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Judicial Conduct Board

Supreme Court Building
Judges must follow high ethical standards established by the Supreme Court in the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Judicial Conduct Board investigates complaints of judicial misconduct or disability and recommends any necessary action to the Vermont Supreme Court. Possible disciplinary actions include public reprimand of the judge, suspension for a part or the remainder of the judge's term of office, or retirement of the judge if physically or mentally disabled. The Court does not impeach judges. Only the General Assembly has the power to impeach.

The Supreme Court appoints the nine members of the board, and designates the chair and vice-chair. Three members are lawyers, three members are lay citizens and three members are judges.

Board Members
Steven A. Adler, Esq., Chair
Richard Goldsborough, Esq., Vice-Chair
Hon. Harold E. Eaton, Jr.
Hon. David Howard
Hon. M. Kathleen Manley
Sandra Strempel, Esq.
Ms. Virginia Bates
Kelly Austin
Dr. Marcy E. Jones


Chairman of the Board Address and phone:

Steven A. Adler, Esq.
Judicial Conduct Board
PO Box 189
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819-0189

Public Hearing Calendar

Documents Concerning Hearing
Balivet, Ernest Tobias (Probate Judge)

Docket Number: Judicial Conduct Board No. 11.020
Status: Formal Complaint dated June 19, 2012; Acceptance of Service dated July 10, 2012. Hearing Held on March 1, 2013 at 10 a.m.
Hearing Date and Time:
Hearing Location:

Rainville, A. Gregory

Docket Number: JCB No. 13.001
Formal Complaint dated December 4, 2013

Hearing Date and Time:
Hearing Location:

To view the Closure Report Document please click on the Title of the document.
Closure ReportDocket
Date of
Closure Summary
expand Year of Disposition: 2011
Judicial Demeanor and Real Property Ownership09.010, 09.031, 09.039Honorable Mark J. Keller4; 4(D), Canon 3 (B)(4); (E) (F)2/6/2011 (Public Reprimand)Judge reprimanded for inappropriate demeanor and ineffective disclosure of building ownership with lawyer tenants
Allegations of Judicial Misconduct on a Denial of the Request for a Temporary Restraining Order11.019AnonymousCanon 3(B)(4)6/22/2011 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Substantive Decisions Rather Than Ethical Allegations11.022AnonymousCanon 3(B)(4)6/22/2011 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Attorney Issues Rather Than Judicial Issues11.025AnonymousNone6/22/2011 (Dismissed)Dismissed
expand Year of Disposition: 2012
Multiple Cases Over an Unknown Period of Time Complain of Generalized Bias12.001AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Multiple Cases Over an Unknown Period of Time Complain of Generalized Bias12.003AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Multiple Cases Over an Unknown Period of Time Complain of Generalized Bias12.005AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations of Judicial Bias along with Allegations of Lawyer Misconduct12.007AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)3/16/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Dissatisfaction with Outcome of Judicial Conduct Board Hearing12.009AnonymousA.O. 10, Preamble[3]; Canon 2; Canon 3(B)(5), (7), (8) and (9); Canon 3E and Canon 3F11/20/2012 (Dismissed; Lack of Jurisdiction)Lack of Jurisdiction
Allegation of Excessive Charges in Criminal Complaint12.011AnonymousNo Canons alleged3/16/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegation of Judicial Bias12.015AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)6/13/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
General Consensus of Inmates Who Apparently Have Been in Front of the Same Judge in Multiple Cases over an Unknown Period of Time12.017AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)6/13/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Dissatisfaction with Judge’s Refusal to Lift No Contact Order12.019AnonymousCanons 3(B)(4) and (5)6/13/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegation of Judge’s Delay in Issuing an Order12.021AnonymousCanon 3(B)(8)6/13/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations that the Appellate Court Misconstrued the Case Records12.023AnonymousCanon 3(B)(2)6/1/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations the Judge Acted Unethically12.025AnonymousCanons 3(B)(4) and (8)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegation of Racial Profiling12.027AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)6/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Dissatisfaction with Results of Trial in Civil Matter12.029AnonymousCanon 38/21/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations the Judge Prolonged the Pretrial Detention Period12.031AnonymousCanon 3(B)(8)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations Against Complainant’s Attorney and the Judicial System in General12.033AnonymousCanon 3(B)8/20/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations of Bias Based on Adverse Rulings 12.035AnonymousCanon 3(B)(4)9/25/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Allegations of Order Not Issued Timely12.037AnonymousCanon 3(B)(8)9/7/2012 (Dismissed)Dismissed
expand Year of Disposition: 2013
Complaint Arising out of a High Conflict Family Case Involving Parent-Child Contact Issues, Child Support Contempt and Other Issues12.039AnonymousCanons 3B(3)(4) and (5)6/13/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Pro Se Complainant Alleges That She Was Treated Unfairly by the Magistrate 12.041AnonymousCanons 3(4) and (8)6/13/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Inmate Request for Transfer of Housing12.043AnonymousCanon 2(B)(5)2/25/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Dissatisfaction with Results of Relief From Abuse Order12.045AnonymousCanon 3(B)(7)2/25/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Dissatisfaction with Jurisdiction and Results of Divorce12.047AnonymousCanon 3(B)(5)2/25/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Complainant Unhappy with the Outcome of the Proceedings of a Long Running Termination of Parental Rights Action13.002AnonymousCanon 3(B)(4)2/25/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
This Complaint Comes from the Mother of One of the Parties in a Contested Divorce Hearing Involving a Claim for Short Term Spousal Maintenance and a Claim for a Lump Sum Payment13.004AnonymousCanons 3(B)(4) & (5)6/14/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Complainant Father Is Unhappy with the Findings in a Motion to Modify Parent-child Contact13.006AnonymousCanons 3(B)(4) or 3(B)(5)6/14/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Complainant’s Dissatisfied with Two Judges’ Decisions and Rulings in Regulatory and Appellate Hearings 13.008AnonymousCanon 36/14/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Complaint Arises from a Complex Estate and Trust Matter, in Which Complainant Expressed Dissatisfaction with the Case Disposition13.010AnonymousCanon 3(B)(8)6/14/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed
Complainant Alleges That a Judge Made Errors in Accepting His Change of Plea and in Sentencing Him13.013AnonymousNone6/14/2013 (Dismissed)Dismissed