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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Judicial Education Committee

Vermont Supreme Court

This 18 person committee develops and implements an education program that focuses on continuous and career-long development of judicial officers, court managers and court staff. Specifics include an orientation and mentoring program during the first year, attendance at national programs, individualized education plans and regular in-state programs. Key features of the in-state programs are the week-long, residential Vermont Judicial College and Court Managers' College. The Judicial College orients its sessions around a theme, often focusing on such topics as substance abuse, judicial ethics and new developments in law and practice.  Court Managers' College focuses on career development issues such as supervisory and management skills, excellence in court record keeping, case flow management, ethics and professionalism. The Committee is also focusing on developing judges and court staff as highly skilled faculty for our in-state programs. All efforts in both judicial and employee education are aimed at enhancing the personal and professional development of each individual.


Hon. Marilyn Skoglund
Vermont Supreme Court
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-0701



Linda Richard, Director of Planning and Court Services
John McGlynn, Human Resources and Employee Development Manager
Hon. Brian J. Grearson, Chief Superior Judge
Hon. Karen Bradley,Assistant Judge
Hon. Bernard Lewis, Probate Judge
Sally Carruthers, Docket Clerk
Hon. William D. Cohen, Superior Judge
Christine Hoyt, Magistrate
Laurie Canty, Court Operations Manager
Hon. Thomas A. Zonay, Superior Judge, Chair
Anne Damone, Superior Clerk
Scott Carbee, Information Technology Manager
Theresa Scott, Chief of Trial Court Operations