Ad Hoc Advisory committee

To Review District court Civil Rule 80.6

Traffic and Municipal Ordinance Bureau Procedures


Charge and Designation


A. Charge

     Pursuant to Chapter II, ' 37 of the Vermont Constitution and Administrative Order No. 11, the Supreme Court hereby creates an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to Review District Court Civil Rule 80.6. The Committee shall recommend to the Supreme Court amendments to this rule or other appropriate action which it finds advisable.

     This Committee shall serve as a A proponent of rulemaking@ and, in accordance with Administrative Order No. 11, ' ' 4, 5 and 6, shall solicit and review comments from members of the bar and other A interested persons,@ including representatives of the municipalities, the law enforcement community and the general public.

B. Designation

     The Supreme Court hereby appoints to the Committee the following persons:

The designee of the Commissioner or Executive Director shall be subject to the approval of the Supreme Court.

The Court Administrator shall employ a reporter for drafting the report of the Committee and any recommendations.

C. Expenses

     In the performance of their duties, the non-Judicial Branch members of the Committee shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses. The Judicial Branch members shall be reimbursed the normal state employee expenses. The Commissioner of Finance and Management shall pay from the judicial appropriation all expenses of the Committee when claims are submitted on proper vouchers approved by the Court Administrator or his designee.

     Done in chambers at Montpelier, this 30th day of April, 2001.



Jeffrey L. Amestoy, Chief Justice


John A. Dooley, Associate Justice


James L. Morse, Associate Justice


Denise R. Johnson, Associate Justice


Marilyn S. Skoglund, Associate Justice