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Monthly Traffic Ticket Reports

Supreme Court Building

To view a report click on the year and then click on the month that you would like to view.  Each month's report includes all the towns and is in .PDF format.  Once the report has been opened, you will need to search for your town.  You can do this by entering the name of the town or your account number in the Find Box at the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

To print only your section of the report you will need to know the page numbers that your town is located on.  Click File then Print.  The Print screen will appear.  Under Print Range click Pages and input the page numbers you are interested in printing.  Then click Ok.
expand Year: 2017
Municipal Collections January 2017
Civil Collections For February 2017
UTT collections for February 2017
expand Year: 2016
Municipal Collections for January 2016
Civil collections for February 2016
UTT collections for February 2016
Municipal collections for March 2016
Civil Collections for April 2016
UTT collections for April 2016
Municipal Collections for May 2016
Civil Collections for June 2016
UTT collections for June 2016
Municipal Collections for July 2016
Civil Collections for August 2016
UTT collections for August 2016
Municipal collections for September 2016
Civil Collections October 2016
UTT collections for October 2016
Municipal Collections for November 2016
Civil collections for December 2016
UTT collections for December 2016
expand Year: 2015
UTT Collections for January 2015
Municipal Collections for February 2015
Civil Collections for March 2015
UTT Collections for March 2015
Municipal Collections for April 2015
Civil Collections for May 2015
UTT Collections for May 2015
Municipal Collections for June 2015
Civil Collections for July 2015
UTT Collections for July 2015
Municipal collections for August 2015
Civlil collections for September 2015
UTT Collections for September 2015
Municipal Collections for October 2015
Civil Collections for November 2015
UTT Collections for November 2015
Municipal Collections for December 2015
expand Year: 2014
Civil Collections for July 2014
UTT Collections for July 2014
Municipal Collections for August 2014
Civil Collections for September 2014
UTT Collections for September 2014
Municipal Collections for October 2014
Civil Collections for November 2014
UTT Collections for November 2014
Municipal Collections for December 2014