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Statutes and Rules: PROMULGATEDVRCrP11(c)(d)_16.2_26_30_41_44.2



Title of Rule

Order Promulgating Amendments to V.R.Cr.P. 11(c) and (d), 16.2, 26, 30, 41 and 44.2(c) 

Rule Type


Brief Statement about Rule

The amendment to Rules 11(c) and (d) of the Vermont Rules of Criminal Procedure relates to pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in misdemeanor cases.
The amendment to V.R.Cr.P. 16.2 follows revisions to the ABA Standards for Criminal Justice Discovery, Third Edition.
 The amendment to V.R.Cr.P. 26 increases to thirty days before trial the notice required of an intent to introduce evidence of other acts or offenses.
The amendment to V.R.Cr.P. 30 contemplates that the court will have discretion to give preliminary instructions prior to the taking of evidence, as well as to give some instructions after the close of evidence, but prior to argument.
The amendments to V.R.Cr.P. 41, consistent with Administrative Order No. 43 issued on January 20, 2012, provide specific procedures for the timely filing of documents associated with the issuance, denial and execution of search warrants, and the returns and inventories required following execution. 
The amendment to V.R.Cr.P. 44.2(c) provides consistency in treatment of withdrawal of counsel following entry of judgment of conviction, which occurs at time of sentencing pursuant to Rule 32(b).

Promulgated Date

March 12, 2013 

Promulgated Effective Date

May 13, 2013 

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Created at 3/26/2013 10:56  by Deb Laferriere 
Last modified at 3/26/2013 10:59  by Deb Laferriere