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Boards and Committees  of the Vermont Supreme Court

Justice for Children Task Force

Vermont Supreme Court

This Task Force is a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort bringing together those who are in charge of decisions impacting outcomes for children who are not in the custody or guardianship of a parent. Focusing on the perspective of the children, the Task Force will improve outcomes for these children by: identifying systemic barriers which contribute to a child remaining in foster care for a longer period than is necessary given the child’s circumstances; developing solutions designed to either remove or reduce the impact of such barriers in a manner which ensures that the due process and other legal rights of all parties are respected and protected; measuring the effectiveness of such changes once implemented; and reporting back to the Supreme Court with recommendations regarding policy matters that are identified through Task Force efforts. Click here to see the Supreme Court’s “charge” to this Task Force.


Paul L. Reiber, Chief Justice, Chair

109 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05609-0701



Hon. Paul L. Reiber, Chief Justice
Hon. Marilyn S. Skoglund, Associate Justice
Hon. Brian J. Grearson, Chief Superior Judge
Hon. Thomas J. Devine, Superior Court Judge, Family Division
Hon. Eleanor Smith, Probate Judge
Patricia Gabel, State Court Administrator
Dana H. Lawrence, Policy and Practice Specialist, DCF
Hal Cohen, Secretary, Agency of Human Services
Kenneth Schatz, Commissioner, Department for Children and Families (DCF)
Cindy Walcott, Deputy Commissioner, DCF Family Services
Matthew F. Valerio, Defender General
Anna Saxman, Deputy Defender General
Robert Sheil, Juvenile Defender, Office of Defender General
Pamela A. Marsh, Juvenile Public Defender
Patricia Singer, M.D., Department of Mental Health
Michael Kainen, Windsor County State’s Attorney
Jody Racht, Assistant Attorney General
Jane Kitchel, State Senator
Sarah E. Buxton, State Representative
Amy Fowler, Deputy Secretary, Agency of Education
Barbara Cimaglio, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Health’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
Leslie Hanafin, Esq., Assigned Counsel
Ridmi Coe, Youth Representative