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eFiling Dev: MODIFY the Forgot Password screen




MODIFY the Forgot Password screen 


8/15/13 CF:  Instead of simply removing the forgot password / user name link to another page, we want to keep the page but re-do it so that if a user enters their last name and primary email address, the system looks for a matching account and if there is one, the password is automatically reset to a random temporary one.  The standard email will be sent to the primary email address - contains new temporary password and their user name.  See new attachment for mockup.   If the info entered does not match user account info, a popup message will display advising of this and provide a link to the helpdesk.







Due Date









11/18/13 gf: Fixed.
10/29/13:  On the banner screen, the text of the link to the forgot password screen should read "Forgot User Name and/or Passwrod" instead of just :forgot Password."  See attachment "64 the banner screen link...."
10/28/13CF: See "Testing Next Drop" Document.
9/24/13cf: GF says that this is fixed in the AMCAD test environment but not yet in VT's.  (See attached email "Re Retesting.) 
9/23/13cf: Not fixed. Screenshot still reads "Information does not match our records...etc. "
9/22/13gf: This was a deployment/configuration issue on our part.  Please re-test.
9/20/13cf:The popup message now displays if there are multiple accounts with the same last name/primary email address.  However, we would like the wording to read as stated in previous Sharepoint entry:  “Multiple accounts have been found containing these search criteria.  Please contact for assistance.”  We find that inaccurate or non-understandable error messages are a particular annoyance to users,  and experiencing such messages produces a lack of confidence in the system overall – something we would like to avoid.
9/19/13gf - ready to be re-tested
9/18/13cf: # The change made in the clarification document of 9/4/13 has not been done:
“In the event of multiple returns on the Forgot Password search criteria, we would like a popup that says “Multiple accounts have been found containing these search criteria.  Please contact for assistance.”
Note – when I entered data on the forgot password screen which I knew was duplicative of multiple accounts (last name = Foster, primary email = , only one account of five was changed.  I should have gotten a popup that gave the message in the above paragraph.


64 The banner screen link to the forgot password screen should read.docx    
FORGOT PASSWORD Screenshot as of 9 23 13.docx    
Forgot user andor password mockup.pdf    
RE Retesting.msg    
Created at 6/5/2013 15:06  by Rick Conklin 
Last modified at 11/25/2013 16:19  by Foster, Cindy