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JCB-Decisions: Closure Report 08.056_09.031_ 10.004

Closure Report

Judicial Demeanor and Real Property Ownership 

Docket Number

08.056,            10.004,              10.006 

Date of Disposition

2/6/2011        (Public Reprimand) 

Year of Disposition


Judge Name

Honorable Mark J. Keller 

Canon Involved

4; 4(D), Canon 3 (B)(4); (E) (F)


Closure Report 08.056_09.031_ 10.004 

Closure Summary

Judge reprimanded for inappropriate demeanor and ineffective disclosure of building ownership with lawyer tenants
Created at 4/22/2011 9:41  by Christine Loso 
Last modified at 8/21/2013 8:38  by Deb Laferriere