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Professional Responsibility Board

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Pending Public Disciplinary Matters

In the cases listed below, there are disciplinary proceedings pending. Files in these cases are a matter of public record and available for examination at the Office of the Professional Responsibility Board, 1st Floor of the Supreme Court Building, 111 State Street, Montpelier.

Nawrath, W. Michael
Respondents Counsel: n/a
Disciplinary Counsel: Mobbs, Renee (Special Disciplinary Counsel)
Docket Number: PRB Docket Nos. 2014-030, 2014-099, 2014-154, 2014-158, 2014-167; Supreme Court Docket No. 2014-074

INTERIM SUSPENSION.  A Supreme Court E.O. dated March 14, 2014 immediately suspended Respondent on an interim basis pending the final disposition of the proceedings docketed above, after Disciplinary Counsel transmitted evidence that Respondent violated the Rules of Professional Conduct and presently poses a substantial threat of harm to the public.
PETITION OF MISCONDUCT.  Petition of Misconduct served on September 23, 2016.  Respondent's Response due October 13, 2016. No Response Filed.
Motion to Deem Charges Admitted filed October 26, 2016.

Decision Documentation:
Supreme Court Interim Suspension Entry Order

Norsworthy, Elizabeth K.
Respondents Counsel: Abramson, Jay C.
Disciplinary Counsel:
Docket Number: 2016-182

INTERIM SUSPENSION.   On July 1, 2016, pursuant to a stipulation of Respondent Elizabeth K. Norsworthy and Disciplinary Counsel, the Vermont Supreme Court placed Respondent on immediate interim suspension from the practice of law.

Decision Documentation:
2016-182 Elizabeth K. Norsworthy Interim Suspension Order

Pope, Katherine
Respondents Counsel: Mayer, Tavian
Disciplinary Counsel: Lednicky, Samantha (Special Disciplinary Counsel)
Docket Number: 2017-008

Hearing on Motion for Reinstatement held on November 1, 2016 at 1 p.m.

Decision Documentation:

Morale, Susan L.
Respondents Counsel: n/a
Disciplinary Counsel: Lednicky, Samantha (Special Disciplinary Counsel)
Docket Number: 2017-067

INTERIM SUSPENSION. On December 29, 2016, the Vermont Supreme Court issued an entry order immediately suspending Susan Morale’s license to practice law on an interim basis.

Decision Documentation:

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