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Vermont Probate Division

Testamentary Trusts

Orleans Superior Court

Trust Information
Frequently Asked Questions
expand  I feel that the trustee is mishandling the trust – what can I do?
expand  I want to set up a trust – what do I do?
The Probate Court deals only with testamentary trusts, which are created by will. If this is the type of trust you are interested in creating, you should discuss it with your attorney when you have your will drawn up. If you are interested in Inter Vivos Trust (also known as living trusts) it falls under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court. Please consult an attorney for further information concerning this subject.  
expand  If I set up trusts, do I still need a will?
expand  What are the Vermont Statutes for Trusts?
The Vermont Statutes are 14 VSA Chapter 105 (Secs. 2301 - 2329) and (Sec.2314 - Concerning Replacement of Intervivos Trustee) at Vermont Statutues Online.

Trust Forms
To file (start) a case you must complete the
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