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Attorney Licensing including Pro Hac Vice

Supreme Court Building


Pro Hac Vice
Frequently Asked Questions
expand What is the process for applying for admission for a single case (pro hac vice)?
expand How long does the process to be admitted pro hac vice take?
Please allow 2 weeks for processing of the pro hac vice application. Within that time, a pro hac vice licensing card will be mailed to the Vermont sponsoring attorney, unless directed otherwise.  
Once you receive the card, you will need to file it in the court in which the case is pending, along with a motion by a member of the Vermont Bar, pursuant to V.R.C.P. 79.1(e), V.R.Cr.P. 44.2(b), V.R.F.P. 15(e), V.R.P.P. 79.1(d), and V.R.A.P. 45.1(e), if not previously filed in that case.  You will be notified by that court once your motion has been granted.
expand If I was granted pro hac vice status on a case, must I pay the fee again on appeal to the Supreme Court?
expand Do I have to pay the pro hac vice fee if I am representing the client pro bono?
No, the Court Administrator has the discretion to waive the pro hac vice fee.  You will need to submit a supporting statement attesting to the indigent status of your client(s) and your agreement to represent your client(s) pro bono along with a completed pro hac vice licensing statement form.  If your request for a waiver of the fee is denied, you will need to pay the fee before you receive your pro hac vice licensing card.
expand Do I have to pay the fee each case in which I wish to appear pro hac vice?
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Attorney Licensing
Frequently Asked Questions
expand How can I get a certificate of good standing/admission?
expand How can I notify you of a change in my mailing address and email?
Administrative Order 41 requires that you inform us of any change to your office mailing address and email address within 30 days. Contact us at
expand When does my attorney license expire?
expand When are relicensing statements and CLE compliance forms sent out?
Links to the licensing statement and CLE compliance form will be added to this website on May 1 and a courtesy email will be sent to the email address you have provided, pursuant to A.O. 41. Forms are no longer mailed through the postal service.
Please email any address changes to
expand What are the licensing fees?
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Attorney Licensing Contact Information

111 State Street, Suite 9B
Montpelier, VT 05609-0701
Phone: 802-828-3281
Fax: 802-828-6550

Patricia Gabel, Court Administrator

TitleCostChecks Payable to
Certificate of Good Standing3.00Attorney Licensing
License Reinstatement fee100.00Attorney Licensing
Pro Hac Vice License200.00Attorney Licensing
Professional Certificate Suitable for Framing20.00Attorney Licensing
Two Year 'Active' license fee (paper filing)420.00Attorney Licensing
Two Year 'Inactive' license fee (paper filing)170.00Attorney Licensing