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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Judicial Ethics Committee

Vermont Supreme Court

This five person committee of lawyers and judges does research and provides independent guidance to judges on issues that may violate the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Committee helps ensure that judges operate with the very high standards of ethical behavior that the public has a right to expect.


Douglas Pierson, Esq., Chair
253 South Union Street
Burlington, VT  05401

Judicial Ethics Committee
Advisory Opinions

Opinon No. 110/11/95Participation of assistant judge in political caucuses or meetings
Opinion No. 24/22/97Participation by judge in organization that arbitrarily excludes members on the basis of a "protected" characteristic
Opinion No. 311/10/97Duty of a judge to report a crime
Opinon No. 410/28/97Financial contributions made by a judge to a legal services organization
Opinion No. 2827-17/6/98Service by a judge or assistant judge on a governmental commission
Opinion No. 2827-2 10/27/98Disqualification of assistant judge sitting in cases prosecuted by county sheriff or sheriff deputies
Opinion No. 2827-32/4/99Testimony by a sitting judge regarding standards of judicial conduct at a hearing before the Judicial Conduct Board
Opinon No. 2827-410/19/99Testimony of a judge at administrative hearing of bail bondsman
Opinion No. 2827-5 10/1/02Testimony of a judge before retention of another judge
Opinion No. 2827-63/12/03Judge signing a petition or soliciting signatures for petition, Judge’s private action as protected free speech, Participation by judge in peace vigil
Opinion No. 2827-712/17/03Participation of assistant judge on Public Oversight Commission
Opinion No. 2827-8 4/29/04Attendance of Judge and Court Staff at free open house hosted by bar association
Opinion No. 2827-9 5/17/04May a judge publicly endorse a non-partisan bond issue in the judge's home town?
Opinion No. 2728-108/5/04Participation by judge in election campaign activities of spouse
Opinion No. 2728-1111/8/04Is a special master prohibited from appearing at public hearings before, or consulting with, executive or legislative bodies or officials on behalf of clients on matters unrelated to the subject matter of the case during the appointment of master?
Opinion No. 2728-1211/30/04Under what conditions should a judge participate on a government sponsored commission?
Opinion No. 2728-135/1/08Participation by judge in a contested election for a position on the Board of Bar Managers of The Bar Association
Opinion No. 2728-147/22/2010May a sitting judge run for election in one or more probate districts in addition to the judge's home probate district?
Opinion No. 2728-1512/16/13May an elected judge serve on the board of a nonprofit educational and advocacy organization established to improve prison programming and reduce the number of incarcerated persons, if the judges does not participate in fundraising?
Opinion No. 2728-16 April 29, 2015Is a judge who is the first cousin, once removed of a state's attorney required to recuse himself from cases in which the state's attorney or one of his deputies appear before him?
Opinion No. 2728-17April 30, 2015Is it proper for a probate judge to accept an appointment to serve on a State Council or Commission such as the Vermont Rail Council?


Douglas Pierson, Esq., Chair
Hon. Lawrence H. Bruce, Probate Judge
Hon. Theresa S. DiMauro, Superior Judge
Hon. Brian J. Grearson, Chief Superior Judge
Eileen Blackwood, Esq