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Family Division

Parent Coordination

Windham District/Family Courthouse

Frequently Asked Questions
expand  What are Parent Coordinators
expand  What does Parent Coordination sort out?
Parent Coordination helps parents work out issues such as: visitation and exchanges, health and safety issues, how decisions will be made for the children, how parents will communicate, etc.
expand  What if the parents are not able to come to an agreement?
expand  What is Parent Coordination?
Parent Coordination gives both parents and children a chance to be heard in a child-focused, non-confidential and non-neutral process. Separated parents meeting individually with the Parent Coordinator are encouraged to resolve the conflicts about their children.  The goal of the process is to minimize the children’s exposure to adult conflict and to reduce the risk of danger to all family members. Parent Coordinators also assist parents and children to connect with other resources in the community for help and support.
expand  What is the Parent Coordinators and Court's Role?