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Vermont Supreme Court

Unpublished Entry Orders 2001 - 2005

Supreme Court Building

Case NameFiledUnit/DivisionTrial JudgeDisposition
expand Year of Decision: 2005
State v.WinchellRutland District CourtNancy CorsonesAffirmed
In re KarovAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
In re ConnarnWashington Superior CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
Miller v. PolomskiLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanAffirmed
Brooks v. Town of CharlotteChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Wisch v. LakatosRutland Superior CourtRichard W. NortonAffirmed
In re C.J.Lamoille Family CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
In re WilcoxFranklin Superior CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
Richards v. RaymondFranklin Family CourtThomas J. DevineAffirmed
In re K.B.Franklin Family CourtStephen B. MartinAffirmed
Shannon v. GaffneyWindham Family CourtKatherine A. HayesAffirmed
Prior v. StanislasFranklin Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
In re WestEnvironmental CourtMerideth WrightReversed
Carr v. LanctotOrange Superior CourtJohn P. MeakerAffirmed
In re Estate of WilliamsLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanReversed
State v. PriorWindham District Courtn/aaffirmed
Wardle v. Town of RoxburyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aaffirmed
Hopkins v. Loring Corp.Windsor Superior CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
State v. DubrulChittenden District CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
State v. CarrWindsor District CourtHarold E. Eaton, Jr. and Paul F. Hudsonaffirmed
Grindel v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
In re T.B. and T.B., JuvenilesCaledonia Family CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
Brown v. SpiveyBennington Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Tallman v. TallmanLamoille Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
WHM Corportation v. UtterWindham Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. LangloisWashington District Courtn/aaffirmed
Kellner v. BourdeauLamoille Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed and remanded
State v. McGreevey ...Orleans District Court/Caledonia DistrictDennis R. Pearson/M. Kathleen Manleyaffirmed
Ladd v. GorczykChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. BeaupreGrand Isle District CourtCharon A. Truereverse and remand
In re L.P., JuvenileOrleans Family CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
LaPage v. MagoniEssex Family CourtBarbara A. Zanderaffirmed
Weaver v. WeaverFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisreverse and remand
In re B.W., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtThomas J. Devineaffirmed
John Tracy Adams II and Adams Family Properties, Inc. v. Town of Fair Haven, John Lulek, Robert Richards, John Seamans and Jay BrownRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Anthony Tanguay v. Howard Knight, Ana Cojubar Coblai and All Persons In Possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, VermontOrleans Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
Patricia Garvey v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed in part and reversed and remanded in part.
McLean Enterprises Corp. v. John Mills, Estate of Roger L. Mills and Claire AloanWindsor SuperiorTheresa S. DiMauroAffirmed
Poquette & Bruley v City of St. AlbansProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aReversed and remanded.
In re D.L. and S.L., JuvenilesCaledonia Family CourtAlden T. BryanAffirmed
State v. Michael LoweryChittenden Districtn/aAffirmed
State of Vermont v. Steven GoldenRutland DistrictNancy Corsonesaffirmed
Denise Thibeault v. Dept of Aging and DisabilitiesHuman Services Boardn/aReversed.
State v. Nancy McKenzieWindham DistrictJohn P. WesleyAffirmed.
Sarah Clark v. Al-Sayed MamannChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
Leita and Roland Pion v. Kevin Bean and Tina ClapperFranklin SuperiorBen W. JosephAffirmed.
Marie DeNoia and Nicholas DeNoia v. Gabriele Jost and Rolland JostLamoille SuperiorEdward J. CashmanAffirmed.
In re R.J., JuvenileLamoille FamilyAlan W. CheeverAffirmed.
In re K.L. & A.L., JuvenilesAddison FamilyChristina ReissAffirmed.
In re C.C., JuvenileChittenden FamilyDean B. PinelesAffirmed.
State v. Jon DemerittLamoille DistrictEdward J. CashmanAffirmed.
Roger Provost v. Teresitia ProvostWashington FamilyGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed.
In re Appeal of Glenn & Elouise MartinEnvironmental CourtMerideth WrightReversed and remanded.
Peter B. Smith v. Town of Mt. HollyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aAffirmed.
Robert Thayer v. Kerry Gibbons-ThayerOrleans FamilyDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
The Blodgett Supply Company v. Robert E. Lowery, Sr.Chittenden SuperiorRichard W. NortonReversed and remanded.
In re N.B., III, JuvenileBennington FamilyNancy CorsonesAffirmed.
In re B.Y., H.Y., G.Y. and T.Y., JuvenilesFranklin FamilyJames R. CrucittiAffirmed.
Raymond Donley v. Dielene DonleyChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
Howard A. Manosh v. First Mountain Vermont, L.P.9/28/2005 12:00 AMLamoilleHoward E. Van BenthuysenThe superior court's April 12, 2005 order granting summary judgment to First Mountain Vermont, L.P. is reversed, and the matter is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this decision.
State v. Laurie FreerFranklin DistrictMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed.
Matthew Trim v. Ashley BruntonChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
Lyndia Cobbett v. Dept of Aging & Independent LivingHuman Services Boardn/aAffirmed.
Lesley Provencher (Bienvenue) v. Kimball A. ProvencherAddison FamilyChristina ReissAffirmed.
Marlene Hutchins v. Michael LerchRutland Superior CourtWilliam D. CohenAffirmed.
Heinze and Claudia Rabe v. Joyce LangLamoille SuperiorJohn P. MeakerAffirmed.
Edwin A. Towne, Jr.Chittenden SuperiorMatthew I. KatzAffirmed.
State v. Brian CoderreOrleans DistrictDennis R. PearsonReversed and remanded.
State v. Eric BessetteFranklin DistrictVacated and remanded.
In re Darren CoutureChittenden SuperiorRichard W. NortonAffirmed.
Sharon M. Schmidt v. Raymond Allen SchmidtChittenden FamilyBen W. Joseph and Mark J. KellerAffirmed.
Christine Turner v. Armand TurnerChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed but remanded for trial court to enter an order requiring husband to pay his share of interest, if any, on the parties 86,716 mortgage.
In re Appeal of Frederick LeBlancEnvironmental CourtThomas S. DurkinReversed and remanded.
State v. Anthony D. LaFlammeBennington DistrictDavid T. SuntagAffirmed.
Susan Elaine Byrd v. South Meadow Housing AssociatesChittenden SuperiorTheresa S. DiMauroAffirmed.
Bernadette A. Parker v. Richard ParkerChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorReversed and remanded.
James Bull v. Heidemarie SchneiderWindsor SuperiorTheresa S. DiMauroAffirmed.
expand Year of Decision: 2004
State v. DevlinFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
In re RheaumeChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Essex Optical/The Hartford v. MorinChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Gaboriault v. Van AelstynChittenden Family CourtDouglas P. CohnAffirmed; stricken
Stafford v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
State v. DeforgeWindham District CourtKaren R. CarrollAffirmed
Shimansky v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
In re D.I.Franklin Family CourtStephen B. MartinAffirmed
State v. HutchinsChittenden and Addison District CourtsMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Whitehead, Fay v. Town of MaidstoneEssex Superior CourtM. Kathleen Manleyaffirmed
Champagne v. GardnerGrand Isle Superior CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed; reversed
N.A.S. Holdings, Inc. v. PafundiRutland Superior CourtRichard W. NortonAffirmed
Desorcie v. DesorcieFranklin Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed; reversed
985 Assocs. V. ChiarelloChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
In re B.C.Franklin Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
Bennett v. DETEmployment Security BoardAffirmed
State v. RiggsWindham District CourtDavid Suntagaffirmed
Adams v. Town of Fair HavenRutland Superior CourtRichard Norton and David A. JenkinsAffirmed; reversed
Casella Construction, Inc. v. Department of TaxesRutland Superior CourtRichard W. NortonReversed
Watson v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
Magdoff v. HibbardFranklin Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
State v. SlocumChittenden District CourtJames R. CrucittiAffirmed
Warren v. WarrenBennington Superior CourtKaren R. CarrollAffirmed
Lucia v. YoungAddison Family CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
Judd v. LynchOrleans Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed
DET v. Vermont CourierEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
Batchelder v. GoldFranklin Superior CourtAffirmed
In re RichChittenden Superior CourtAffirmed
Royle v. Town of PomfretProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aReversed
Bennett v. Triad Temporary ServicesAddison Superior CourtAffirmed
Hodgdon v. HodgdonEssex Family CourtAffirmed
In re A.M.Rutland Family CourtAffirmed
Wood v. DETEmployment Security BoardAffirmed
State v. BurtEssex District CourtM. Kathleen ManleyAffirmed
State v. LuckChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephReversed
Beauchemin v. ZittritschChittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
Heal v. HirschWindham Family CourtKatherine A. Hayes and Francis B. McCaffreyAffirmed; reversed
Bank of New York v. LengeWindsor Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutAffirmed
Laroche-Woolhouse v. WoolhouseFranklin Family CourtJane G. DimotsisAffirmed
Syn-Cronamics of Canada, Ltd. v. CoughlanLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanAffirmed
State v. HashamOrange District Courtn/aRemanded
Hicks v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
Pelletier v. GosselinFranklin Superior CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
State v. ReardonChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
Agency of Natural Resources v. SouthworthEnvironmental CourtMerideth WrightAffirmed
50 Pine Street Condominium Ass' n v. Bowen Livingston, Inc.Windham Superior CourtKaren R. CarrollAffirmed
In re ZuckermanHuman Services Boardn/aAffirmed
Drown v. Granite Importers, Inc.Washington Superior CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
In re KenyonChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
State v. HurlbutFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
State v. FussLamoille District CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
Wyman v. WymanRutland Family CourtWilliam D. CohenAffirmed
In re M.L.Chittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
In re S.L.-P.Chittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
Poquette & Bruley v. City of St. AlbansProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aReversed
Scott v. ScottWindsor Family CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed
Valla v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
Spaulding v. SpauldingLamoille Family CourtEdward J. CashmanAffirmed; reversed
Keith v. KeithWindsor Family CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
Whittemore v. ValwayLamoille Superior CourtJohn P. Meakeraffirmed in part
In re Richard J. LawsWashington Superior CourtAlan W. Cookaffirmed
Race v. WeislerChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
In re C.M.Orleans Family CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
In re Deborah S. AlbrechtBennington Superior CourtKaren R. CarrollReverse
Sheila Snaith & Lawrence Smith v. Lucien Godin, Executor of the Estate of Rejane GodinFranklin SuperiorDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
State v. Stephen CarterCaledonia DistrictAlan W. CookAffirmed.
State v. Daniel ValentineChittenden DistrictBen W. JosephAffirmed.
Jessica Columbia v. Bradley ColumbiaOrleans FamilyDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
Tyron Roy v. John GorczykOrleans SuperiorDennis R. PearsonAppeal dismissed.
GreenPoint Credit f/k/a BankAmerica Housing Services, Inc. v. Ran-Mar, Inc.Washington SuperiorAlan W. CookAffirmed.
In re Appeal of Michael & Mary LeikertEnvironmentalMerideth WrightThe Town of Morristown Development Review Board's 7/17/03 decision and the environmental court's 5/3/04 decision are vacated, & the matter is remanded to the developmental review board for further factfinding.
Gary Helfman v. Kristine HelfmanChittenden FamilyLinda LevittAffirmed.
Kellie Collins v. John CollinsOrleans FamilyDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
State v. ForneyChittenden District CourtReversed
expand Year of Decision: 2003
State v. LanteigneBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
Mutual Oil Co. v. Cashman-Cairnie, Inc.Windsor Superior CourtAlan W. Cookreverse and remand
Lawton v. PatenaudeFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
In re CastonguayChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Miller v. Village of Morrisville Water & Light Dept.Public Service Boardn/aaffirmed
Towne v. StateWindham Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
In re JohnsonChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
In re J.R.Franklin Family Court Jane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
In re J.B.Chittenden Family CourtDean B. Pinelesaffirmed
State v. MartinWashington District CourtM. Patricia Zimmermanaffirmed
State v. RichChittenden District CourtHelen M. Tooraffirmed
In re C.B.Lamoille District CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
State v. FiseFranklin Superior CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
Karnes v. KarnesChittenden Family CourtDavid A. Jenkinsvacate order in part, affirm in part
Pepin v. LoverinWashington Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Ken Davis v. Charles Vile, Conrad Moyka, Salvatore Spinoza and State of VermonCaledonia Superior CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
In re J.W., J.W., and M.W., JuvenilesAddison Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
State v. DesautelsFranklin District Courtn/a
State v. ScelzaWindham District Courtn/aaffirmed
Paul and James Turnel v. Richardson Associates, Inc., Marthanne Carver and Dana StockmanOrange Superior CourtJohn P. Meakeraffirmed
State v. GalushaBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
State v. Pudvah, State v. MercyFranklin District CourtJames R. Crucittireverse and remand
Heffernan v. HarbesonWindsor Family CourtPaul F. Hudsonreverse and remand
State v. RodriguezBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
Mason v. MasonChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Brian Batchelor v. SRSHuman Services Boardn/aaffirmed
Young v. YoungWashington Family CourtMark J. Keller and M. Patricia Zimmermanreversed
In re J.P., JuvenileWindham Family CourtEllen H. Maloneyaffirmed
State v. SpauldingFranklin District CourtCharon A. Trueaffirmed
Swing v. WiltonWindham Family CourtDavid Suntagaffirmed
Reed v. ReedRutland Family CourtM. Patricia Zimmermanaffirmed
Piscitelli v. PiscitelliWindsor Family CourtPaul F. Hudsonvacated
Jeleniewski v. JeleniewskiFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
Stori v. StoriBennington Family CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
John Desautels v. Howard Center for Human ServicesChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
In re A.C., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed
In re K.M.Department of Educationn/aaffirmed
State v. BakerChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
New England Partnership, Inc. v. Rutland City School DistrictWashington Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed in part, vacated in part
Joanne M. Brown v. Richard L. DeVerger, Jr., and Roger W. MinorFranklin Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
Stanley and Marilyn Goodell v. Town of MorganProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aaffirmed
Chittenden Trust Company v. Russell-Norman PayneWindsor Superior CourtAlan W. Cookaffirmed
In re B.P., JuvenileCaledonia Family CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
Trudy Mannin, M.M., Juvenile, Office of Child Support v. Louis LaFountainLamoille Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
Bryan E. Jones Trust v. Gay Wetmore and Cheryl LewisAddison Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. NolanBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
In re Patrick T. LynchLamoille Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
State v. YoungmanCaledonia District CourtM. Kathleen Manleyaffirmed
In re Trust Estate of Theodore H. HubbardRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
In re E.S., A.S., and D.S., JuvenilesWindham Family CourtRobert Grussing, Ret.affirmed
Schipper v. QuinnWindsor Family CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
In re John Racine and Tanya SousaEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
In re D.M. and D.M., JuvenilesWashington Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
In re WhiteRutland Superior CourtRichard W. NortonAffirmed
Endres v. EndresChittenden Family CourtLinda LevittAffirmed
Moss v. PerrasFranklin Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed
Eastman v. FisherWindsor Family CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed
Hanson v. GoldsmithLabor & IndustryAffirmed
In re G. M.Orleans Family CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
Loverin v. Montpelier Central School DistrictWashington Superior CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
State v. CampbellFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
State v. DesautelsFranklin District CourtCond. of release
State v. BaileyWindsor District Courtaffirmed
State v. ReedChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
State v. BrooksBennington District CourtDavid A. HowardAffirmed
Pfenning v. PfenningFranklin Family CourtJane G. DimotsisAffirmed
State v. LafayetteAddison District CourtDean B. PinelesAffirmed
Robinson v. EgnorAddison Family CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
Jackson v. Powers, Fleming & PomainvilleAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorReverse
In re D.S. & E.S., JuvenilesFranklin Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
State v. RobertsWashington District CourtEdward J. CashmanAffirmed
State v. AndrewsRutland District CourtNancy CorsonesAffirmed
In re BuellBennington Superior CourtRichard W. NortonAffirmed
State v. PrattRutland District CourtNancy CorsonesAffirmed
McLeod v. DuganWashington Family CourtJane G. DimotsisAffirmed
State v. MartinOrleans District CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.Affirmed
Parry v. ParryWindsor Family CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed
Hart v. HartWindsor Family CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed
Potvin v. DETEmployment Security BoardAffirmed
expand Year of Decision: 2002
Gardner Smith et al. v. Town of WellsProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aaffirmed
Town of Poultney and Rupe Slate Company v. RubyRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Papaseraphim v. FrancisChittenden Superior CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed in part and reverse and remand in part
Warner v. SwenorAddison Superior CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
Town of Barnard v. RhoadesEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightreverse and remand
In re Norman PowersChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
Crabtree v. CrabtreeAddison Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
In re Grievance of Pauline LieseLabor Relations Boardn/aaffirmed
In re T.C. and B.I., JuvenilesChittenden Family CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
Nichols v. GrimsteadChittenden Superior CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed
Duprey v. DupreyWashington Family CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
Beck v. BessetteGrand Isle Superior CourtAlden T. Bryanaffirmed
In re Appeal of Ashley and Janet GrayEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Erica Dana v. Jason CrandellWindsor Family CourtPaul F. Hudsonaffirmed
Eric Siegel v. Green Mountain Ford-MercuryRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Brueckner v. Town of Moretown, Town of Waterbury Dept. of TaxesWashington Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
In re M.R., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
State v. HouleWindham District Courtaffirmed
N.A.S. Holdings, Inc., et al. v. Constance PafundiRutland Superior CourtAlden T. Bryanreversed
State v. RobinsonChittenden District CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
State v. WaldenOrange District CourtM. Kathleen Manleyreversed
Earth Construction, Inc. v. State of VermontCaledonia Superior CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.reverse and remand
Laterre House Ltd. Partnership v. Town o WilmingtonProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/areverse and remand
Lawrence H. Delisle v. Viola EmmonsAddison Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutAffirmed; reversed
James K. and M. Christine Murphy v. Cedar Brook at Killington, et al.Addison Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed and remanded
In re N.L., JuvenileFranklin Family CourtNancy Corsonesaffirmed
In re J.N. and A.N., JuvenilesChittenden Family CourtAlden T. Bryanaffirmed
Richard Gutzmann, Jr. v. John GorczykCaledonia Superior CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
State of Vermont v. Stephen WilloughbyWindsor District CourtPaul F. Hudsonreverse and remand
In re Allen Road Land CompanyEnviornmental Boardn/aaffirmed
State of Vermont v. James O. SodenCaledonia District CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
Reed Fendler v. Cammi FendlerBennington Family CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Charles J. Glode, Jr. v. Aprel WoodsEssex Superior CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
In re Appeal of Edward and Amy LarsonEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Douglas and Stacia Senecal v. George Mills, Andrew Brooks, and Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance CompanyRutland Superior CourtWilliam D. Cohenaffirmed
Phyliss E. Trout v. Daniel T. QuinnWindsor Family CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
In re Estate of Gregory K. ChiangAddison Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State of Vermont v. Raymond F. RobargeWashington District Courtn/aremand
State v. ComstockChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
State v. GaboriaultChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
Agency of Natural Resources v. Hodgdon Brothers, Inc. and Darcy HodgdonWashington Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
Brooks v. BrooksWindsor Family CourtMichael C. Prattaffirmed
Stone v. StoneLamoille Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
Palermo v. PalermoWindsor Family CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
East v. EastFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisreverse and remand
Jeffrey Stillings v. John Gorczyk, Commissioner Dept. of CorrectionsFranklin Superior CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
In re A.B., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed
Town of Hubbardton v. MarcellRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonreverse and remand
State v. RichardsonWindham District CourtDavid Suntagreversed
State v. AulisCaledonia District CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
American Legion Post No. 7 v. Clifford JackmanCaledonia Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
Faucet v. Farmer, BradleyChittenden Superior CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed
State v. PattersonOrange District CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
Gray v. State of Vermont, et alOrange Superior CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed; reversed
In re Appeal of David SiegelEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
In re J.D., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
In re D.R., JuvenileOrleans Family CourtJohn P. Meakeraffirmed
Contractors Crane Service, Inc. v. Commissioiner of Labor and IndustryCommissioner of Department of Labor & IndustryBen W. Josephaffirmed
State v. LangdellLamoille District Courtn/aaffirmed
State of Vermont v. Jon BoudreauWashington District Courtaffirmed
Lyndonville Savings Bank & Trust Company and Ken Davis v. JOhn Kassel, Secretary of Agency of Natural Resources, et al.Washington Superior Courtaffirmed
Windham Court Partners v. TurnerWindham Superior Courtreverse and remand
Kelley v. StoneWindsor Family Courtaffirmed
Cadorette.... v. John Gorczyk, et al.Orleans Superior Courtaffirmed
In re J.S., JuvenileChittenden Family Courtaffirmed
Beauchesne v. BeauchesneChittenden Family Courtaffirmed
In re K.H., JuvenileChittenden Family Courtaffirmed
Cobb v. Gibson, Esq.Windham Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
Thatcher v. ThatcherFranklin Family CourtJames R. Crucittireverse and remand
In re Jason ModeFranklin Superior CourtDavid A. JenkinsReverse
In re Appeal of Brian HehirEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
In re Appeal of Allen MulheronEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Godette v. Gorczyk, et alRutland Superior CourtWilliam D. Cohenaffirmed
State v. ComstockWindsor District CourtPaul F. Hudsonaffirmed
Reynolds v. MacDonaldChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
In re Robert Andres, Esq.Originaln/a
State v. DurandWashington District CourtMark J. Kellerreversed
Neronsky v. SutowskiWindsor Superior CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
In re Grievance of Scott CamleyLabor Relations Boardn/aaffirmed
State v. KeneallyBennington District CourtDavid Howardreverse in part, affirm in part
Mapes v. MapesGrand Isle Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
Barbara and Dennis N. McCarty v. Lawrence NicolaiCaledonia Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
Town of Goshen v. Albert and Bernadette GionetEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
In re A.L., JuvenileAddison Family CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
In re T.R., JuvenileFranklin Family CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
In re R.Al, JuvenileWindham Family CourtRobert Grussing IIIaffirmed
Reya v. McAlliter, RecordFranklin Superior CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
State v. Larry J. WheelockLamoille District CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
Northgate Housing Limited v. Maxine KirklandChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Menard v. MenardWindsor Family CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
dePeyster v. KostuckBennington Family CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
Blaiklock v. BlaiklockWindsor Family CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.affirmed
In re A.B., JuvenileBennington Family CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Phelps N. Swett, Jr,. et al. v. HudsonChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
State v. BakerChittenden District CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
expand Year of Decision: 2001
ANR v. Glens Falls Insurance Company,Franklin Family Alan W. CheeverAffirmed
State v. BarneyBennington District Nancy Corsonesaffirmed
Saldi v. Merchant v. Dept of TaxesOrange Superior CourtAlan Cookaffirmed
In re Appeal of Larry and June StevensEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Vanness v. StateBennington Superior CourtJohn Wesleyaffirmed
Maarawi v. Linda Parenteau, et al.Orleans Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. St. HilaireChittenden District CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
Thomas D. and Sylvia A. McEntegart v. Carol G. BallouRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
In re D.P., J.P., C.P., A.T. & J.T., JuvenilesChittenden Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
In re M.P., JuvenileWashington Family CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
In re J.D., Jr., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
Annette Lynch, MD v. Office of Professional RegulationWashington Superior CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed