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Job Specifications

Vermont Supreme Court
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Job TitleJob CodePay GradeExempt/Non-ExemptUnion Eligible
expand Civil
County Drug Court Coordinator94296J23Non-exemptYes
expand Civil, Criminal, Family
Court Reporter V93310J22Non-exemptYes
Court Recorder97130J12ExemptYes
expand Court Administrators Office
Operations Assistant93756J23Non-exemptYes
Court Adminstrator91430J97ExemptNo
Disciplinary Counsel97040J97ExemptNo
expand Criminal and Family
Courtroom Operator98230J16Non-exemptYes
Docket Clerk B93720J15Non-exemptYes
Court Security and Screening Officer99780J17Non-ExemptYes
Director, Trial Courts93755J97ExemptNo
PC Support Specialist94281J17Non-ExemptYes
expand Environmental
Environmental Case Manager98510J24Non-ExemptNo
expand Family
Family Court Manager95660J97ExemptNo
expand Finance
Accountant A03050J17Non-ExemptYes
Financial and Admin Operations Specialist93230J22Non-ExemptYes
expand Judicial Bureau
Judicial Bureau Compliance Officer97640J20Non-ExemptYes
expand Probate
Probate Clerk A97090J10ExemptNo
Probate Clerk C97070J14ExemptNo
Probate Register A94070J17ExemptNo
expand Research and Information Services
Information Technology Specialist II05720J23Non-exemptYes
Systems Developer II05800J23Non-exemptYes
Deputy Director, IT Operations95910J97ExemptNo
expand Supreme
Senior Staff Attorney97170J97ExemptNo
Supreme Court Docket Clerk93890J18Non-exemptYes