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Criminal Divsion

Civil Cases

Franklin District/Family Courthouse


Civil filings in the Criminal Division include civil suspension of one's license to drive, fish and wildlife violations and appeals of traffic ticket and municipal ordinance violation decisions.

Most defendants represent themselves in court proceedings. The state is the plaintiff in civil suspension and fish and wildlife violations; in these cases, the plaintiff is represented by the state's attorney.

While litigants have the option of a jury trial, many choose to have their cases decided by a judge. In civil trials, judgment is based on the preponderance of evidence. For example, in a civil suspension case, if the evidence presented by the state to prove that the defendant was intoxicated was more convincing than the evidence given by the defendant that s/he was not drunk then the judge will decide in favor of the state and the defendant will lose her/his license to drive.

Acceptance of Service
ADA Request Customer
Affidavit in Support of Request for Order Against Stalking or Sexual Assault
Alternate Dispute Resolution Report
Application to Waive Filing Fees and Service Costs
Certificate of Service
Civil Division Filing Cover Sheet
Complaint for Civil Union Dissolution NO KIDS Non Resident
Complaint for Divorce NO KIDS Non Resident
Confidential Address Form for Stalking or Sexual Assault
County Referral List Information Sheet
Discovery/Alternate Dispute Resolution Stipulation & Order
Discovery_Alternate Dispute Resolution Stipulation
Expedited Action - Mediation/Discovery/Pretrial Stipulation
Final Divorce Stip Property Non Resident
Foreclosure Mediation Report
Important Notce to Homeowner HAMP
Instructions for filing Non Resident CU Dissolution or Marriage
Intention to Pursue or Withdraw Complaint for Order Against Stalking or Sexual Assault
Motion for Trustee Process Against Earnings
Motion to Modify/Extend/Vacate Order Against Stalking or Sexual Assault
Notice of Appeal on Decision on Access to Court Records
Notice of Lawsuit & Request for Waiver of Service of Summons
Notice to Defendant of Judgment Order in Small Claims Court
Notification by Plaintiff (Judgment Creditor) Judgment has been paid in full
Personal Expense Claim
Petition to Enforce a Restitution Judgment
Request for Access to Court Record
Self-Represented Notice of Appearance
Stipulation/Motion for Continuance
Subpoena Form
Supplemental Sheet
Transcript Order Instructions
Trustee Disclosure of Earnings
Waiver of Counsel
Waiver of Service of Summons
Writ of Execution