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Vermont Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Supreme Court Building

After reviewing the briefs, the Court determines whether the case will be heard by the full Court or a three-justice panel. If requested by a party, the Court grants oral argument, although it may direct that a case will be considered on the briefs without oral argument.

Cases assigned to a three-justice panel generally involve fewer issues and/or issues in which the applicable law is settled. The decision of a three-justice panel must be unanimous and a short written decision is issued in each case, usually within 48 hours of argument. Oral argument in these cases is limited to five minutes per side. Parties may appear in person or by video conference. A party planning to appear by video must notify the Court no later than three business days before the scheduled argument date.

Oral argument in cases heard by the full Court is generally for thirty minutes, fifteen minutes per side. These cases are decided after oral argument by written opinion.

The Court’s schedule is generally available a month in advance of argument on the Court’s website Supreme Court Calendar . Audio recordings of past oral arguments are also available below.

To listen to an argument click on the month the case was heard.  Then once you find the case click on the docket number to hear the case.  If you are looking for cases that are not listed please contact the Vermont Supreme Court Clerk to gain access to the audio argument.  You will need Windows Media Player, this is a free download, click the icon below to download,  if you do not have Windows Media Player.  This works best with Internet Explorer.  
TitleHearing DateCase Name
expand Year of Argument: 2017
2016-0551/11/2017In re Douglas Cavett
2017-0061/17/2017State v. Myron Bullock
expand Year of Argument: 2016
2015-2551/6/2016Lisa Mangini v. Richard Hardie
2015-3001/6/2016Betty Atkins d/b/a Westbury Park v. Erin Witham & Robert Witham
2014-4511/20/2016State v. Jason L. Gagne
2015-2881/20/2016State v. Gillies Richard
2015-0162/10/2016In re Nikolay Gergov
2015,188, 2015-3362/10/2016State v. William Lanzetta
2015-3412/10/2016In re Moody Subdivision Appeal
2015-2692/25/2016State v. Amy Koenig
2015-3162/26/2016Heidi Corcoran Wener v. Erik Wener
2015-3392/25/2016In re Alexis Gabree
2015-4072/25/2016State v. David G. Buckley
2015-3513/9/2016Lindsey Hunter v. Kevin David Moffit
2015-4233/9/2016Charles Chandler v. Matthew Branchaud a/k/a Abatiell Associates and Mark Furlan a/k/a Furlan Associates
2016-0533/9/2016State v. Jeremy Gates
2015-4583/29/2016In Re Stephanie Taylor, MD
2015-2683/29/2016Mongeon Bay Properties, LLC v. Mallets Bay Homeowners Assoc., Anthony J. Sineni and Merrimack Mortgage Company
2015-2973/29/2016State v. Joshua Anderson (Eastern Bail Bond Agency, Inc.)
2015-3723/30/2016In re Costco Stormwater Discharge Permit, Costco Final Plat & Site Plan, Costco Act 250 Land Use Permit, Wetlands Reclassification, et al.
2015-3173/30/2016Kurt Daims & Craig Newbert v. Town of Brattleboro
2015-3503/30/2016Jill Rinehart, M.D. v. Eric Svenson
2015-3334/13/2016Office of Child Support/Ashley Potwin v. Benjamin Rowe
2015-3434/13/2016State v. Nathan Purich
2015-4594/13/2016In re T.P. & D.P., Juveniles
2015-2404/13/2016Sherry Snyder v. Timothy Snyder
2015-4204/27/2016State v. Lenore Hayes
2015-4124/27/2016Agency of Natural Resources v. Hughe McGee & Eileen McGee
2015-1954/27/2016In re D.C., Juvenile
2016-0274/27/2016In re Petition of New England Police Benevolent Assn.
2015-2625/11/2016US Bank National Association v. Marjorie Johnston
2015-1415/11/2016In re Joseph Bruyette
2015-4485/24/2016Kenneth W. Miller, II v. Eric J. Flegenheimer
2015-1655/24/2016State v. Cameron Albarelli
2015-3525/24/2016Stephanie (Allen) Casavant v. Maurice Allen
2015-4265/24/2016Sarah Sinnott v. Jennifer Peck
2015-1925/25/2016State v. Toby Charbonneau
2015-4445/25/2016Charles Groves v. Tasaday Green
2015-1476/8/2016State v. Keith Baird
2015-3146/8/2016Joann Taft-Blakely v. Reinhart Foodservice LLC, Charles Bean and Ronald Yates
2015-2926/21/2016State v. Christopher Sullivan
2016-0306/21/2016Kevin Ward v. Renee LaRue
2016-0716/21/2016Estella McClellan, Admin. of the Estate of Betty Jo McClellan v. Jefferey E. Haddock, M.D. and Thomas Chittenden Health Ctr., PLC
2015-4187/12/2016Michael Francis Favreau v. Andrew A. Pallito
2016-0317/12/2016Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline
2016-0568/18/2016Karla Riendeau v. Department of Labor
2015-438 Rocket8/18/2016Frank Lamson v. Roger Lamson
2016-1019/15/2016Agency of Natural Resources v. Ken Davis D/B/A Davis Contracting Service
2016-1009/15/2016David and Dorothy Maunsell v. Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., Joshua B. Lobe, Esq. and Lobe, Fortin & Rees, PLC
2016-0379/15/2016Crystal Shipper v. Paul D. Sullivan
2016-1399/28/2016Joseph L. LeClair v. Hector LeClair
2015-4099/28/2016State v. Dale Byam
2016-0369/28/2016Catherine Lyons v. Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
2016-1959/28/2016State v. Bryan Love
2015-4179/29/2016In re Great Northern Construction, Inc.
2016-04810/6/2016State v. Jeremy D. Ward
2016-13110/6/2016Cynthia Day v. Department of Labor
2016-07310/25/2016In re Atwood Planned Unit Development
2016-034, 2016-14810/25/2016In re Petition of GMPSolar-Richmond, LLC
2016-167, 2016-16910/25/2016Nancy Myrick v. Peck Electric Co., d/b/a Peck Solar, Encore Middlebury Solar I, LLC and Encore Redevelopment, LLC / Dale Hastings and Jess Whitney v. Solarcommunities, Inc. d/ba/ Suncommon
2016-18510/26/2016Paul Flint v. Department of Labor
2015-438,10/26/2016Frank Lamson v. Roger Lamson
2016-13510/26/2016Kerry Clark-Blouin v. Kyle Bellavance
2015-47511/3/2016Douglas S. Cavett v. Andrew Pallito
2016-22011/3/2016In re Allen Rheaume
2016-06611/3/2016Donna Mannings v. Charles A. Mannings
2016-27911/29/2016William McLaughlin v. Andrew Pallito
2016-14511/29/2016State v. Randall J. Sheperd
2016-18611/29/2016Shayne Fleming-Pancione v. Lisa Menard, Commissioner of Department of Corrections
2016-13711/29/2016State v. Patricia Kane
2016-14211/30/2016In re Anthony Bridger
2016-23612/14/2016Louis Ray Gilbeau, Jr. v. Dept. of Corrections and Centurion Medical Services
2016-26612/14/2016St. Ambroise Azagoh-Kouadio v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington
expand Year of Argument: 2015
2014-2141/8/2015Peggy List v. Paul List
2014-3101/8/2015Tracey Bushey v. William Bushey
2014-1241/21/2015State v. Douglas S. Cavett
2014-2361/21/2015Michael Hemond and Tracey Hemond v. Frontier Communications of America, Inc. f/k/a Citizens Communications, Co, Vermont Electric Power Co., et al.
2014-2321/21/2015Kimberley Dyke v. Frank A. Scopetti
2014-2241/21/2015B&C Management Vermont, Inc. v. Stephe R. John, Wynetta E. John, Stephen R. John as executor of Estate of Amelia M. John, Catherine John, Richard John, et al.
2014-3722/5/2015Susan L. Moraska v. Alberta F. Moraska
2014-3632/5/2015In re A.M., Juvenile
2014-2002/5/2015Michael Hanson-Metayer v. Elizabeth Hanson-Metayer
2014-1742/5/2015State v. Michael Hughes
2014-1422/18/2015State v. Thomas Gauthier
2014-3012/18/2015Everbank as Assignee of Bank of America, N.A. v. Gary Marini and Caroline Marini
2014-3512/18/2015State v. John Galanes
2014-4063/5/2015George Kingston III v. Montpelier Public School System
2014-1053/5/2015State v. Thomas A. Tatro
2013-4803/17/2015State v. Timothy Perley
2014-1953/17/2015State v. Matthew Delorey
2014-2603/16/2015Fred Osier and Eugene H. Shaver v. Burlington Telecom, City of Burlington and Jonathan Leopold
2014-0553/16/2015State v. David Tracy
2014-3393/16/2015Burce Kirkland and Gordon Kirkland v. James Kolodziej and Barbara Kolodziej
2014-1764/9/2015Omar Rodriguez v. Philisha Rodriguez
2014-4464/9/2015In re N.R. and L.B., Juveniles
2014-2484/9/2015Nicole Little v. Kym Blaisdell
2014-3194/9/2015May Walton Chiles v. John Vaughn Chiles
2014-3854/22/2015Bruce Alvarez and Janet Alvarez v. Sheldon M. Katz and Claudia Berger
2014-4194/22/2015State v. Kelly M. Taylor
2014-4344/22/2015In re Bove Demolition/Construction Application
2014-3834/23/2015Dain Gosbee v. Christina Gosbee
2015-0034/23/2015Juanita Burch-Clay v. Debra Taylor, Individually and in Her Capacity as Superintendent of Schools, Rutland Central Supervisory Union
2014-3775/13/2015Tammy Shey v. Daniel Fuller
2014-4385/13/2015Timothy S. Johnson v. Green Mountain Power Corporation
2014-4095/13/2015Charles Chandler v. Town of Newfane and Doris Knechtel, Individually and as Employee of Town of Newfane
2014-3085/13/2015State v. Laura Rudd
2014-3885/26/2015Connie C. Simendinger v. William Simendinger
2014-284, 2014-285, 2014-2865/26/2015State v. Anthony Gotavaskas / State v. Grant S. Bercik (2014-286)
2015-0145/26/2015In re Appeal of the Estate of Elaine A. Holbrook
2014-4605/27/2015Sandra Baird and Jared Carter v. City of Burlington
2014-4325/27/2015In re Election Petitions
2014-4635/27/2015Amy Labate v. Robert Labate, Individually and on behalf of Minor Daughter, J.L.
2014-2566/11/2015Robert Magee v. Department of Labor
2015-0256/11/2015Jill Rinehard, M.D. v. Eric Svensson
2015-0286/11/2015In re L.W., R.S., A.S. & D.M.S., Juveniles
2015-0326/11/2015Adam Hubacz v. Village of Waterbury and William Shepeluk
2015-0836/22/2015In re Application of Beach Properties, d/b/a Basin Harbor Club for Certificate of Public Good for an Interconnected Group Net-Metered, et al.
2015-0216/22/2015Karen Wynkoop v. Gerard Stratthaus
2014-4456/23/2015VT Human Rights Commission, Lynne Silloway and Mary Bertrand v. State, et al.
2015-0926/23/2015Kenneth P. Felis v. Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC, and Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP
2015-1707/23/2015In re M.O., Juvenile
2015-1278/11/2015In re Anthony John Palubicki
2015-0598/11/2015Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline
2015-0809/16/2015State v. Michael Rosenfield
2015-0079/16/2015In re K.A., Juvenile
2015-0669/16/2015Concord General Mutual Ins. Co., Kevin Flanagan, Linda Flanagan v. Nathan Gritman, Austin Lawson, Nicholas T. Sweet, Elizabeth Plude, Kevin Spear, Dylan Stinson
2015-1469/17/2015State v. Leo Reynolds
2015-0739/17/2015Neil & Patricia Whitney v. Vermont Mutual Insurance
2014-4489/29/2015State v. Bruce Bona
2015-0249/29/2015Alexander Leveille v. Gyan Baird
2015-1039/29/2015State v. Alec T. Morse
2015-04710/20/2015Douglas Cavett v. Department of Corrections
2015-20910/20/2015William R. Sawyer & Overlake II, LLC v. Gregory Jones and Jessica Jones
2015-23610/20/2015Charles Chandler v. Concord Group Insurance
2015-08610/27/2015Unifund CCR, LLC v. Daniel Zimmer
2015-21410/27/2015Deutsche Bank v. Kevin Pinette
2015-29010/27/2015Vermont Community Loan Fund, Inc, Northern Community Investment, Northeastern Vermont Development & Community National Bank v. Berton R. Frye & Virginia R. Frye
2015-08510/28/2015In re Wight Manning
2014-29910/28/2015State v. Glen Haskins, Jr.
2015-23010/28/2015In re Petition of Rutland Renewable Energy, LLC for Certificate of Public Good, et al.
2015-07010/29/2015Walter Lourie v. Sharlee Lourie
2014-34710/29/2015State v. Shamel L. Alexander
2015-20511/18/2015In re Robert Flanigan and Toni Flanigan v. Gregory Hovey
2015-26511/18/2015Charles Chandler v. Rutland Herald Publishing, et al.
2015-23811/18/2015In re Two Bad Cats LLC Conditional Use Permit
2014-28112/2/2015State v. Richard E. Ladue
2015-04412/2/2015State v. Stephen Howard
2014-04812/2/2015State v. Michael Rondeau
2014-27312/2/2015State v. Jason Atherton a/k/a Melton
2015-09112/3/2015Town of Milton Board of Health v. Armand Brisson
2015-13312/2/2015Raymond Knutsen v. Karen Cegalis
2015-22512/17/2015Jason Fisher v. Valerie Coolidge
2015-26112/17/2015Hartford Pizza, Inc. v. Alexandros Galanis
2015-196, 2015-19712/17/2015State v. Spencer Durham
expand Year of Argument: 2014
2012-2541/8/2014State v. Yetha I. Lumumba
2013-2631/8/2014Michael Parker and Judith Parker v. David Potter and Susan Potter
2013-2911/9/2014Edward Wesolow v. Town of Lowell
2013-3161/9/2014In re Grievance of VSEA (Tropical Storm Irene Emergency Closing)
2013-3011/22/2014In re UVM Certificate of Appropriateness
2013-2031/22/2014In re Bradford Trucking, Inc.
2013-3881/22/2014In re B.R., Juvenile
2013-3542/19/2014Vermont Federal Credit Union v. Drew Richter and Russell Richter
2013-1893/12/2014James A. Brault & Elise D. Brault v. Jeanne E. Welch
2013-3733/12/2014Town of Ira v. Vermont League of Cities and Towns
2013-3863/17/2014Ralph Nelson v. Town of St. Johnsbury Selectboard, et al.
2013-366, 2013-3673/17/2014In re Wastewater System & Potable Water Supply Permit WW-1-1949 / In re Petition to Revoke Wastewater & Potable Supply Permit WW-1-1949
2013-2503/17/2014Michaela & David Martin as Next Best Friends to Gracie Martin v. Cooperative Ins. Co. of VT, Lakeside Campground, John S. Christman & Joanna L. Christman
2013-4293/27/2014State v. Kevin Terrance Shea a/k/a Eejipp Ala
2013-2173/27/2014Catherine Heller v. Bast and Rood Architects
2014-0853/27/2014State v. Ann-Marie Whiteway
2013-2084/8/2014State v. Allen Spaulding
2013-0454/8/2014State v. Phillip Morse
2013-2364/24/2014Leroy Goodwin v. Andrew Pallito
2013-3935/8/2014Diane Levin v. Douglas C. Walker
2013-4485/8/2014Kenneth P. Felis v. Vicki-Lee Felis
2013-4155/8/2014Suzanne E. Blanchard v. Nancy DeLuca
2013-4735/20/2014Dzemila Heco, Kenan Heco & Emir Heco v. Foster Motors, Johnson Controls, et al.
2013-2395/20/2014State v. Aiden Brunner
2013-4205/20/2014Stanley S. Stroup & Sylvia Stroup v. Peter Doran & Peter Doran Landscape Design
2014-1585/21/2014State v. Kyle D. Bolaski
2012-4795/21/2014State v. Neiman W. Groce
2013-0965/21/2014State v. Joshua Fontaine
2013-2805/21/2014In re Nick Manosh
2013-4145/22/2014In re Bilmar Team Cleaners
2013-0135/22/2014State v. Patrick Bostwick
2014-0365/22/2014Maple Leaf Farm Association v. Department of Labor & Katherine Kelly
2012-442, 2013-1155/22/2014State v. Daniel Pettitt
2013-4346/11/2014Eejipp Ala v. Andrew Pallito, Comm. of Dept. of Corrections
2013-4836/11/2014Kristen Port v. Michael Port
2014-0536/11/2014Rebecca Spaulding v. Department of Labor
2014-0407/23/2014In re H.D., Juvenile
2013-4597/23/2014Alan M. Tsefrekas v. Nancy Tsefrekas
2013-3287/23/2014State v. David Leo Edson
2013-4529/9/2014In re B.L.
2014-0419/9/2014Sue Skaskiw & VT Volunteer Servs. for Animal Humane Society v. VT Agency of Agriculture, Dept. for Children & Families, Kristin Haas, Kathleen Smith and Carol Maloney
2014-0829/9/2014In re PRB Docket No. 2012-155
2013-3929/10/2014State v. Gordon Noyes, Jr.
2014-0499/10/2014In re Goddard College A250 Reconsideration
2014-1029/10/2014Garfield Goodrum & Lucille Goodrum v. VT Dept. of Taxes
2014-1399/10/2014Pauline Guntlow and Richard Winterkorn v. Town of Pownal, Board of Adjustment
2013-3569/25/2014State v. Timothy P. Perley
2014-0929/25/2014Thomas W. Chase, Harold Chase & Ralph Chase v. Taft Hill Tree Farm, Inc., Eric S. Scott & Patricia M. Scott
2014-0389/25/2014Jay M. Moody v. Wendy Moody
2013-21510/8/2014Natural Resources Board Land Use Panel v. Donald Dorr, Mgc, Inc. & Dorr Oil, Co.
2014-11610/8/2014Michael Hemond and Tracey Hemond v. Frontier Communications of American, Inc., Vermont Electric Power Co., Inc., Santec, Inc., et al.
2014-02110/9/2014State v. Robert P. Vezina
2014-08710/9/2014Equinox on the Battenkill v. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance
2014-09810/9/2014Post and Beam Equity Group, LLC & Post and Beam of Mt. Snow LLC v. Sunne Village Development Property Owners' Assn.
2014-05410/30/2014City of Burlington v. Bilmar Team Cleaners, A Vermont Partnership and Margaret Murray, Individually and as Successor to Bilmar Team Cleaners
2014-00710/30/2014Jonathan H. Dodge v. Governor Peter Shumlin
2014-08010/30/2014Kayla L. Herrick v. Edmund Vigneault
2014-04310/30/2014Jesse DeVos v. Kimberly Volk
2013-45310/30/2014Kayla Eaton and Robert Eaton v. Norman E. Watts and Watts Law Firm, P.C.
2013-21010/7/2014State v. Wayne Hutchins
2013-24210/7/2014State v. Charles Madigan
2013-47711/19/2014State v. Adam Winters
2014-10811/18/2014Roxanne Moran v. VT State Retirement Board & VT State Treasurer
2014-14011/18/2014In re Appeal of MDY Taxes, Inc. and Village Car Wash, Inc.
2014-16211/18/2014In re Zaremba Group Act 250 Permit
2014-19211/19/2014In re Request for Jurisdictional Opinion re: Changes in Physical Structures and Use at Burlington International Airport for F-35A
2014-24511/19/2014State of Vermont v. Joseph Mottolese
2014-28311/19/2014In re Stephanie H. Taylor, M.D.
2013-46712/11/2014John C. Stokes v. State
2014-15312/11/2014Robert Jones, Janet Jones & Jean Bombard v. James Hart
2014-19312/11/2014In re Castleton Expansion Renovation Permit
2014-23712/11/2014In re D.C., Juvenile
2014-28712/11/2014In re B.R., Juvenile
2014-34312/11/2014In re O.D., Juvenile
2014-14612/18/2014In re New England Police Benevolent Assn. Petition for Election of Collective Bargaining Representative
2014-24012/18/2014David A. Gauthier v. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. f/k/a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
2014-34612/18/2014Gwendolyn Hallsmith v. City of Montpelier, William Fraser and Jessie Baker
expand Year of Argument: 2013
2012-2031/15/2013LaFrance Architect d/b/a Lake Architectural, LLC v. Five Point Development South Burlington, LLC
2012-2271/15/2013Adam Cate v. City of Burlington
2012-1951/15/2013Foti Fuels, Inc. & Robert Foti v. Kurrle Corp., Payjack, LLC & James J. Kurrle
2012-0851/15/2013State of Vermont v. Michael Cahill
2012-1921/16/2013In re Estate of Doris H. Fitzsimmons
2012-1661/16/2013Rhonda Cameron Rollo v. David W. Cameron
2012-1341/16/2013State of Vermont v. Corrina Sullivan
2012-1642/21/2013Kelley S. O'Brien v. Catherine Synnott and Fletcher Allen Healthcare
2012-2122/21/2013Michael Hanson-Metayer v. Elizabeth Hanson-Metayer
2012-255, 2012-2962/21/2013State of Vermont v. Jason Burnett
2012-3652/21/2013State of Vermont v. Marek L. Tuma
2012-2832/6/2013Kimberly Kim v. Larry Hone
2012-2682/6/2013Lisa Crown v. Jeffrey W. Lawson
2012-2732/6/2013Bobbi Jo Stellato v. McCurtis Anthony Williams
2012-2443/12/2013State of Vermont v. Zak Winston
2012-3573/12/2013Marcia Ratner v. Village Square at Pico Condominium Owners Assn., et al.
2012-4643/12/2013Ronald E. Pollock & Milton R. Pollock v. Douglas Butler
2012-3363/12/2013Peter Vieta v. Department of Labor
2012-384, 2012-3353/27/2013Sandra J. Murphy, Personal Rep. & Admin. of the Estate of Christopher Murphy v. Sentry Insurance
2012-087, 2012-101, 2012-102, 2012-103, 2012-207, 2012-231, 2012-309 3/27/2013State v. Ronald Medina, Douglas J. Hewitt, Jr., Shane T. Goodrich, Ricardo Ramos, William Abernathy, Tyler J. Hartz, and Jeffrey Gerrow, et al.
2012-1493/27/2013Michelle M. Straw v. Visiting Nurse Assn. and Hospice of VT/NH
2012-2943/27/2013Janet Knutsen v. David M. Dion, Thomas Gardner, David M. Dion Real Estate, Inc., VT Assn. of Realtors, Inc.
2012-2243/28/2013Brownington Center Church of Browington, Vermont, Inc. v. Town of Irasburg
2012-3673/28/2013Loren and Kathryn Hogaboom v. Trevor Jenkins and Town of Milton
2012-3053/28/2013In re Moore Accessory Structure Permit and Use
2012-3614/9/2013Mark Bilodeau v. Cristina Bilodeau
2012-2694/9/2013Julie D. Proia v. Julius M. Proia, Jr.
2012-3404/9/2013In re K.F., Juvenile
2012-4394/23/2013H. Brooke Paige v. State of Vermont, Jim Condos, Secretary of State and Barack Obama
2012-3914/23/2013Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. v. MMG Insurance Co.
2012-4224/23/2013Travia's Inc. and Robert and Jill Mellion v. State of Vermont, Dept. of Taxes
2012-4754/24/2013Judith Meyncke v. Robert Meyncke
2013-213, 2013-0104/24/2013State v. Bryan Wainwright, State v. Matthew E. Wilder
2012-2584/24/2013Rockingham Area Community Land Trust v. Town of Rockingham
2012-1474/25/2013State v. Jason Gorton
2012-4405/7/2013In re Ronald D. Combs
2012-3295/7/2013Matthew Aldrich v. Jennifer Aldrich Haselman
2013-0495/21/2013State v. Brian K. LeClair
2012-3805/21/2013State v. Prison Health Services, Inc.
2012-4475/21/2013Linda P. Spina v. William J. Spina
2012-3205/23/2013Richard Madowitz, Benedict Kohl as Co-Executor of the Estate of Douglas Kohl & Amherst Realty v. The Woods at Killington Owners' Assn.
2012-1865/22/2013State v. Christopher Scott
2013-0126/11/2013Michele Tattoli v. Christopher Colm
2012-4766/11/2013Logan Nutter v. Charles R. Fenoff, Jr.
2012-4086/11/2013Donald D. Dorr d/b/a D. Dorr Septic v. Paul and Debra LaCoste
2012-4786/11/2013Merchants Bank v. Ann M. Furey
2013-0027/10/2013Mary Duggan v. Department of Labor
2012-4017/10/2013Juanita Belleville v. John N. Young
2012-4309/12/2013In re C.B., Juvenile
2013-0419/12/2013Amanda Mallette v. George H. LaFontaine
2013-0069/12/2013Phyliss E. Trout (Brady) v. Daniel Quinn
2013-12910/10/2013State of Vermont v. Jack Wallace
2013-02510/10/2013Nicole Williams v. James McMillan
2013-31310/10/2013Lonnie Chester, Admin. of the Estate of Philomena Weingarten v. Albert J. Weingarten a/k/a Albert Von Weingarten and Mary Weingarten a/k/a Mary Von Weingarten
2013-09910/10/2013John J. Uckele v. Johana Harris, Thomas Harris and Allstate Insurance
2012-24810/3/2013State v. Tiffanie Felix
2012-420 part II10/3/2013Jasmin LeBlanc v. Daniel LeBlanc
2013-17910/3/2013Lisa Patnode
2013-11611/5/2013In re Norman W. Stevens
2013-14011/5/2013State v. Brian Aubuchon
2013-00911/5/2013In re Group Five Investments CU Permit
2013-39811/6/2013Michael R. Buxton v. Springfield Lodge No. 679 and Robert Merrill, Sr.
2013-19311/6/2013Nathan Paine v. Jamie Buffa
2012-41211/6/2013In re Hale Mountain Fish & Game Club
2013-07811/7/2013State v. Edward Nugent
2012-47411/7/2013In re Burt Allen
2013-032, 2013-033, 2013-02611/7/2013Peter M. Norris, Sr. v. Town of Monkton / James Lathrop v. Town of Monkton
2013-08111/19/2013Town of Colchester v. Robert K. Andres
2013-14811/19/2013In re Robert Jones
2013-03411/19/2013In re Ryan Brink
2013-27211/19/2013Amy Gibbons v. Bradley Burns
2013-19911/19/2013Michael Vereline v. Marybeth Vereline
2013-12012/3/2013Rodney W. Demag v. Better Power Equipment, Inc.
2013-18312/3/2013J. Daniel Mahoney, Daniel J. Mahoney, Patrick Mahoney, Mary Ann Kadish, et al. v. Tara, LLC
2013-23512/3/2013Helena G. Murphy v. Patriot Insurance Company
2013-24012/3/2013Andrea Joseph v. Neal Joseph
2013-07712/4/2013Trevor Evans v. Gerard Cote
2013-18412/4/2013In re Ambassador Insurance Company, Inc.
2013-12512/4/2013Linda Stone, Treasurer, Town of Irasburg v. Selectboard, Town of Irasburg
2013-18012/5/2013In re Appeals of ANR Permits in Lowell Mountain Wind Project Stormwater Permits, et al.
2012-17912/5/2013In re Eric Williams
2013-24912/5/2013Luck Brothers, Inc.
2013-28312/17/2013Kimberly Tillotson v. John Kidder
2013-28212/17/2013Misty Bowen v. Terrel Spearman
2013-16612/17/2013Stacey Hoechner v. Ernest C. Hoechner
expand Year of Argument: