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Family Division


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Frequently Asked Questions
expand  Can I Still Have an Attorney?
expand  How do you start the Mediation Process?
To start the Mediation Process read the Mediation Process located under information onthis page.
expand  How Does Mediation Differ from Counseling or Therapy?
expand  How Does Mediation Differ from Going to Court?
Separating parents often desire a fair and cooperative solution, one without the financial and emotional cost of a contested hearing.
Mediation is a voluntary and private means of resolving the issues of separation and divorce.
It is a less formal process than public Family Court hearings.
Mediators can spend more time with you both and may produce documents that contain more detail than the staff at Family Court.
The end result of the mediation sessions is a written document that clearly defines and outlines the agreements the two of you have reached.
expand  How Long Does it Take and what is the Cost?
expand  Is Mediation for Everyone?
Mediation does not work in cases when one or both parties wish to use the separation or divorce process to “punish” or “get even” with the other.
If either party feels fearful or terribly intimidated by the other, because of past or current psychological or physical abuse, then mediation is not appropriate.
If either party is engaging in habitual substance abuse (such as alcohol or drugs), mediation may not be helpful. People who are dependent upon regular substance abuse often have difficulties keeping their agreements, thus mediation in these cases frequently fails.
expand  Should I Consider Mediation?
expand  What are the Benefits of Going to Mediation?
Mediation provides a structure at a time when communication is often difficult.
Parents learn to make the change from being conflicting spouses to cooperating co-parents.
Children benefit from the example of their parents working out their differences.
Agreements made in mediation are usually more workable, thus less likely to return to Family Court than arrangements ordered by a Judge.
Mediation is often much less expensive than other processes of negotiation and resolution.
expand  What Does the Mediator Do?
expand  What if We Can’t Reach Agreement on All of Our Issues?
If you are able to agree on some, but not all issues, the things that you do agree upon can be written up in a document for you to take to a lawyer for review. If you choose not to use an attorney, you can submit the document directly to the Family Court for approval.
You can also look to other means of resolving the remaining contested issues such as using an attorney’s assistance in negotiation and/or asking the Family Court to schedule a hearing to resolve the remaining issues.
expand  What is Mediation?
expand  What is the Vermont Superior Court Family Mediation Program based on?
The Vermont Superior Court Family Mediation Program is based upon the philosophy that children benefit when their parents are able to protect them from destructive adult conflict and can cooperatively work towards solutions.
expand  Who are the Mediators and what if I have a complaint against a Mediator?

Mediator List
MediatorPhone #Office Location
expand County: Addison
Traci Cherrier349-5008Middlebury
expand County: Bennington
expand County: Caledonia
Dianne Carter673-5036Barton
Scott Labun866-5506Newbury
expand County: Chittenden
Alfred Mills233-9209Burlington
Emily Gould223-1735Burlington
Neal Rodar425-3083Burlington
Traci Cherrier349-5008Middlebury
expand County: Essex
Judy Cyprian454-8310St. Johnsbury
expand County: Franklin
Denyse Perry825-8102St. Albans
expand County: Grand Isle
Denyse Perry825-8102St. Albans
expand County: Lamoille
Dianne Carter673-5036Barton
expand County: Orange
Emily Gould223-1735Randolph
expand County: Orleans
Dianne Carter673-5036Barton
Scott Labun866-5506Newbury
expand County: Rutland
Hilary Batchelor824-4565Londonderry
Traci Cherrier349-5008Rutland
expand County: Washington
Emily Gould223-1735Montpelier
Kate Cruickshank603-858-0730Montpelier
Scott Labun866-5506Newbury
expand County: Windham
Deedee Jones254-2203Brattleboro
expand County: Windsor
Deedee Jones254-2203Brattleboro
Scott Labun866-5506Newbury

Mediation Information