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JusticeBios: Honorable Marilyn Skoglund, Associate Justice


Honorable Marilyn Skoglund, Associate Justice 


Honorable Marilyn S. Skoglund, Associate Justice, of Montpelier, Washington County, was born in Chicago, Illinois and became a resident of Vermont in 1973 and has resided in her present town since 1983. She attended elementary and high school in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois (B.A., 1971). She worked in the Office of the Attorney General as: Special Assistant Attorney General (1978-1981); Assistant Attorney General (1981-1989); Chief of the Civil Law Division (1989-1993); Chief of Public Protection Division (1993-1994). She was appointed to the District Court in 1994, and was sworn in as an Associate Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court on August 27, 1997.

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