff is not going to notify the other side that the filing was made.
 68StaffBestPracticeDo not review electronically filed case until payment has been received.
Because there is a Hold for Payment queue in eCabinet, it is tempting to start the case in VTADS and place the case in the Hold queue until payment is received; this is how we initially rolled out eCabinet.
This practice is causing more work and confusion.  Instead, if payment has not been received for an electronic filing (in the form of credit card or check sent ahead), leave the filing in the common queue.  Do not open a VTADS case.
 69StaffBestPracticeCourt staff processing of ex parte filing
How should court staff handle ex parte filings?
Before accepting an ex parte filing for review, court staff must ensure that the filing is not a public document; that is, not accessible in the paper world.
Filer should indicate that an ex parte motion is attached in the Handling Instructions.
 70StaffBestPracticeHow to handle sealed documents in paper filing
What do you do when you receive a paper-based filing containing a sealedmedical evaluation marked "confidential"?
Open the sealed document and scan it. Mark it as either confidential or sealed.
 71StaffBestPracticeFiling needs hearing set, no payment received
What do you do if you receive an electronic filing without a payment and the filing requires scheduling a hearing immediately?
You cannot open a VTADS case until you receive the payment. Court Staff should call the filer and ask for payment immediately.
Attachment 72eCab-StaffTipMultiple Browser Sessions
When using multiple browser sessions in eCabinet (i.e. logged in as clerk and Judge) the browsers share cookies with the original open tab.  Therefore, when trying to work between sessions, an error will occur.
click the New Session item on the browser's File menu , and a new browser window will open.  This new window will NOT share cookies and the user will be able to work in both sessions.
 73Helpdesk-TechTest/verify eUniversa behaviour with large filings
Need to test/verify eUniversa behaviour with large filings to ensure that filings that exceed max allowable size are rejected
Tracking number on AMCAD (482) - Testing is needed
 75eCab-FilerTipFiler can’t see filing they filed
Filer can’t see filing they filed
2) A:
a. Where are they looking – on PAT or at home?
b. If home, there is NO security, they can see whatever they filed.
i. Check:   Reset date at type of My Filings grid.  What they filed may have fallen outside the date range.
ii. If they sent document in on paper, for example, they cannot see it because system doesn’t know that “scanner” is that person.
c. If at PAT:
i. Nobody can see “Not Public” cases
ii. On Public side, nobody can see anything but “General” documents
iii. Filer can see “Confidential” documents (subfolder) if they are logged in as a Party (vs Public)
iv. BUG (will be fixed in next drop 10/2013): if folder changes from Not Public to Public after some documents have been filed, all the documents (even General) cannot be seen, now, because they were marked General when the Folder=Not Public, and there is a bug when changing the Folder=Public (system, under the covers, makes the document a “different” General value, and this is a bug).