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Vermont Superior Court

Environmental Division

Environmental Court

The Environmental Division is a trial court with statewide jurisdiction. It hears appeals from state land use permit decisions (Act 250), from state environmental permits and other decisions of the Agency of Natural Resources, and from municipal land use zoning and planning decisions. The Court also hears municipal land use enforcement cases, and enforcement actions brought by the Agency of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Board. Almost all cases are heard de novo, with an evidentiary trial, and are scheduled for a courtroom in the county in which the case arises. 

There are two Environmental Division Judges; daily operations of the Court are the responsibility of the Environmental Division Manager.

Vermont Superior Court
Environmental Division
32 Cherry Street
2nd Floor, Suite 303
Burlington, VT  05401

Voice: 802-951-1740
Fax: 802-657-4292

Court Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Honorable Thomas Durkin, Environmental Judge
Honorable Thomas Walsh, Environmental Judge
Joanne Charbonneau, Clerk of the Statewide Courts
Jennifer Teske, Court Operations Manager
Court Calendar