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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Advisory Committee on Rules for Family Proceedings

Vermont Supreme Court

The Supreme Court promulgates the Vermont Rules for Family Proceedings for the family division. The Supreme Court appoints an advisory committee which reviews the operation and effectiveness of the Rules for Family Proceedings. The committee receives proposals for changes in the rules and recommends to the Supreme Court any necessary changes in these rules. Proposed rules are circulated to the bar and public for comment and, when required, the committee holds public hearings concerning proposed rules or rules changes.

The fifteen members of the committee are appointed by the Supreme Court and include: one layperson with interest and expertise in family matters, the Secretary of the Agency of Human Services or the Secretary's designee, the Attorney General or the Attorney General's designee, a designee of the Department of State's Attorneys, the Defender General or the Defender General's designee, three lawyers from private practice with interest and experience in family matters, a designee of Vermont Legal Aid, a probate judge, a family division magistrate, three trial court judges and a family division court operations manager. The designee of the Secretary, the State's Attorneys, the Defender General, the Attorney General and Vermont Legal Aid shall be subject to the approval of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court designates the chair of the committee. The Supreme Court also appoints a lawyer to serve as the reporter for the committee. The reporter revises or drafts rules at the request of the committee or the Supreme Court. The reporter's notes, which are published in the rules, explain the history and application of the rules.


Jody Racht, Assistant Attorney General             

Attorney General’s Office

Pavilion Office Building

Montpelier, VT 05602

collapse Member Status: Chair
Jody Racht, Assistant Attorney General
Hon. Michael Kainen, Superior Judge, Chair
collapse Member Status: Full Member
Hon. Justine Scanlon, Probate Judge
Hon. Robert P. Gerety, Jr., Superior Judge
Hon. Barry Peterson, Magistrate Judge
Hon. Cortland T. Corsones, Superior Judge
Anne Damone, Bennington Unit, Superior Court Clerk
Alicia Humbert, Esq.
Harriet Hultz King, Esq.
Linda A. Reis, Esq.
John Wilson
Kurt M. Hughes, Esq.
Karen K. Reynolds, Rutland County Deputy State's Attorney
Marshall Pahl, Esq.
Christine Speidel, Esq.
collapse Member Status: Liaison from Supreme Court
Hon. Beth Robinson, Associate Justice
collapse Member Status: Reporter
L. Kinvin Wroth, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School
collapse Member Status: VBA Committee Chair
Patricia G. Benelli, Esq.