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Statutes and Rules: PROMULGATEDMCLEAmendments



Title of Rule

Order Promulgating Amendments to the Rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education 

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Brief Statement about Rule

Since the institution of the requirement of continuing legal education for attorneys admitted to practice law in Vermont, separate rules and regulations have governed.  These rules and regulations defined the minimal educational requirements, how they could be met, and the process a sponsoring agency must follow in order to offer courses for CLE credit, among other things.  The rules often overlapped with the regulations, and some topics were discussed in both the rules and regulations.  This created an often cumbersome process for attorneys seeking information on the requirements for continuing legal education.  There is no distinction to be made between the rules and regulations, as the Vermont Supreme Court must approve of and administer both.  Therefore, the Board of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education has consolidated the rules and regulations into one document, the Rules for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.  There have been no substantive changes to the rules or regulations during this rewrite.  The change has been made in an effort to achieve simplicity and for the convenience of those governed by the rules.

Promulgated Date

December 17, 2013 

Promulgated Effective Date

February 18, 2014 

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