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Vermont Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Supreme Court Building

After reviewing the briefs, the Court determines whether the case will be heard by the full Court or a three-justice panel. If requested by a party, the Court grants oral argument, although it may direct that a case will be considered on the briefs without oral argument.

Cases assigned to a three-justice panel generally involve fewer issues and/or issues in which the applicable law is settled. The decision of a three-justice panel must be unanimous and a short written decision is issued in each case, usually within 48 hours of argument. Oral argument in these cases is limited to five minutes per side. Parties may appear in person or by video conference. A party planning to appear by video must notify the Court no later than three business days before the scheduled argument date. See V.R.A.P. 33.1(b).

Oral argument in cases heard by the full Court is generally for thirty minutes, fifteen minutes per side. These cases are decided after oral argument by written opinion.

The Court’s schedule is generally available a month in advance of argument on the Court’s website Supreme Court Calendar . Audio recordings of past oral arguments are also available below.

To listen to an argument click on the month the case was heard.  Then once you find the case click on the docket number to hear the case.  If you are looking for cases that are not listed please contact the Vermont Supreme Court Clerk to gain access to the audio argument.  You will need Windows Media Player, this is a free download, click the icon below to download,  if you do not have Windows Media Player.  This works best with Internet Explorer.  
TitleHearing DateCase Name
expand Year of Argument: 2016
2015-2551/6/2016Lisa Mangini v. Richard Hardie
2015-3001/6/2016Betty Atkins d/b/a Westbury Park v. Erin Witham & Robert Witham
2014-4511/20/2016State v. Jason L. Gagne
2015-2881/20/2016State v. Gillies Richard
2015-0162/10/2016In re Nikolay Gergov
2015,188, 2015-3362/10/2016State v. William Lanzetta
2015-3412/10/2016In re Moody Subdivision Appeal
2015-2692/25/2016State v. Amy Koenig
2015-3162/26/2016Heidi Corcoran Wener v. Erik Wener
2015-3392/25/2016In re Alexis Gabree
2015-4072/25/2016State v. David G. Buckley
2015-3513/9/2016Lindsey Hunter v. Kevin David Moffit
2015-4233/9/2016Charles Chandler v. Matthew Branchaud a/k/a Abatiell Associates and Mark Furlan a/k/a Furlan Associates
2016-0533/9/2016State v. Jeremy Gates
2015-4583/29/2016In Re Stephanie Taylor, MD
2015-2683/29/2016Mongeon Bay Properties, LLC v. Mallets Bay Homeowners Assoc., Anthony J. Sineni and Merrimack Mortgage Company
2015-2973/29/2016State v. Joshua Anderson (Eastern Bail Bond Agency, Inc.)
2015-3723/30/2016In re Costco Stormwater Discharge Permit, Costco Final Plat & Site Plan, Costco Act 250 Land Use Permit, Wetlands Reclassification, et al.
2015-3173/30/2016Kurt Daims & Craig Newbert v. Town of Brattleboro
2015-3503/30/2016Jill Rinehart, M.D. v. Eric Svenson
2015-3334/13/2016Office of Child Support/Ashley Potwin v. Benjamin Rowe
2015-3434/13/2016State v. Nathan Purich
2015-4594/13/2016In re T.P. & D.P., Juveniles
2015-2404/13/2016Sherry Snyder v. Timothy Snyder
2015-4204/27/2016State v. Lenore Hayes
2015-4124/27/2016Agency of Natural Resources v. Hughe McGee & Eileen McGee
2015-1954/27/2016In re D.C., Juvenile
2016-0274/27/2016In re Petition of New England Police Benevolent Assn.
2015-2625/11/2016US Bank National Association v. Marjorie Johnston
2015-1415/11/2016In re Joseph Bruyette
2015-4485/24/2016Kenneth W. Miller, II v. Eric J. Flegenheimer
2015-1655/24/2016State v. Cameron Albarelli
2015-3525/24/2016Stephanie (Allen) Casavant v. Maurice Allen
2015-4265/24/2016Sarah Sinnott v. Jennifer Peck
2015-1925/25/2016State v. Toby Charbonneau
2015-4445/25/2016Charles Groves v. Tasaday Green
2015-1476/8/2016State v. Keith Baird
2015-3146/8/2016Joann Taft-Blakely v. Reinhart Foodservice LLC, Charles Bean and Ronald Yates
2015-2926/21/2016State v. Christopher Sullivan
2016-0306/21/2016Kevin Ward v. Renee LaRue
2016-0716/21/2016Estella McClellan, Admin. of the Estate of Betty Jo McClellan v. Jefferey E. Haddock, M.D. and Thomas Chittenden Health Ctr., PLC
2015-4187/12/2016Michael Francis Favreau v. Andrew A. Pallito
2016-0317/12/2016Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline
2016-1368/18/2016Charles Chandler v. Rutland Herald Publishing, et al.
2016-0428/18/2016Jeremiah Bindrum v. American Home Assurance Company, Chartis Insurance Company, Nuquest Bridge Pointe
2016-1019/15/2016Agency of Natural Resources v. Ken Davis D/B/A Davis Contracting Service
2016-1009/15/2016David and Dorothy Maunsell v. Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co., Joshua B. Lobe, Esq. and Lobe, Fortin & Rees, PLC
2016-0379/15/2016Crystal Shipper v. Paul D. Sullivan
2016-1399/28/2016Joseph L. LeClair v. Hector LeClair
2015-4099/28/2016State v. Dale Byam
2016-0369/28/2016Catherine Lyons v. Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
2016-1959/28/2016State v. Bryan Love
expand Year of Argument: 2015
2014-2231/8/2015Michael Rinaldo v. Green Mountain Self Storage and Jim O'Dell
2014-3421/8/2015In re J.D., Juvenile
2014-1411/21/2015State v. Stephen L. Eldert
2014-2391/21/2015The Stratton Corp. a/k/a Stratton Mountain Corp. and Intrawest Stratton Dev. Corp. v. Engleberth Const. Inc. v. Morgan's Roofing and Const., et al.
2014-2301/21/2015Bradford's Trucking, Inc. v. Dept. of Labor
2014-0471/21/2015State v. Jeremy Lucas
2014-3653/5/2015Town of Colchester v. Robert K. Andres
2014-3312/5/2015State v. James v. King
2014-204, 2014-2292/5/2015State v. Robert J. Mongeon
2014-3122/18/2015AIG Insurance Management Service, Inc. v. Vermont Department of Taxes
2014-3002/18/2015State v. David Wisowaty
2014-3352/18/2015State v. Zahariah Theodorou
2014-3343/5/2015Ricky Curtis, Jr. v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of Dept. of Corrections, Robert Berthiaume and Scott Morley
2014-3053/5/2015Colby M. Cheever v. Crystal Merrick
2014-3903/17/2015Kathleen Vanderbloom v. State, Agency of Transportation
2014-2753/17/2015Janet McKinstry and Mark McKinstry v. Fecteau Residential Homes, Inc. d/b/a Fecteau Homes
2014-2063/17/2015In re T.S.S.
2014-3523/16/2015In re Champlain Parkway Act 250 Permit
2014-0093/16/2015State v. Peter A. Goewey
2014-3303/16/2015William Deveneau v. Susan Weilt and Brian Toomey
2014-3164/9/2015Kristen E. Brosnahan v. William J. Brosnahan
2014-4334/9/2015David D. Smalley v. Stowe Mountain Club, Inc.
2014-2354/9/2015Kayla L. Eaton v. Leroy E. Prior, Prior Polygraph, Matthew Belmay and VT State Police
2014-4494/9/2015In re M.S., Juvenile
2014-4104/22/2015State v. Paul Aiken
2014-2464/22/2015In re Derrick Brown
2014-2704/23/2015Debra L. McGee v. Justin Gonyo
2014-2964/23/2015In re Estate of Dezotelle
2014-3694/23/2015In re Willowell Conditional Use Certificate of Occupancy
2014-4545/13/2015State v. Hillary Lumbra
2014-1675/13/2015State v. Scott Manfredi`
2014-4315/13/2015Nina Darling v. Theodore Crow
2014-3755/13/2015Charles Chandler v. State
2014-3965/26/2015Carole Kuligoski, Individually and on behalf of Michael Kuligoski, Mark Kuligoski and James Kuligoski v. Brattleboro Retreat and Northeast Kingdom Human Services
2014-2695/26/2015State v. Salahdin Trowell
2014-1965/27/2015State v. Kent Richland, Jr.
2014-2075/27/2015State v. Eric K. Manning
2014-4415/27/2015Cenlar FSB v. Joseph L. Malenfant, Laurie Malenfant and New England Federal Credit Union
2015-0225/27/2015In re J.M., Juvenile
2014-332, 2014-3576/11/2015State v. Matthew Fay
2015-0276/11/2015In re Zaremba Group Dollar General Conditional Use Permit
2015-0296/11/2015In re D.S., Juvenile
2015-0646/11/2015Brian Farr-Maccione v. Department of Labor (Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Inc., Appellee)
2014-4656/22/2015John T. Adams II v. Town of Sudbury
2015-0676/22/2015In re Petition of VTEL Wireless Inc. for Certificiate of Public Good
2014-3626/23/2015State v. Thomas Bryan
2015-0747/23/2015In re Craig Yandow
2015-1447/23/2015In re M.M. & C.M., Juveniles
2014-4748/11/2015Bruce Willette v. Washington County Youth Services & Vermont Employment Security Board
2014-3338/11/2015State of Vermont v. Brien Daignault
2014-4709/16/2015Donald Gould v. Town of Monkton
2014-4559/16/2015Brisson Stone LLC, Allan Brisson and Michael Brisson v. Town of Monkton and Claudia Orlandi
2015-2189/17/2015Sharon Conant v. Entergy Corporation
2015-0769/17/2015State v. John Powers
9/23/2015State v. Evan P. Ford
2015-0349/29/2015David Massey v. Town of Greensboro
2015-1509/29/2015Sheryl Tepper and Stephen Kesman v. Patricia Garcia
2015-1689/17/2015In re Treetop Development Company Act 250 Development
2015-05210/20/2015Allan Leavitt v. Town of Brandon
2015-23210/20/2015In re John Rishar
2015-12910/27/2015Burlington Administrators' Assoc. and Nicolas Molander v. Burlington Board of School Commissioners
2015-20410/27/2015State v. Atlantic Richfield, et al.
2015-23310/27/2015State v. Robert Witham
2015-15810/28/2015TLOC Senior Living LLOC v. Albert (Alpine) Bingham
2015-24810/28/2015David Demarest, et al. v. Town of Underhill
2014-44010/28/2015State v. Shawn Kelley
2013-06710/28/2015Debra Morisseau v. Hannaford Brothers
2015-22110/29/2015Matthew Burgess v. Lamoille Housing Partnership, Town of Morristown, Mary Ann Wilson as Collector of Taxes & Sharon Green, Esq.
2015-20311/18/2015Rikkie Kane v. Andrew Pallito
2015-206, 2015-20711/18/2015State v. John Dunbar / State v. Kelly Taylor
2015-17411/18/2015Langrock Sperry & Wool LLP v. Kenneth Felis
2014-38011/18/2015Marjorie Johnson v. City of Rutland
2015-13112/2/2015Lauritz Rasmussen v. Town of Fair Haven
2015-26012/2/2015In re Burns Two-Unit Residential Building
2015-20112/2/2015State v. Atlantic Richfield, et al
2015-25312/23/2015Synecology Partners L3C v. Business Runtime, et al.
2014-42712/3/2015State v. Tisa Farrow
2015-25912/3/2015In re Waterfront Act 250 Amendment
2015-26112/17/2015Kenneth Felis v. Vicki-Lee Felis
2015-24212/17/2015State v. Raphael Colucci
2015-32112/17/2015In re T.M. & A.M., Juveniles
expand Year of Argument: 2014
2013-0571/8/2014Susan Cook v. David Coburn
2013-1431/8/2014Jonathan Lasek v. Vermont Vapor, Inc. and Downing Properties, LLC.
2013-1341/9/2014David Walsh v. Frank Cluba and Good Stuff, Inc.
2013-4121/9/2014Paul H. Choiniere and P&D Consulting, Inc. v. Anthony P. Marshall and Harris Beach, LLP
2013-341, 2013-3421/22/2014Bethany Drum v. Ricky Henry Dodge, Bethany Drum v. Leon Timothy Colbeth
2013-221, 2013-2221/22/2014State v. Jeffrey Powers
2013-4032/19/2014Henry G. Richmond v. Sheila Richmond
2013-3752/19/2014In re A.W., Juvenile
2013-3323/12/2014Flex-A-Seal, Inc. v. Deborah Safford
2013-3723/17/2014In re Seneca Mountain Met Tower Project
2013-224, 2013-3003/17/2014State v. Brian N. Grenier / State v. Jessica Harris
2013-4633/17/2014In re Howard Center Renovation Permit
2013-3993/27/2014Christopher Webb v. Andrew Pallito, Charles Samuels, Jr. & Tamyra Jarvis
2013-4503/27/2014Eejipp Ala v. Andrew Pallito, Commissioner of the VT Dept. of Corrections
2013-311, 2013-3123/27/2014In re D.S., Juvenile / In re M.H., Juvenile
2013-1534/8/2014In re Ernest Tobias Balivet
2013-3034/8/2014David Shaddy v. Vermont Office of Professional Regulation
2012-3624/24/2014Lisa Mangini v. Richard E. Hardie
2013-3974/24/2014In re Adoption of T.S.B.
2013-4515/8/2014Roy H.A. Watson III v. The Village at Northshore 1 Assn., Inc.
2013-4645/8/2014Memphremagog Rentals v. Daniel Kelley
2014-0305/8/2014Charles Chandler v. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. and Ronald Gifford, Individually
2013-3235/20/2014Dzemila Heco, Kenan Heco & Emir Heco v. Foster Motors, Midstate Dodge & Johnson Controls, et al.
2012-4005/20/2014State v. Owen R. Cornell
2013-2435/20/2014Vermont Transco v. Town of Vernon
2013-2775/21/2014Jeffrey D. Hayes & Deborah Hayes-McGraw v. Town of Manchester Water & Sewer and Mountain View Estates
2013-4415/21/2014In re E.W., Juvenile
2013-1195/21/2014State v. Maureen Wilt
2012-3445/21/2014State v. Harold D. Porter, Jr.
2013-4555/22/2014In re All Metals Recycling (DRB Permit Appeal)
2014-0015/22/2014Ski, Ltd. v. Mountainside Properties
2013-2575/22/2014Curtis Smiley v. State
2013-2015/20/2014State v. Scott Provost
2013-170, 2013-1796/11/2014Timothy Miller v. Andrew Pallito, Comm. of the Dept. of Corrections
2013-4396/11/2014Thomas and Ann Edwards v. Town of Stowe
2013-4436/11/2014Michael Cornish v. Town of Brookline
2013-3297/23/2014State v. David Piquette
2013-4757/23/2014American Express Centrion Bank v. Aaron Stine
2014-2548/14/2014State v. Christopher Monatukwa
2013-3909/9/2014Ruth MacCormack v. Mark S. MacCormack
2014-1079/9/2014Jeffrey Marshall v. State of Vermont, Vermont State Hospital
2011-3749/9/2014In re Susan Rockwell, Esq. ( In re PRB No. 2012-097)
2013-1519/10/2014State v. Louis Fucci, Jr.
2014-0209/10/2014State v. Billy Joe Putnam
2013-3369/10/2014Stratton Corp. & Intrawest Stratton Dev., et al. v. Engelberth Const. Co, et al. v. Evergreen Roofing, LLC
2014-2919/3/2014State v. Stephen Pelletier
2014-0509/25/2014In re Fuller Building Permit
2014-0089/25/2014Joseph Lloyd Bertrand v. Stephanie M. Murray
2014-16310/8/2014State v. Matthew Hinton
2013-444, 445, 44610/8/2014In re Lathrop Limited Partnership I, II, III
2014-14910/8/2014In re Trust of Virginia B. Newman
2014-16510/9/2014Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Energy Wise Homes, Shirley Uhler, Michael D. Uhler and Poulos Insurance, Inc.
2014-01210/9/2014Citimortgage, Inc. v. Ronald J. Dusabon, Jr., Joan V. Dusablon & Horizon Heights Condominium Assn.
2014-01710/30/2014Edward Johnson v. Andrew Pallito, Vermont Commissioner of the Department of Corrections
2013-40110/30/2014Kelley O'Brien v. Andrew Pallito, Robert Arkley, Rolla Thomas and Paul Lavalette
2014-11810/30/2014Katherine Amy O'Neil v. Shawn O'Neil
2014-13710/30/2014Julia Dixon v. Geoffrey Dixon
2014-09310/30/2014Howard C. Wilkinson v. Westminster Board of Abatement
2014-03210/7/2014State v. Robert K. Hurley
2013-28810/7/2014State v. Warren Breed
2014-06610/7/2014Highridge Condominium Owners Assn. v. Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners, LLC
2014-10411/18/2014Lori Rathbone v. Curtis Corse
2014-13511/18/2014In re Amended Petition of VT Gas Systems, Inc., for Certificate of Public Good pursuant 30 V.S.A. section 248, et al.
2014-15911/19/2014Christopher Falanga v. Kerry Boylan
2014-19011/19/2014In re North East Materials Group LLC Act 250 JO #5-21
2014-19411/19/2014James Glassford and Heidi Glassford v. Dufresne & Associates, P.C.
2014-21211/18/2014Birchwood Land Company, Inc. v. Judith J. Krizan
2012-47112/11/2014In re Joseph Bruyette
2014-12212/11/2014Andrew T. Mayer v. Veronica A. Boord
2014-17712/11/2014Karen Hecht v. Department of Labor
2014-19812/11/2014Tony Taylor v. Department of Labor
2014-27212/11/2014In re B.S., Juvenile
2014-28812/11/2014In re M.K., Juvenile
2014-06312/18/2014Plum Creek Maine Timberlands, LLC v. VT Dept. of Forests, Parks & VT Dept. of Taxes
2014-20512/18/2014Stacey Frazer v. James Olson
2014-26812/18/2014Lisa Patnode v. Garrison Urette
2014-41812/18/2014Michael Obolensky & Jirina Obolensky v. Robert Trombley & Sandra Trombley
expand Year of Argument: 2013
2012-1211/15/2013Pauline Manning v. Michael Schultz
2012-0191/15/2013State of Vermont v. Robert Zorn
2012-135, 2012-1361/15/2013In re Beliveau NOV / Town of Fairfax v. Leon Beliveau
2012-1461/16/2013Marc Wood v. Town of Hartford Zoning Board of Adjustment
2012-2671/16/2013In re Jason Blow
2012-177, 2102-2351/16/2013Dorren Carpenter v. Douglas Tuthill & Town of Hartford Town Clerk / Doreen Carpenter v. Douglas Tuthill
2012-4481/16/2013In re Investigation into General Order No. 45
2011-3072/21/2013State of Vermont v. Latonia Congress
2012-196, 2012-300, 2012-3922/21/2013Stephanie Lesage, Mary McNeil & Richard Mostrom, Colin McNeil, Daniel & Claudia McNeil v. Town of Colchester / Mary Jane Marchelewicz v. Town of Colchester / In re Colchester Leased Lands
2012-0582/21/2013Leslie Anne Whittington v. Office of Professional Regulation
2012-3772/6/2013Allen Rheaume v. Bonnie Rutledge, Commissioner of Dept. of Motor Vehicles, et al.
2012-3122/6/2013Allison Gould v. Stuart Robinson
2012-1972/6/2013Herman J. LeBlanc v. Glen Brown
2012-1933/12/2013Lorrie Tetreault v. David Tetreault
2012-2903/12/2013Rickey Thibodeau v. Ashley Blanchard
2012-2143/12/2013State of Vermont v. Michael Rinaldo
2012-2893/12/2013Richard J. Fleming, Jr. v. Joni Fleming
2012-2623/12/2013Christopher M. Wurster v. Karen Wurster-Sinex
2012-4333/27/2013State v. Ryan Gillard, Robert Holland, Suzanna Jones, Ann Morse, David Rodgers & Eric Wallace Senft
2012-3303/27/2013In re Christopher Hoch
2012-2723/27/2013Ross "Rocky" Anderson, Benjamin Eastrood, Daniel Albert and Nicole Killoran v. State of Vermont, Secretary of State James Condos
2012-1623/28/2013In re Edwin Towne
2012-0993/28/2013State v. Joseph T. Kenvin
2012-3373/28/2013Daniel Brown v. State of Vermont
2012-2994/9/2013In re J.D.
2012-3544/9/2013In re Allen Rheaume
2011-2014/9/2013Miriam R. Levin, Margaret G. Grunstein and Leon D. Grundstein v. Robert Grundstein
2012-3664/24/2013Ying Ji v. David Heide
2012-094, 2012-2364/23/2013In re Jean Brett, In re Leslie McCool
2012-3324/23/2013Brattleboro Savings and Loan Assn. v. Richard E. Hardie, et al.
2012-4384/23/2013State of Vermont v. George Cuomo
2012-4314/24/2013Rachel Smith v. Jasper Wright
2013-0034/24/2013Thomas & Mary Baptie, Individually and as Administrators of the Estate of John Baptie v. Jonathan Bruno and Aron McNeil
2012-0364/25/2013State v. Kyle Bolaski
2012-2614/25/2013Nicholas Bonanno v. Verizon Business Network Systems and Sedgwick Claims Managment Systems
2012-3565/7/2013Alan and Rachel Yeager v. Jack and Dawn Menard
2012-2715/7/2013William B. Birch v. Alan G. Jesseman
2012-2705/21/2013State v. David Button
2012-3685/21/2013Rutland Herald v. City of Rutland and AFSCME Council 93 Local No. 1201
2012-3415/21/2013Old Railroad Bed, LLC v. Ronald Marcus & Kristi Marcus
2012-4035/22/2013David DeMarest & Jeffrey Moulton v. Town of Underhill
2013-3465/23/2013Joanne Curran, Michael Curran, M.D., and Cathleen Curran v. Building Fund of The United Church of Ludlow, VT, et al.
2012-4466/11/2013Misty Bowen v. Terrel Spearman
2013-0246/11/2013John Viskup v. Juliane Hegle (Viskup)
2012-4216/11/2013Kaitlin Barry v. Chris C. Khamnei
2013-0736/11/2013In re B.C., Juvenile
2012-4107/10/2013Zohara Zarfati v. Clinton Eirmann
2012-4687/10/2013Troy D. Rainey v. Tania Rainey
2013-0809/12/2013In re Leonard/Sayour Permitted Use Zoning Permit
2012-4329/12/2013Donald L. Bletz, Sr. and Bruce Van Guilder v. John J. Welch, Jr.
2012-4199/12/2013Edward Johnson v. Andrew Pallito, Comm. of Dept. of Corrections, Dr. Abigail Hager and Dr. Westinghouse
2013-12210/10/2013Deutshe Bank National Trust v. Bruce E. Merritt, Gloria King Merritt and Indymac Bank
2013-08210/10/2013Peter Dernier v. Town of Weston
2013-17210/10/2013Kayla Eaton and Robert Eaton v. Cleary, Shahi & Aicher, Attorneys and David Cleary and Thomas Aicher, Individually
2012-40510/3/2013In re Champlain Oil Company, Inc. and Ferrisburgh Conditional Use Application #09-36
2012-42010/3/2013Jasmin LeBlanc v. Daniel LeBlanc
2013-15510/3/2013Edwin Rodriguez v. Adnrew Pallito, Comm. of the Dept. of Corrections and Parole Board
2012-04110/3/2013In re Barry Babson
2011-25311/5/2013State v. Thomas Bogert, Jr.
2012-45711/5/2013Vermont North Properties v. The Village of Derby Center
2013-15711/6/2013PH West Dover Property, LLC, Mitchell Frankenberg and Jennifer Fredreck v. Lalancette Engineers, Richard and Barbara Lalancette and Barbara Walowit Realty, Inc.
2013-20511/6/2013Ugo Quazzo v. Vermont Department of Taxes
2013-084, 2013-20911/6/2013Faye Ainsworth v. Charles Chandler and Charles Chandler Electric Co./Charles Chandler v. Concord Group Ins. and Campbell & Boyd Ins.
2013-14711/7/2013Neal Fox v. Eugene Fox
2012-23911/7/2013State v. Stanley Reynolds
2013-00411/7/2013Kneebinding, Inc. v. Richard Howell v. John and Tina Springer-Miller and ACL Investments
2011-334, 12-404, 13-15911/19/2013Jennifer Brooks v. William Brooks
2013-26711/19/2013Valerie Zimmerman and POPXUE America LLC v. Bruce Bjornlund
2013-19011/19/2013Albert Gionet v. Bernadette Bousquet
2013-09811/19/2013State v. Donald Shepherd
2013-16311/19/2013Mark Brady and Mary Brady v. Addison Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, and Steven Silberberg
2013-29911/19/2013Keri Streeter v. Trevor James
2013-101, 2013-28112/3/2013Ute Regan v. Antonio B. Pomerleau, DeForest Realty & City of Burlington / In re Regan Subdivision Permit
2013-10812/3/2013In re Bjerke Zoning Permit Denial
2013-21412/3/2013In re William LaPlante
2013-21312/4/2013In re Grievance of John Aleong
2013-21612/4/2013Leslie Tschaikowsky v. James Tschaikowsky
2012-41512/4/2013Kevin Barrup v. Tammy Barrup
2012-10712/4/2013In re John A. Hirsch
2013-15812/5/2013In re Burlington Airport Permit
2013-16912/5/2013David Cameron v. Rhonda Rollo
2013-08912/5/2013JW, LLC v. Brian M. Ayer and Debbie Martelle
2013-12612/17/2013State v. Joshua J. Parizo
2013-35512/17/2013In re L.M., Juvenile
2013-06212/17/2013In re Victor Hall