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Family Division

Child Support

Windham District/Family Courthouse

Frequently Asked Questions
expand  My child's other parent and I are separating/divorcing and we are told that we will need to establish child support. How and why is this done?
expand  What happens if the paying parent fails to follow a child support order?
How to Enforce a Child Support Order:
Failure to follow a court order is a serious matter. If one parent stops making child support payments ordered by the court, or begins paying less than what the court ordered, the following options exist for enforcement:
The parent entitled to support can go back to the court that issued the order and file a Petition for Enforcement. (Ask the court clerk for Form #823, “Motion to Enforce.”) In some cases, where failure to pay has already been brought to the court's attention in the past, you can ask the court to find the other parent in contempt of court. The difference between enforcement and contempt is discussed below.
Rather than going back to court on your own, you can ask the Office of Child Support for assistance. 1-800-786-3214. Or go to website:
expand  When can a child support order be changed?