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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Judicial Ethics Committee

Vermont Supreme Court

This five person committee of lawyers and judges does research and provides independent guidance to judges on issues that may violate the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Committee helps ensure that judges operate with the very high standards of ethical behavior that the public has a right to expect.


Douglas Pierson, Esq., Chair
253 South Union Street
Burlington, VT  05401

Judicial Ethics Committee
Advisory Opinions

Opinon No. 1 - Participation of assistant judge in political caucuses or meetings 10/11/95Participation of assistant judge in political caucuses or meetings
Opinion 2 - Participation by Judge in Boy Scouts or The Masons4/22/97Participation by judge in organization that arbitrarily excludes members on the basis of a "protected" characteristic
Opinion No. 3 - Obligation of judge to report suspected crime11/10/97Duty of a judge to report a crime
Opinon No. 4 - Propriety of contribution to legal services organization by judge10/28/97Financial contributions made by a judge to a legal services organization
Opinion No. 2827-1 - Assistant Judge sitting on State Police Advisory Committee7/6/98Service by a judge or assistant judge on a governmental commission
Opinion 2827-2 - Assistant judges sitting on cases prosecuted by county sheriff10/27/98Disqualification of assistant judge sitting in cases prosecuted by county sheriff or sheriff deputies
Opinion No. 2827-3 - Judge testifying as to judicial standards before Judicial Conduct Board2/4/99Testimony by a sitting judge regarding standards of judicial conduct at a hearing before the Judicial Conduct Board
Opinon No. 2827-4 - Judge testifying before administrative body concerning bail bondsman10/19/99Testimony of a judge at administrative hearing of bail bondsman
Opinion No. 2827-5 - Propriety of judges testifying at retention hearing of another judge10/1/02Testimony of a judge before retention of another judge
Opinion 2827-6 - Judge participation in peace vigils, signing anti-war petitions, and soliciting other signatures or petitions. Judge participating in petition to selectmen concerning budget allotment, anti-poverty agency and energy interdependence. 3/12/03Judge signing a petition or soliciting signatures for petition, Judge’s private action as protected free speech, Participation by judge in peace vigil
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Douglas Pierson, Esq., Chair
Hon. Lawrence H. Bruce
Hon. Theresa S. DiMauro
Hon. Brian J. Grearson
Stephen A. Dardeck, Esq