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Vermont  Superior Court

Family Division

Select a county to find the judge(s), court manager, deputy court manager, address, telephone number and two week calendar for each Family Court.

Vermont Superior Court
Addison Family Division
7 Mahady Court · Middlebury, VT · 05753
(802) 388-7741

Laurie Canty, Interim Superior Court Clerk
Angela M. Anderson, Interim Court Operations Manager
William Capasso, Case Manager
Honorable Samuel Hoar, Presiding Judge
Honorable Samuel Hoar
Honorable John Valente
No Other Judges Assigned
No Other Judges Assigned
No Other Judges Assigned
No Other Judges Assigned
No Other Judges Assigned
Honorable Mary Harlow, Magistrate
Honorable Alice George, Assistant Judge
Honorable Irene Poole, Assistant Judge

Court Calendar
Windham District/Family Courthouse

Each of Vermont's 14 counties has a Family Division. The division is responsible for all family related legal matters. Types of cases heard in Family Division include:

  • Marriage related - divorce, annulment, desertion and separation
  • Child Support
  • Parentage
  • Orders of Protection for Victims of Domestic Abuse
  • Juvenile - children who are delinquent, unmanageable, abused or neglected
  • Commitments to the Vermont State Hospital

Many cases involve requests to modify previous court orders. For example, a parent who was given custody of children in a divorce may ask the court to increase the child support payments made by the non-custodial parent.

Many people represent themselves in the Family Division. To help litigants through the court process, Family Division staff conduct training sessions on a regular basis and have developed extensive educational materials. Case managers coordinate court services and may refer litigants to social service agencies when needed.

All Family Division matters except for child support are primarily decided by the Presiding Family Division Judge. Child support orders are the responsibility of Family Court magistrates. There are no jury trials in Family Court.

Criminal Division judges, Civil Division judges, Family Division magistrates and assistant judges sit in the Family Division Court. Trial Court law clerks perform the legal research necessary to help judges reach well-informed decisions. Family Division Managers and their staff are responsible for the daily operations of the Court.