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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Access to Court Records Advisory Rules Committee

Vermont Supreme Court

The 11 member committee continually reviews the operation and effectiveness of the Rules for Public Access to Court Records and is to recommend to the Supreme Court amendments to those rules or other appropriate actions which it finds advisable. The Committee can also address issues in with existing statutes and rules dealing with public access to court records.


Honorable Thomas Zonay, Chair
Vermont Supreme Court
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-0701



collapse Member Status: Full Member
Hon. Mary Morrissey, Superior Judge
collapse Member Status: Liaison from Supreme Court
Hon. John A. Dooley, Associate Justice
collapse Member Status: Chair
Hon. Timothy B. Tomasi, Superior Judge, Chair
collapse Member Status:
Sarah E. London, Esq.
Gaye Paquette, Franklin & Grand Isle Units, Superior Court Clerk
Priscilla Bondy Dube, Esq.
Martin Frank
Tanya Marshall
Robert M. Paolini, Esq.
Hon. James L. Morse, Associate Justice (Ret.)
collapse Member Status: Court Administrator's Designee
Theresa Scott, Chief of Trial Court Operations
collapse Member Status: Reporter
Hon. Walter M. Morris, Jr. (Ret.), Superior Judge
collapse Member Status:
Jeffery Loewer