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Environmental Division

Opinions 2005 - 2009

Environmental Court

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Environmental Case NameDocket NumberDecision DateCountyJudgeAdditional Docket #'s
expand Decision Year: 2009
Tenney Notices of Violation169-9-07 Vtec12/23/2009AddisonHon. Merideth Wright186-9-07 Vtec, 70-4-08 Vtec, 226-12-03 Vtec & 161-11-07 Vtec
Gerlach Parking Area Permit31-2-09 Vtec12/21/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Marsh Zoning Permit135-7-08 Vtec12/16/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Hale Mountain Fish & Game Club149-8-04 Vtec12/15/2009BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin259-12-05 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2010-083; 5/14 Dismissed pursuant to Appellant's w/drawal of appeal.
Onion River Campground16-1-09 Vtec12/14/2009WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Walsh d/b/a Deerwood Estate Conditional Use122-6-09 Vtec12/9/2009AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Costco Act 250 LU Permit143-7-09 Vec12/4/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin60-4-9 Vtec, 113-6-09 Vtec
NRB LUP v Placzek154-8-09 Vtec11/25/2009WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Marsh Zoning Permit135-7-08 Vtec11/10/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Kevin L. Rogers, Inc.88-5-09 Vtec11/4/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
In Re E E Buttolph Revocable Trust19-2-09 Vtec10/29/2009LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Binkhorst Lake Access286-12-07 Vtec10/20/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
McDermott Site Plan Review34-2-09 Vtec10/19/2009WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Bedard PRD Subdivision (17 Lot)104-5-07 Vtec10/6/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Sheffield Wind Project252-10-08 Vtec9/29/2009CaledoniaHon. Merideth Wright
Rinker's, Inc. d/b/a Rinker's Communications and Shepard302-12-08 Vtec9/17/2009LamoilleHon. Merideth Wright
Century Partners, LP NOV177-8-08 Vtec9/15/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright191-8-08 Vtec Supreme Court Appeal 2009-394 Dismissed pursuant to stip of dismissal by parties 10/4/10
O'Neill Sand and Gravel Act 250 Amendment48-2-07 Vtec9/11/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Shenandoah LLC et al JO245-10-08 Vtec9/11/2009AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2009-388 07/01/11 Supreme Court Affirmed
Wellspring School Application47-3-08 Vtec9/4/2009OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Fenoff Accessory Dwelling Unit196-9-08 Vtec9/3/2009OrleansHon. Merideth Wright
Quality Market-Parnigoni Lot53-3-08 Vtec8/31/2009WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Mastelli Construction Application220-10-07 Vtec8/31/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2009-072; Affirmed 09/04/2009
JAM Golf, LLC69-3-02 Vtec8/21/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright107-5-02 Vtec, 194-10-03 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2006-307 Reversed & Remanded
Tenney Notices of Violation226-12-03 Vtec8/14/2009AddisonHon. Merideth Wright186-9-07 Vtec, 70-4-08 Vtec, 169-9-03 Vtec, 261-11-07 Vtec
Martin & Perry, LLC Final Plat Application222-10-08 Vtec8/13/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Times & Seasons Act 250 Reconsideration45-3-09 Vtec8/11/2009WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Tasha Tudor & Family, Inc. CU Permit112-6-09 Vtec8/4/2009WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Chimney Ridge Road Merged Parcels208-9-08 Vtec7/31/2009WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Fairfax v Beliveau274-11-08 Vtec7/28/2009FranklinHon. Merideth Wright193-8-08 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2010-064 & 065; 7/16/10 Reversed & Remanded
Byrne Trust NOV150-7-08 Vtec7/15/2009RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Waitsfield Water Supply Source Permit134-7-08 Vtec7/14/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Montpelier WWTF Discharge Permit22-2-08 Vtec6/30/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Interlocutory appeal 2009-286; 10/26/11 dismissed & remanded to Environmental Court
Appeal of JAM Golf, LLC69-3-02 Vtec6/12/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright107-5-02 Vtec, 194-10-03 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2006-307 Reversed & Remanded 8/22/09
Powell, Urquhard, Dow CU181-8-08 Vtec6/10/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright187-8-08 Vtec, 242-10-08 Vtec
Wood Certificate of Occupancy176-8-07 Vtec6/10/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Brousseau/Wedgewood Act 250 PRD260-11-08 Vtec6/9/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Montpelier WWTF Discharge Permit22-2-08 Vtec6/5/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Old Town Trail Assoc. Subdivision7-1-09 Vtec6/3/2009AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Carson Act 250 JO13-1-08 Vtec6/1/2009OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Verizon Wireless Barton Permit133-6-08 Vtec5/20/2009OrleansHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2009-201 Affirmed 7/9/10
RCC Atlantic, Inc. & Sousa Appeal of Jones Leinoff163-7-08 Vtec5/8/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Village Associates Act 250 LU Permit6-1-08 Vtec4/30/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2009-171 05/21/10 Reversed & Remanded; 6/18/10 Supreme Court Amendment
Geddes PUD CU Application293-12-08 Vtec4/21/2009FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Omya Solid Waste Disposal Facility273-11-08 Vtec4/14/2009RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Rivers Development, LLC Discharge Permit 3-1524157-7-08 Vtec4/9/2009WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin7-1-05 Vtec, 68-3-08 Vtec
Irish Construction Application44-3-08 Vtec4/6/2009AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Sheldrick Building Permit185-9-07 Vtec4/1/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Guite' Act 250 JO265-11-08 Vtec3/25/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Freedom Foods LLC Site Plan243-10-08 Vtec3/19/2009OrangeHon. Merideth Wright
Jewish Community of Greater Stowe & North Country Animal League15-1-09 Vtec3/18/2009LamoilleHon. Merideth Wright
JLD Properties Wal-Mart St. Albans242-10-06 Vtec3/16/2009FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin92-5-07 Vtec, 116-6-08 Vtec, 80-4-08 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2010-097 filed 4/5/10
Whitmore v Phillips, et al18-1-09 Vtec3/12/2009RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Binkhorst Lake Access286-12-07 Vtec3/9/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Brookfield v Moorcroft236-12-042/27/2009OrangeHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Dkt No. 2009-107 10/08/09 Supreme Court AFFIRMED
Carusona Subdivision Final Plat170-8-08 Vtec2/19/2009WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Tampas, et al Site Plan Application (Amend)45-3-08 Vtec2/13/2009ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
JLD Properties Wal Mart A250 LU Permit116-06-08 Vtec2/11/2009FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin242-10-06 Vtec, 92-5-07 Vtec, 80-4-08 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2010-097 file 4/5/10
Town of Calais v Noordsij142-06-06 Vtec2/9/2009WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Edgar Northshore Drive Variance Application292-12-07 Vtec2/5/2009WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
ALPH Realty30-02-08 Vtec1/30/2009ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin31-2-08 Vtec & 32-2-08 Vtec
Huntington Remodeling Application210-10-07 Vtec1/20/2009OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Cota Act 250 LU Permit (Altered)114-06-07 Vtec1/14/2009FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Chandler Home Repair Application129-6-08 Vtec1/2/2009WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
expand Decision Year: 2008
Fern Hill Farm, Ltd, Work Plan121-06-07 Vtec12/12/2008RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin129-8-03 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-524 Dismissed 1/30/09
Mansfield Professional Building PRD Final Plat Application260-11-07 Vtec12/9/2008ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Kibbe Building Permit173-08-07 Vtec11/28/2008WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Entergy Nuclear/Vermont Yankee Thermal Discharge Permit Amend89-04-06 Vtec11/24/2008WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Appeal 2007-249 Denied 7/19/07; Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-295 Affirmed in part & reversed in part 12/18/09
Appeal of Rivers Development, LLC CU Appeal7-01-05 Vtec11/21/2008WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Woodstock Community Trust & Housing Vermont PRD126-06-07 Vtec11/15/2008WindsorHon. Merideth Wright263-11-06 Vtec
Northfield Engine House Renovation119-06-07 Vtec11/14/2008WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Northeast Kingdom Community Action, Inc.123-06-07 Vtec11/14/2008OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Huntington Remodeling Application210-10-07 Vtec11/5/2008OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Honora Vineyard Application279-12-07 Vtec10/31/2008WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Swierz Loft Addition84-05-08 Vtec10/27/2008AddisonHon. Merideth Wright88-5-08 Vtec
JLD Property Wal Mart A250 LU Permit (Altered)116-06-08 Vtec10/10/2008FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin242-10-06 Vtec, 92-5-07 Vtec, 80-4-08 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2010-097 filed 4/5/10
R.L. Vallee, Inc. PUD Preliminary Plat100-05-07 Vtec10/3/2008ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright101-5-08 Vtec
NRB LU Panel v Dodge48-03-08 Vtec9/30/2008CaledoniaHon. Thomas Durkin
Valois Airplane Storage Application254-11-07 Vtec9/23/2008AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Beliveau NOV274-12-07 Vtec9/15/2008ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright29-2-09 Vtec Supeme Court Appeal 2010-070; Affirmed 7/16/2010
Irish Construction Application44-03-08 Vtec9/8/2008AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Delano Variance Application161-08-07 Vtec8/28/2008Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
Hubbard Subdivision207-08-06 Vtec8/26/2008RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Geddes 9-Lot Subdivision101-05-07 Vtec8/22/2008FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Bren68-04-04 Vtec8/12/2008WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Dufault Variance Application287-12-07 Vtec8/4/2008FranklinHon. Merideth Wright129-6-07 Vtec
Remy subdivision Alteration21-1-08 Vtec7/31/2008ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Cowee Forest Products, Inc. Appeal and Variance Application34-02-08 Vtec7/25/2008BenningtonHon. Merideth Wright
Anne C. Rose Revocable Trust Building Permit290-12-07 Vtec7/24/2008OrangeHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Appeal 2008-450 Affirmed 3/6/09
Fowler Subdivision & CU Permit211-10-07 Vtec7/22/2008WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Legrove & Paznokaitis Variance Application19-1-08 Vtec7/15/2008FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Vanishing Brook Subdivision223-10-07 Vtec7/10/2008WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Rivers Development, LLC7-01-05 Vtec7/1/2008WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Entergy Nuclear/Vermont Yankee Thermal Discharge Permit Amendment89-04-06 Vtec6/30/2008WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Appeal 2007-249 Denied; Supreme Crt Appeal Dkt No. 2008-295; 12/18/09 Affirmed in Part & Reversed in part
Snopeck and Telscher Act 250 JO269-12-07 Vtec6/26/2008BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Wood121-07-03 Vtec6/17/2008WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin185-10-04 Vtec
Sheldrick Building Permit185-09-07 Vtec5/30/2008ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin66-30-02 Vtec, 117-5-02 Vtec, 158-7-02 Vtec (SUPERCEDED BY CORRECTED ORDER 8/30/05
Lawson Farms LFO Permit Amendment278-12-07 Vtec5/16/2008OrleansHon. Merideth Wright
G.R. Enterprise, Inc. Sign Application27-02-08 Vtec5/12/2008ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Bradford Oil Co. Fund Reimbursement43-03-08 Vtec5/9/2008OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Gizmo Realty/VKR Assoc., LLC Act 250 Permit199-09-07 Vtec4/30/2008OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Cumberland Farms196-09-02 Vtec4/18/2008WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Wood121-07-03 Vtec4/16/2008WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin185-10-04 Vtec
ANR v Montagne and Branon291-12-07 Vtec4/9/2008FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Britting Wastewater/Water Supply Permit259-11-07 Vtec4/7/2008ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Deer View, LLC PUD Subdivision Application182-08-07 Vtec4/3/2008AddisonHon. Merideth Wrightas altered 4/3/08 (originally issued 2/20/2008)Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-200 Affirmed 2/11/09
Dodge Farm Community, LLC Concept Plan155-07-07 Vtec3/21/2008WashingtonHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2008-356 Dismissed as Moot 11/18/2009
Fenoff Accessory Dwelling Application280-12-06 Vtec3/19/2008OrleansHon. Merideth Wright
Scarborough CU Application206-9-07 Vtec3/13/2008AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Wesco, Inc. (211-219 Main St., Burlington) NOV106-05-07 Vtec3/6/2008ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright177-8-07 Vtec, 197-9-07 Vtec
Barth Variance Application160-08-07 Vtec3/5/2008ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Deer View, LLC Subdivision Application182-8-07 Vtec2/20/2008AddisonHon. Merideth WrightSee altered decision 4/3/2008 Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-200 Affirmed 2/11/09
Eastview at Middlebury, Inc. Act 250 Permit #9A0314256-11-06 Vtec2/15/2008AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2008-166 Affirmed; 1/15/10 State's Motion to amend Crt's opinion 2009 VT 98 is granted.
Deer View LLC PUD182-8-07 Vtec2/5/2008AddisonHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Appeal 2008-200 Affirmed 2/11/09
Marcelino Waste Facility JO44-2-07 Vtec1/28/2008ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Stowe Highlands Resort PUD to PRD Application159-08-07 Vtec1/25/2008LamoilleHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2008-058 7/23/09 Affirmed
Vanishing Brook Subdivision223-10-07 Vtec1/16/2008WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Carusona PRD Application21-01-07 Vtec1/15/2008WindhamHon. Merideth Wright55-3-06 Vtec
Rivers Development, LLC.7-01-05 Vtec1/8/2008WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Leiter Subdivision Permit85-04-07 Vtec1/2/2008WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin91-6-04 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2006-311 Appeal Pending
expand Decision Year: 2007
Kaminsky Cove Road Home Replacement269-11-06 Vtec12/29/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Chandler Repair & Home Industry79-04-07 Vtec12/18/2007WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
114 College St. Permit Amendment227-09-06 Vtec12/14/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright199-10-04 Vtec Vtec Supreme Court Appeal 2008-023 & 2008-264 5/1/09 Reversed
E. Randolph Meadows Corp. PUD146-07-07 Vtec12/10/2007OrangeHon. Merideth Wright
Vaillancourt Trans. & Weld CU Application135-07-07 Vtec12/5/2007FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Union Bank299-12-06 Vtec12/5/2007CaledoniaHon. Thomas Durkin
Morris 7-Lot Subdivision71-04-07 Vtec11/26/2007WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Marcelino Recycling Facility JO44-02-07 Vtec11/6/2007ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Dunkin Donuts Site Plan Amendment Application143-07-07 Vtec10/31/2007WashingtonHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2007-468: 12/23/2008 Reversed & Remanded
Sports Venue Foundation, Inc. Act 250 LU Permit168-8-07 Vtec10/24/2007WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Dunmore Acres97-05-07 Vtec10/4/2007AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Jockey Lane Subdivision Final Plat200-08-06 Vtec9/28/2007AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Forrest Variance Application9-01-07 Vtec9/25/2007WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Carroll, et al3-01-05 Vtec9/20/2007ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Bouldin Noble Road278-11-06 Vtec9/13/2007FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Northern Comm. Investment Corp. CU123-06-07 Vtec8/30/2007OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin128-6-07 Vtec, 152-7-07 Vtec
R.L. Vallee PUD (Spillane's)100-05-07 Vtec8/27/2007WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Yates Subdivision Application149-06-06 Vtec8/22/2007FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Cote NOV273-11-06 Vtec8/22/2007FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin165-8-07 Supreme Court Appeal 2008-011 Affirmed 7/23/09
Appeal of Jenness & Berrie134-07-04 Vtcv8/14/2007WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Trahan NOV22-01-07 Vtec8/10/2007WashingtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal 2007-359 Affirmed 6/20/08
Blakeman Site Plan274-11-06 Vtec7/30/2007OrangeHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Calais v Noordsij142-06-06 Vtec7/23/2007WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
ANR v Mountain Valley Marketing, Inc.41-02-02 Vtec7/9/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright175-8-02 Vtec, 176-8-02 Vtec, 278-12-02 Vtec
Ingleside Development 2 Lot Subdivision53-03-07 Vtec7/3/2007FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Entergy Nuclear/Vermont Yankee thermal Discharge Permit Amendment89-04-06 Vtec6/19/2007WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court appeal 2007-249 Remanded in part & Reversed in part 12/18/09
Entergy Nuclear/Vt Yankee Thermal Discharge Permit Amendment89-04-06 Vtec6/6/2007WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupeme Crt Appeal 2007-249 Denied 7/19/07; Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-295 Affirmed in part, reversed in part 12/18/09
Town of Richmond v Cowan102-05-02 Vtec6/4/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright60-4-04 Vtec; Supreme Crt appeal 2007-374 Dismissed 10/22/07
Fitzpatrick Excavating Trucking, Inc. NOV16-1-07 Vtec5/30/2007WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Judge Development Corp & SW Corner LLC189-09-05 Vtec5/23/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Boutin PRD Amendment93-04-06 Vtec5/18/2007FranklinHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2007-259 Affirmed 4/11/08
Unified Buddhist Church, Inc.253-10-06 Vtec5/11/2007WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Century Partners, LP PUD210-09-06 Vtec5/10/2007ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Valois Accessory Use Permit7-1-06 Vtec5/5/2007AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Brookfield v Moorcroft236-12-04 Vtec5/3/2007OrangeHon. Merideth Wright
Dover Watch Timeshare Project103-05-06 Vtec4/29/2007WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2007-240 filed 6/13/2007; 3/5/08 Dismissed for failure to comply.
Ilges Zoning Permit232-09-06 Vtec4/27/2007ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Hubbard Subdivision207-08-06 Vtec4/24/2007RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Bouldin Camp - Noble Road278-11-06 Vtec4/23/2007FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Maggio Act 250 Permit Amendment166-07-06 Vtec4/19/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Schiermeyer Two-Lot Subdivision165-07-06 Vtec4/16/2007RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Deer Brook Buffer Reduction231-09-06 Vtec4/10/2007FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Deerfield Valley Transit Assoc. Warming Hut177-07-06 Vtec4/5/2007WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Kaminsky House Replacement269-11-06 Vtec3/28/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Yates Subdivision Application149-6-06 Vtec3/23/2007FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Miller Subdivision Final Plan178-07-06 Vtec3/21/2007WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin59-3-07 Vtec; Supreme Crt Appeal 2007-260 Reversed in part, affirmed in part & remanded
White 5-Lot Subdivision265-12-05 Vtec3/19/2007WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
A. Johnson Conditional Use Permit130-07-05 Vtec3/13/2007AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2007-113 Affirmed 8/17/07
Buck Horn Camp Change of Use170-07-06 Vtec3/12/2007WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Sisters & Brothers Investment Group, LLP106-5-06 Vtec2/21/2007ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Richmond v Cowan102-05-02 Vtec2/13/2007ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright60-4-04 Vtec Supreme Crt 2007-374 Dismissed 10/22/07
Boutin PRD Amendment93-04-06 Vtec2/12/2007FranklinHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal filed 6/27/2007 AFFIRMED 4/11/2008
Town of Waterbury v. Neville73-04-06 Vtec2/1/2007WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Woodchip Power Plant A250 JO #2-23491-04-06 Vtec1/30/2007FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Entergy Nuclear/Vermont Yankee Thermal Discharge Permit Amendment89-04-06 Vtec1/9/2007WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Appeal 2007-249 Denied 7/19/07; Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-295 Affirmed in part & reversed in part 12/18/09
Three Church Street Application22-2-06 Vtec1/3/2007WindsorHon. Merideth WrightDkt No. 174-7-06 Vtec
expand Decision Year: 2006
Outdoors in Motion208-09-06 Vtec12/26/2008RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
McLean Enterprises Quarry224-10-05 Vtec12/22/2006WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Smith NOV Appeal (Interim Decision on Summary Judgment Motion117-05-06 Vtec12/21/2006RutlandHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal 2007-157 Dismissed 10/22/07
Armour Siding Application134-07-05 Vtec12/18/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Hartland Group North Avenue120-06-05 Vtec12/14/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Dkt 2007-234 Affirmed 7/1/08
Appeal of Van Nostrand209-11-04 Vtec12/11/2006AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin101-5-05 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2007-229 Reversed & Remanded 6/2/08
Sunset Cliff Homeowners Assoc., Inc v City of Burlington & Keystone Developoment Corp.198-08-06 Vtec12/4/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal 2006-548 Affirmed 5/1/08
Lathrop Limited Partnership64-03-05 Vtec11/29/2006AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Harrison44-02-05 Vtec11/21/2006FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Murphy Conditional Use Application134-06-06 Vtec11/16/2006FranklinHon. Merideth Wright168-7-06 Vtec
Town of Greensboro v Pellegrini87-05-05 Vtec11/7/2006OrleansHon. Merideth Wright157-8-05 Vtec
Stowe Highlands PRD184-08-06 Vtec11/2/2006LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Robustelli Realty255-12-05 Vtec10/25/2006RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeals of Valsangiacomo, et al64-04-04 Vtec10/10/2006WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright130-8-03 Vtec.
Hartwell & Egri Variance Appeal114-06-05 Vtec10/2/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Mad River Ambulance Service137-07-05 Vtec9/28/2006WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Randolph v Estate of Fred White5-01-05 Vtec9/26/2006OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Jenness and Berrie134-07-04 Vtec9/20/2006WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
South Village Communities, LLC74-04-05 Vtec9/14/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Wesco, Inc.17-01-03 Vtec9/13/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Simpson Developoment Corp.54-03-05 Vtec9/7/2006WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Entergy Nuclear/Vermont Yankee Thermal Discharge Permit Amendment89-04-06 Vtec9/1/2006WindhamHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt appeal 2007-249 Denied 7/19/07; Supreme Crt Appeal 2008-295 Affirmed in part & Reversed in part 12/18/09
Watchtower Wireless Cell Tower21-02-05 Vtec8/23/2006WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Glebe Mountain Wind Energy, LLC234-11-05 Vtec8/3/2006WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Premire Homes of Vermont186-09-05 Vtec7/31/2006RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
LU Panel of NRB v Sheldon188-09-05 Vtec7/28/2006RutlandHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt 2006-421 5/8/07 Dismissed for failure to comply w/court's order
Long View Investments SP Application197-09-05 Vtec7/19/2006BenningtonHon. Merideth Wright
LaBounty Enterprises Variance Application18-02-06 Vtec7/14/2006Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
South Village Comm. LLC74-04-05 Vtec7/6/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeals of Wesco, Inc.152-07-02 Vtec6/29/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin153-7-02 Vtec; 6-1-03 Vtec; & 207-10-05 Vtec THIS DECISION WAS VACATED BY THE COURT ON 1/8/07 PURSUANT TO A STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL FILED BY THE PARTIES.
City of Burlington v Richardson188-10-03 Vtec6/27/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Stoddard254-12-05 Vtec6/21/2006RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Norris Subdivision Application159-08-05 Vtec6/19/2006AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Nowicki Building Permit77-04-05 Vtec6/8/2006WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin156-8-05 Vtec, 220-10-05 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2006-283 Affirmed 8/14/07
Appeal of Davies13-01-05 Vtec5/26/2006LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Glebe Mountain Wind Energy, LLC234-11-05 Vtec5/18/2006WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Chipman Hill Estates PUD39-02-06 Vtec5/15/2006AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin200-10-04 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2006-364 5/16/07 Affirmed
Appeal of Nixon, et al21-02-05 Vtec5/12/2006FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Millbrook Auto Mini Storage244-11-05 Vtec5/3/2006WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Murphy Revocable Trust47-02-05 Vtec4/28/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Bethel Mills, Inc. J.O. #3-97243-11-05 Vtec4/19/2006WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Lussier121-06-05 Vtec4/13/2006CaledoniaHon. Merideth Wright
Bergmann Act 250 Subdivision Application158-08-05 Vtec4/11/2006WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Randolph Town Officce Decision/Zoning Application106-6-05 Vtec3/30/2006OrangeHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Docket No. 2006-185 6/20/07 Affirmed
Clermont Terrace Site Plan & Zoning Permit Approvals46-02-05 Vtec3/22/2006OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin72-4-05 Vtec
Rozzi Real Estate Subdiv Final Plan Application225-10-05 Vtec3/21/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Unified Buddhist Church, Inc.191-09-05 Vtec3/20/2006WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Rozzi Real Estate Subdiv. Final Plan Application225-10-05 Vtec3/8/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of McGrew, et al199-10-04 Vtec3/3/2006ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright227-10-06 Vec & 199-10-04 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2006-264 Appeal 5/01/2009 Reversed
Vt. Canoe & Kayak CU Application194-09-05 Vtec2/24/2006WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Bostwick Road 2-Lot Subdivision211-10-05 Vtec2/24/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal Dkt 2006-128 Affirmed 01/25/07
Harvey & Symmes Final Plat Application95-05-05 Vtec2/22/2006ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Tepper, et al225-12-04 Vtec2/8/2006WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Rouleau Property Appeals231-12-04 Vtec1/24/2006WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Gauthier172-09-04 Vtec1/24/2006WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Fern Hill Farm, Ltd. & Stephen Bromley129-08-03 Vtec1/20/2006RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Nanak Hospitality64-03-05 Vtec1/4/2006RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
expand Decision Year: 2005
Appeal of Wesco, Inc.208-10-05 Vtec12/28/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeals of Curtis, et al203-11-03 Vtec12/19/2005OrleansHon. Merideth Wright140-7-05 Vtec
Appeal of Benoit & Kane148-08-04 Vtec12/15/2005FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Stout211-11-04 Vtec12/8/2005AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Hartland Group, LLC120-06-05 Vtec11/28/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Crt Dkt 2006-463 Affirmed 3/7/08
Appeal of Beebe204-11-04 Vtec11/18/2005FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin218-11-04 Vtec, 237-12-04 Vtec
Town of Bristol v Nelson, et al45-03-04 Vtec11/10/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Wilkins Properties, LLC176-10-04 Vtec11/3/2005ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Ross137-8-04 Vtec11/1/2005BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Jenness & Berrie134-07-04 Vtec10/24/2005WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Shaw, et al4-01-05 Vtec10/21/2005LamoilleHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal Dkt 2006-463 Affirmed 3/7/2008
Appeal of Penmar113-07-03 Vtec10/17/2005WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Trickett85-05-04 Vtec10/7/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Bristol v Nelson, et al45-03-04 Vtec9/30/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Baker & Johns200-10-04 Vtec9/27/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin39-2-06 Vtec Supreme Court Dkt 2006-364 5/16/07 Affirmed
Appeal of Jenness & Berrie134-07-04 Vtec9/6/2005WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Noble, et al118-07-03 Vtec9/2/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright24-2-03 Vtec
Appeal of Carroll, et al3-01-05 Vtec8/26/2005ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt 2005-421 3/9/07 Reversed
Appeal of Hardy157-09-04 Vtec8/23/2005WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Kelley & Stearns, Sr34-3-04 Vtec8/19/2005AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Highlands Dev. Co, LLC & JAM Golf, LLC194-10-03 Vtec8/11/2005ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin107-5-02 Vtec, 69-3-02 Vtec
Appeal of Denizot, et al91-06-03 Vtec8/9/2005FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of T&M construction & Development Corp.172-10-03 Vtec8/8/2005FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Wilkins Properties, LLC176-10-04 Vtec7/13/2005ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of TCSC, LLC177-10-04 Vtec7/1/2005ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Edward and Phyllis Lashins192-10-03 Vtec6/27/2005WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Osherenko, et al79-05-04 Vtec6/22/2005LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Town of Fairfax45-03-03 Vtec6/13/2005FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Fisher207-11-03 Vtec6/7/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Mitchell203-11-04 Vtec6/3/2005CaledoniaHon. Merideth Wright
City of South Burlington v JAM Golf, et al107-05-02 Vtec5/26/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright66-30-02 Vtec, 69-3-02 Vtec,117-5-02 Vtec, 158-7-02 Vtec, 194-10-03 Vtec (SUPERCEDED BY CORRECTED ORDER 8/30/05 Supreme Crt appeal 2007-234 Affirmed 7/1/08
Appeal of Barnes154-08-04 Vtec5/18/2005Grand IsleHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of DiVincenzo & Sineni214-11-04 Vtec5/6/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Bennington Motor Car., Inc., et al57-04-04 Vtec4/29/2005BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Appeal of Madden105-06-04 Vtec4/21/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin119-7-04 Vtec
Town of Brattleboro v Vaidya171-09-04 Vtec4/13/2005WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Rivers Development, LLC7-1-05 Vtec4/8/2005WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Noble118-07-03 Vtec4/4/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright24-2-03 Vtec
Appeal of Baker & Johns200-10-04 Vtec3/29/2005AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin39-2-06 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2006-364 Affirmed 5/16/07
Appeal of McGrew, et al199-10-04 Vtec3/25/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright199-10-04 Vtec Supreme Crt Dkt No. 2008-023 & 2008-264(Consol appeals of 227-10-06 & 199-10-04) Reversed 5/1/09
Appeal of Adams145-09-03 Vtec3/21/2005RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Comi95-06-04 Vtec3/14/2005ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of Churchill and Lawrence222-12-04 Vtec2/28/2005LamoilleHon. Merideth Wright
Appeal of St. of VT Dept. Fish & Wildlife30-02-04 Vtec1/31/2005FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Appeals of Curtis, et al.203-11-03 Vtec1/24/2005OrleansHon. Merideth Wright131-12-03 Vtec