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Legal Community

Professional Responsibility Board

 Hearing Panels and Assistance Panels

Supreme Court Building

expand  Hearing Panel 01
John J. Kennelly, Esq.
expand  Hearing Panel 02
Jean B. Giddings, Esq., Chair
Mr. Greg Worden
expand  Hearing Panel 03
Sheila Ware, Esq.
expand  Hearing Panel 04
Jill Lanman Broderick, Esq., Chair
Mr. David Tucker
expand  Hearing Panel 05
Michele Patton, Esq.
expand  Hearing Panel 06
Caryn E. Waxman, Esq., Chair
Mr. William Schubart
expand  Hearing Panel 07
expand  Hearing Panel 08
Beth Novotny, Esq., Chair
Ms. Jeanne Collins
expand  Hearing Panel 09
Carolyn Anderson, Esq.
expand  Hearing Panel 10
Joseph O'Dea, Esq., Chair
Mr. Roger Preuss
expand  Hearing Panel Counsel


Assistance Panel Members

Steven Adler, Esq.
Joseph F. Cahill, Jr., Esq.
Leslie Hanafin, Esq.
Emily Gould, Esq.
Robert Fairbanks, Esq.
Katherine Mosenthal, Esq.
Robert O'Neill, Esq.
John Pacht, Esq.
Susan Palmer, Esq.
Alan Rome, Esq.
Thomas Rounds, Esq.
Janet P. Shaw, Esq.
Peter Van Oot, Esq.
John Webber, Esq.
Ms. Irene Carbine
Ms. Susan Fay
Ms. Judith Lidie
Mr. Peter Keelan
Mr. Kevin O'Donnell
Mr. Neal Rodar
Mr. R. Brownson Spencer II