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Vermont Probate Division

Adoption Proceedings

Orleans Superior Court


Vermont Department of Children and Families publishes a very helpful pamphlet concerning adoption. For information about it, or to look at the pamphlet on line go to

Frequently Asked Questions
expand  Can my new spouse/partner adopt my child if I cannot either locate or gain the consent of their other biological parent?
expand  How long does the adoption process take?
Every case is different so there is no single answer. Under Vermont law, the child must reside with you for six months before the adoption can be finalized. So if you are diligent in the filing of the petition to adopt and all other required paperwork and duties, it is foreseeable that it could be only six months between placement and adoption in non-relative adoptions. In the case of stepparent/partner adoptions or near-relative adoptions where the child has already been in the home, the process may be faster. The time frame will depend on timely filing of required paperwork.
expand  I am a foster parent and want to adopt my foster child – how does this affect the adoption process and timeline?
expand  I plan to adopt a child from a foreign country – does this change how I go about the adoption process?
This does not impact the part of the adoption process that takes place in the Probate Court. There may be significant changes in the earlier stages of the adoption on which the child placement agency or attorney that you are working with can advise you.
expand  If I have a criminal record will I be unable to adopt?
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Adoption Information

Adult Adoption Forms
     To file (start) a case you must complete the      
forms packet with an * next to the form name.

Near-Relative/Step-Parent/Partner Forms
          To file (start) a case you must complete the            forms packet with an * next to the form name.

Non-Relative Adoption Forms
        To file (start) a case you must complete the          forms packet with an * next to the form name.

Miscellaneous Forms