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CLEANUP stuff 


1) Always Case Name, not Case Title.
2) Always Doc Group, Not Doc Category. 
3) Standardize buttons, e.g., Cancel always to the right.
4) Standardize common blue link placement, esp.  Refresh and Close at right side of menu bar.
5) Pop up a message box when user clicks Close in Clerk Review screen (similar to reason for msgbox when click Return) says: "Filing # will be saved to your personal queue"; msgbox needs OK and Cancel buttons, if click Cancel the Clerk Review window does not close.  [Business purpose:  trying to get people to not store filings accidentally under their personal queue.]
6) Move "Return" blue link on menu bar of Clerk Review way to the right of menu line, outside the group box, so that Close and Return are the rightmost two choices in that order. [To encourage people to click Return rather than Close.]
7) Implement "Tab" name in left tree (works on Tab now - ensure both tab and menu item are consistent).  ALSO: on My Profile screen, Preferences, the user checkbox boilerplate to activate Tab should say "Show Tab name in Clerk Review Tab and Left Menu:".







Due Date









9/2313cf:  There is a message popup when you "close" an open doc from clerk review.  Also, "Refresh/requery" button has been respositioned. 
9/23/13cf:   No message box popup when you “close” an open document from clerk review.  Also, no rearrangement of “refresh/requery” button in menu bar.
9/22/13gf: This was a deployment/configuration issue on our part.  Please re-test.
9/20/13cf:  (4) Not sure what to retest as nothing has changed. See all the screenshots in the attachment.
(5) There is no popup box when user clicks "close" in clerk review screen. GF cited in an earlier email that this functionality was not yet available so not sure if the message yesterday that everything is ready to test included this item.  “Please note there are no KNOWN issues at this time.”  
9/19/13gf - ready to be re-tested
9/18/13 CF:
47 1)  OK ( I could find no instances of “Case TITLE”)
 2) OK (I could find no instances of “Doc CATEGORY”
 3) OK
4) Some screens still need fixes.  See attachment.
5) Not done, as GF pointed out in email of 9/11.  (Note – I noticed that the  “close” button is mostly off the screen with no horizontal scroll bar (see below).  It is usable but not ideal. )
47(6) OK
47(7)(a) The “short name” displays consistently on both work queue and the tab name (see below) but the display is relevant to  Clerk Review folders only (not personal folders). .   Since the work queues are set up in clerk review that may be all that we have control over?  Rick-intent?
47(7)(b)  The boiler plate for the “short name” checkbox has not yet been changed to say “Show Tab name in Clerk Review Tab and Left Menu”.



Number 47 Screens need fixes 9-18-13.docx    
Created at 4/2/2013 15:08  by Rick Conklin 
Last modified at 9/23/2013 15:49  by Foster, Cindy