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Administrative Directives

Supreme Court Building
To view an Administrative Directive click on the directive number below.
TitleDirective DescriptionAmended DateEffective Date
Directive 1Judicial Statistics08/19/20049/1/2004
Directive 5Authorization to Execute on Behalf of the Supreme Court a joint agreement pursuant to sec 457(7), Part D - Child Support and Establishment of Paternity - of the Social Security Act08/19/20049/1/2004
Directive 6Public Report of Compensation for Extra-Judicial Activity, Expense Reimbursement and Gifts08/19/20049/1/2004
Directive 10Certification of Transcript FormsN/A9/12/1977
Directive 12Destruction of Vermont Court RecordsN/A5/22/1979
Directive 16Destruction of Superior Court RecordsN/A10/30/1987
Directive 16 AttachmentDestruction of Superior Court RecordsN/A
Directive 18Compensation Policy for Assistant Judges06/18/20049/1/2004
Directive No. 19 Amendment (May 2011)Compensation Policy for Jurors, Court Officers, Board Members and Acting and Retired Judicial Officers5/24/116/1/2011
Directive 20Payment Policy for Court Ordered Transcripts, Psychiatric or Other Evaluative Reports in Conjunction with the Presentence Investigation or V.R.F.P. 5(a) and Expert and Out-of-State Witnesses08/19/20049/1/2004
Directive 21Policy for Sequestered Jury Trials and Change of VenueN/A9/1/1992
Directive 24 Amendment (November 2010)Criminal Case Disposition Guidelines11/23/201011/23/2010
Directive 25Family Court Case Disposition Guidelines for Domestic DocketN/A2/10/2006
Directive 26 Amendment (January 2009)Family Court Case Disposition Guidelines for Juvenile Docket1/13/20091/13/2009
Directive 27 Amendment (April 2011)Furlough Days FY 20124/20/20116/15/2011
Directive 28Electronic Devices in a CourthouseN/A11/21/2008
Directive No. 29 Amendment (February 2015)Role and Responsibilities of Superior Judge Assigned to be Unit Presiding Judge2/9/20152/9/2015
Directive 30Environmental Case Disposition GuidelinesN/A4/11/2013
Directive 31Judicial Bureau Disposition GuidelinesN/A4/24/2014
Directive 32Civil Case Disposition GuidelinesN/A5/8/2014