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Expand/Collapse Status : A.Issue - 10.Open ‎(6)
 99party's court history
how to build a folder view or a link to show a party's court (case list) history in a case? This is a request for the final demo.
it seems not easy based on current structure, party is a child of case, and even 2 parties with same name, we can't make sure they are the same person.
Is it possible to provide a place for us developers to write queries to define the folder views or link? The court history reseach is not hard if we use query.
 101person joinder
How to use a person joinder in a case?
 104Restricting Form Access by Case-Type
Discussed with Sustain.
3/31/09 MCP: Forms are restricted by "authority", not "case-type".  Solution is to place a form override in the folder view.  The override should cause the appropriate form to appear and avoid having the alternative form show when you click "Add".
4/2/09 MCP: The solution above worked for the "Add" button at bottom of a panel.  The next question is how do we restrict forms from appearing on the "Case Add" button?
 106Simple Condition: Blank or ...
It would be helpful to have the choices "Blank or After" and "Blank or Before".
 109Case-Type Lookup List in GL Account Segments
The GL Account Segments seem to reject changing items in the lookup list for Case_Type.  Bug or resriction?  I changed some case type items, and now there's an error when opening case type from within GL account segments.  Also, my new case type items don't show in the drop down list for case type under GL account segments.
 110Accounting Setup
How do we delete:
1. GL account segments
2. Natural accounts
3. Distribution Groups
4. Assessment Groups
I notice we can expire items, but we need to clean out all the existing items.  As a general practice, expiring items is preferred, but sometimes items should be deleted (i.e. mistakes).
Expand/Collapse Status : A.Issue - 12.Bug/LookAtIt ‎(2)
 85Waiting for update to Assess Fine
KM : Mar 16,2009 : Changed status to 12.Bug
JJ: Mar 16, 2009: test edit
In demo, Kaushik said he would send us an update to Assess Fine and will send us an email when installed on our server.  He will hook it to "136" that we did in yesterday's demo.
KM : March 20, 2009 : Will be bringing the new rule with me next week.
 108Lookup List Changing Duplicate Code
After accidentally attempting to save a duplicate code, I then changed the code and saved again.  eCourt produced an error.  Then I deleted the duplicated code (sucessfully) and was able to create the correct new code.
Expand/Collapse Status : A.Issue - 14.Fixed/NewBuild ‎(20)
 Attachment3Party Search Navigation
Searching based upon the party entity has two issues:
1.  I compared the results from a party search I created (Form ID 257) with the results from a search sustain created (Form ID 181).  Both searches return 1020 parties with no filters.  The first party in both is Duane Cole.  Neither search has override forms selected.  When you click on "Cole", my search takes you to caseId 109, which is Duane Cole's case.  When you click on "Cole" in sustain's search, it takes you to caseId 393 (Wanda Lopez case).
2.  I also tested the navigation displayed when drilling down on results in a search.  I was unable to get the search to consistently display a particular view (or error message "view not found") for each case.  In an attempt to find a pattern to resulting views, I added the case type field to sustain's search form so that I could check the views by case type.  I could get predictable results on my search form by using form override to select a view for each resulting field.  The default navigation seemed not to work in Menu Id 80 (my party entity navigation) and Menu Id 32 (sustain's party entity navigation).  I unchecked all case types, including default, checked default in both, checked default in one or the other, but couldn't get to predictable navigation.
3/8 RC: 1) bug, overrode screen to party update but #393 case id is still wrong.  2) ENHANCE? form override drip down should hide invalid choices.
 11Generate Holiday Schedule
Nothing happens when I click to generate a holiday schedule.
3/8 RC: button broken in IE
 15Unique Person Search
Directory searches appear not to return each person in the directory for people with the same name.  I entered multiple "John Doe" people, but search returns only one.
3/8 RC: should have displayed multiple rows if multiple people have the same name.
 20Default Sort in Lookup Lists
I set the lookup list to sort by code, but it doesn't.
3/8 RC: I think I read that this is fixed?  Needs VT testing.  Values in List screen needs to be sorted in order, need to take into consideration the to/from dates, values should not gap/overlap dates.
 40Link to Lookup List
When you click the hyperlink to a lookup list from within an entity, you get a blank screen.
 53Apostrophe in Security Administration Authority Name
If you create an authority with an apostrophe in the name, then you cannot rename or remove the authority.  Either the system should allow apostrophes in the name or it should not allow creation of an authority with an apostrophe in the name.  If apostrophe is in top menu navigation (child link name) top navigation will not drop down.
3/11 RC:  Joe will look at this.
 60Page Too Wide
The eCourt screens display a horizontal scroll bar so you are constantly scrolling to see the whole screen.  The full width should display without scrolling horizontally.
I uploaded a bitmat as an exhibit, but the system seems not to let me view it.
JJ: Mar 19, 2009: there is a dependency with the OnBase document upload widget that the document number occur first in the form configuration.  So that the widget knows the document type when doing the file transfer to OnBase.
3/13/ RC:   Rob tried to attach a doc to the event, had error, may be a configuration issue?  Joe needs to look at the Add Document screen.  3/8 RC: Michael attached file but can't view it, and Error occurred with the eDocument widget.
 68Time Slot Template select all
Nothing is selected when I press select all.
 Attachment76Dynamic Filtering
The dynamic filter looks like it retains the related field, meaning dynamic is checked and field line is populated. However, when I run the form, it produces an error message upon clicking save.  When I copy the form, the casecategory field with dynamic filter is red.  Opening the field in the copy shows that dynamic is checked, but the related field is blank.
 Attachment78My Assignments box too wide
The box is wider than others and doesn't fit right.
 79Dynamic Filter
Does eCourt allow us to configure a dynamic filter on an insert form where a default value for the controlling field item is derived from the form used to call the insert form?  This would allow us to filter items avaible in a field on insert form according to case type (without having to reenter case type on the insert form).  This feature would help us to minimize the number of forms.  For example, one form could be used to add alerts to a case if the form would filter the choices so that only the applicable alerts appear in the drop down.  If we depend the user to select case type on the insert form (instead of passing the case type from the view form), then the user has an extra step and may make mistakes (i.e. select an alert that is not appropriate for the case type).
JJ: Mar 19, 2009: configured last name on the criminal case insert form to have auto complete.
 80Can't Save Blank Line in Update Form
I tried to delete the value in address line 2 and it would not save the change.  It saves a new value, but not a blank.
 82Case Initiation Lookup Always Uses First Address
When a party has multiple addresses in a single case, the case intitiation party lookup uses the first address entered in the case, regardless of which address you select.
3/11 RC: Joe said can enhance to do what we talked about, configure the way Michael meant. (So that it inserts the selected address, not the first address in a case.
 83Button on Search def to show SQL
Put button on Search definition screen to show the SQL generated by the search
JJ: Mar 19, 2009: link is at the very top on the search setup page next to run link.
 84Time standards is new
Michael couldn't delete time standard.  Joe said next build resolves the editing of time standards.
 86Blank screen after Save and Assign
If you leave blank the user and password, enter data in another field on the screen, then click Save and Assign, system gives you a blank screen.
 88Streamline setup by passing case id
Michael and Kaushik talked about how much easier setup would be if we could streamline the process by passing case id.  (?? I am not sure I got the notes right??)  Kaushik said great idea, Sustain will talk about it.
KM : March 30, 2009 : This has been resolved by allowing the form e.g. party type to be filtered by parent.
 89"help" did work for generating blue question mark
Kaushik tried to put "help" in screen definition (below form override value) to generate the blue question mark, but it didn't work.
 Attachment90DIR_PERSON_ROLE_GROUP lookup list
Michael hit an error with duplicate entries in the DIR_PERSON_ROLE_GROUP lookup list (see Attachment; copy of Michael's email of 3/14)
JJ: Mar 19, 2009: wasn't able to extactly reproduce the problem but made a few changes to lookup list admin to prevent curruption of data
Expand/Collapse Status : A.Issue - 16.Due in 90-Try ‎(3)
 9View/Update Forms
Can you mass update fields in multiple entities with a single update form? I tried to do this and found that fields from secondary entitites don't update.  Is that correct?
3/8 RC: High priority for us, especially from Minutes console
 50Batch entry/list process
(Functionality wasn't there in early February; expect functionality in our system by March 10.)   Want to be able to Search for multiple cases, select set of the resulting cases, enter information/events in all or any portion of the set in a single transaction.   One example is processing multiple cases via the Minutes Console.  Important
3/30/09  CF:  Rick suggested I post the notes I took on my understanding of some of the tasks that Kaushik took on as a result of his time with us last week, to prepare the "SME" application for use.
- Clear references/cases that display "Nevada"
- Clear directory so that the tables may begin to be populated with Vermont data.
- delete inactive and not-applicable macros for merge docs
- Kaushik also had a list of discrepancies between the SME and DEV environments as a result of updates being made to one and not the other.
Expand/Collapse Status : A.Issue - 18.StillQuestions for Sustain ‎(5)
 Attachment92Merge form error message
When I used any of the options in the merge form definition list (doc template fields) which seems to  refer to a defendant's name, i.e. : 
 «$DefFirstName» «$DefLastName»  OR       «$defFName»  «$defLName»
I get an error message when trying to save it back in the ecourt definitions ..
JJ: Fri, Mar 27, 09: Yes, Cindy the issue 1677 entered on our system is an open item to give a better message and to make it more of a warning instead of an error.  This issue is only assigned and not been resolved (pending).  When it does get completed you'll see it your change list.  Sorry for the confusion.
CF: 3/20/09  The problem arose when I was attempting  to create a new template using an exitisting e-court merge document.   So if I understand correctly (sorry to be dense, I'm not a techie) not all of the various choices on the macro menu (see attached screen shot) are available to be used in the creation of a new document template in Word?   I see that you've attached a build/id to my inquiry but I'm unable to refer to it as # 1677 is not contained in the build logs I've received so far.
JJ: Wed Mar 18, 2009:  "DefandantFirstName" is not mapped field in the document template fields area.  The usual suspect is that your using an old word document as your template and it probably contains this key in the word's title area.  Verify this by opening the template word file the click File->Properties, then remove it.  In the future we'll have eCourt only display a warning for unmapped keys (and maybe a hint to where to look for these "hidden" keys).
 93case-independently adding
I created a search for statute, and created an insert form for inserting a new statute. But after insertion, the page went into a case. Can we do this case-independently?
There is a 'statute' working for this function under accounting in the menu. I noticed this after I finished the previous paragraph. But I still have the question, Is there a way for us to build case-independently adding ? 
JZX Mar 23, 2009: I found the function when I wrote the previous message.
Is this meaning it is impossible for us to build a case-independent insertion for non-configurable entity? I do hope we can.  
KM : March 20, 2009 : Statute is not a configurable entity. the reason it exists in metadata is because it needs to be consumed by Charges when creating a charge. If you want to create the statute you need to use the Statute Link under accounting, as that will allow you to enter a statute into the system, independently of case. I hope this answers the question.
 95blank when click 'parties[0].partyType' in any 'Case Init Insert Forms'
JZX Mar 23, 2009: no. I didn'y do anything in metadata last Friday. The problem seems gone by different mode setting. If you change back to the previous mode (once had this problem), does the problem come back again? better to make it gone from 2 modes.    
JJ: mar 20, 2009: I saw the problem then restarted the server in our debug mode which allow us to connect to the server via our development environment and the problem did not come back.  This is strange, I'll keep the server in this mode so if the problem does reoccur will be able to track the cause.  (fyi, app will be a little slower in this mode)  Were you doing anything in metadata today?
 Attachment97how to import a form
 98how to import a form
I tried to import the case init form Kaushik defined 'JUVENILE DEMO' in SME to DEV. The export created a xml file but the DEV couldn't take the file and met error. Something special?
JJ: Fri, Mar 27: Currently, import is very strict.  The system probably have different customized metadata.  
Can you include the xml file with vbug?  We might be able to allow the import but show a warning message.  The form will then have red form items which could be deleted or corrected.
 JZX, Mar 30, 09.I attached the XML file here. Will you import the file not from the interface while from other way? Can we do it ourselves?
Expand/Collapse Status : B.Hold - 10.On the List/TBD ‎(8)
 10Holiday Repeat Every Year
There should be a column showing whether a holiday is repeated every year.
3/8 RC: need Repeat Every year on screen summary
 14Unique Person Identifier
1.  Is there a system-generated unique person identifier, Id(t)?, that can be used on a lookup form to help with selecting the right person?
2.  Can a sys-gen unique identifier be typed in a field on a case initiation form to select a person, instead of using a lookup form (to make a faster entry)?
3.   Can you add a sys-gen unique identifier field to the directory person search?
3/8 RC: they are working on a upgrade, will populate fields immediately from a "key" (e.g. badge number) rather than making you click Lookup then select from a separate screen.
 29Column Header Sort
Sorting should reorder all search results, not the the portion displayed (e.g. not just the first 25 of 573; it should sort all 573)
3/13/ RC: Joe said they know about this, need to Sort whole page, at this time, pick Search for all.
 34Are there any plans to add a field for a complaint amount to the charge entity?
I was working on a small claims case initiation screen and couldn't find a place for the complaint amount in the charge entity.  Some test forms had the information stored in the case entity, in the memo field.  (I'm using the memo field in the charge entity instead.)
3/13 RC: this will be a core field in an upcoming build
 37How do I add another field to the directory?
tDirAddress has a column for country but this column is not visible in the screen.  It would be helpful to have this field because some attorneys have addresses in Canada.
3/11 RC:  The system needs to handle foreign address (we have lots of people from Canada), e.g., need to handle foreign zip code and country for mailing outside the US.
 46Delete Lookup List
To delete  lookup list, you select list and then scroll up/down to the delete button.  When you click the delete button, a dialog box opens to ask if you're sure.  When the dialog box opens, the selected lookup list may be above/below the viewable screen, so when you click "ok" you have to just hope you selected the correct list and no other.  The dialog box should tell you what list you are about to delete.
Also, the delete button opens the dialog box, even when no list has been selected.
Please explain how to create what Kaushik called a sub-case.
 49Rapid entry for scheduling and rapid entry for payments
(Kaushik met with Steve and Jim after Training, and said they are working on fast payment entry screen.)  Is it going to be possible for us to see rapid payments before the end of 90-Try?  Can we demo rapid scheduling again?
Expand/Collapse Status : B.Hold - 12.Requested Enhancement-HIGH ‎(3)
 8Send Mail
Send Mail box opens too high on screen -- can't read title or click close button.
 105Show Parent on Add Form
An Add form (i.e. insert form) should display which record the added data applies to (e.g. if you add an address to a party, you want to know which party).
 107Make Document a Child of Submission
We need to be able to add multiple documents to a submission.  We also need to be able to simultaneously add a submission and document with cross-reference.
Expand/Collapse Status : B.Hold - 14.Requested Enhancement-NICE ‎(1)
 74Navigation URL Lookup
The application should let you lookup available eCourt URLs, in addition to typing or pasting.
Expand/Collapse Status : C.Question ‎(6)
 102Form Access by Case Type
Can we limit form security by case type (so a form won't show as an available choice when you click the "add" button).  For example, one user has permission to add data in two case types (so the user has "authority" in both).  But, when the user looks at one case type, the user should not see forms applicable only to the other case type.  This issue has to do with accumulation of authority.  Does permission to access forms spill accross "authorities" held by a single user?
 111Docket Number
Have you configered how we use our docket number system?
Can you fix "Race" in lookup tables to match the Feds requirements?
Service - we use service to tell whether parties have been served with paperwork.  Where can we find it?  Under what lookup or table should we be looking for it?

On the Chins Summary Joinder Folder View we want to show the docket number and case name.  Is there a way to show in our summary screen in CHINS with docket number and name of case not by the chain link?


Under Submissions we need a little more understanding on how submissions work.  You have talked about linking them together and cross referencing them - I would like to see the least confusing way to enter a motion, a response to a motion and the judge's results from the motion.  Cross referencing them may be confusing to docket clerks.  Linking them may also be confusing to them.  What can we do to make the docket clerks not be confused with the linking or cross referencing the documents. 
Part 2 to this question, How can we make it clear in the case that the motion is targeted to a person in the case?  For example, OCS asks to Establish Child support from the Mother and Father.  Another example, Attorney General may want to TPR only 1 parent in the case. How can we make sure this is clear under the submissions or documents or both?
Expand/Collapse Status : D.Closed - 10.Issue answered ‎(37)
 6AKA Forms
How do you load the "Person AKA New" and "Person AKA Update" forms from the directory?  Or do AKAs not attach to the person in the directory?  Is AKA attached to the case?
3/8 RC: answer: only applies to parties in a case.  Is this an Enhancement - Add ALIAS to the parties screen?  Remember: have to create joinder to see all cases for Alias.
I tried to change a note from public to private.  The system said it saved my changes, but when I went back to look at it the change was not saved.
 12Directory Organization
Please explain the intended use of DIR_ORG_TYPE, DIR_ORG_DIVISION, DIR_ORG_TYPE_GROUP, and DIR_LOCATION_TYPE as related to each other.
3/8 RC: KM sent us Directory training manuals, VT needs to read and see if they answer question
Is it correct that if we save person address information with a case record, then updating the person directory will not update the address in the case records?  If so, could we do a bulk update of a person's address by searching for case records and inserting the updated address info from the person directory?  Do we have the choice of not adding address info to the case record and generating all notices off the directory addresses?
3/8 RC:  when you pull data over from Directory to Party/Case, the "link" is broken.  We want to revisit this design with KM next week to be sure we understand the implications.
 19Blank Row in List
System adds a blank row at the beginning of list.
3/8 RC: blank row was not really blank, had data in it that didn't show on screen so the row just looked blank.
 21Org Group Field in Person Association Dialog Box
Group Field should be available when associating a person to an organization, similar to organization directory, which would help narrow the choices displayed in the Type dropdown.
3/8 RC: Michael? I wrote "put aside"?
 22Apostrophes in Dir_Org_Type
Dir_Org_Type lookup list accepts apostrophes in the label, but doesn’t display them as apostrophes in the directory.
3/8 RC: displayed correctly.
 27New "Unique" Entity Field
We need a method for adding a new "unique" entity field when there are preexisting records in the table.  Ideally, eCourt should handle the conflict when there are preexisting records.  If the confict is not handled, then eCourt should not allow "unique" to be selected.
3/8 RC:  build of 3/6 took away "unique" box?  So what are the issues with this??
 28Parent Error
Selecting Add Data Field > Case > Parent on a case intiation form produces an error.
3/8 RC: don't know status?
 30Party Search Results Open Wrong Case
I did a party search filtering for defendants.  First case listed showed Duane Cole as defendant.  I clicked on Duane and the case that opened showed Wanda Lopex as defendant.
3/8 RC: don't know status?
 32users vs. person
Creating a user account in “security” seems not relate with adding new person from the top menu “directory”. I can have my user account created and working before I am on the list of directory.
Should we have person added in the system before creating a new user account and select person’s name right from the pull-down list?
Now, we can do it in any direction and don’t have any restriction between those 2 (user and person). Until some internal error happens, we know we missed something somewhere.
I solved the internal error (pasted in the"More Info") when clicking the top menu  Calendar-> Search Events by updating the table by query in database. But I don’t know where I can make the 2 tables connected in eCourt. Where?
If we have person defined as pre-condition to create a user account, then this internal error will not happen again.
3/8 RC: don't know status?
 33users vs. person
Creating a user account in “security” seems not relate with adding new person from the top menu “directory”. I can have my user account created and working before I am on the list of directory.
Should we have person added in the system before creating a new user account and select person’s name right from the pull-down list?
Now, we can do it in any direction and don’t have any restriction between those 2 (user and person). Until some internal error happens, we know we missed something somewhere.
I solved the internal error (pasted in the"More Info") when clicking the top menu  Calendar-> Search Events by updating the table by query in database. But I don’t know where I can make the 2 tables connected in eCourt. Where?
If we have person defined as pre-condition to create a user account, then this internal error will not happen again.
3/8 RC: don't know status?
 35Look Up Lists gone
Look up lists in development appl. cannot be viewed, either from either from code table or system setup. WE CAN'T MOVE FORWARD IN LOOKUPS
3/8 RC: is this fixed?
 36Adding Cases through the case initiation screen in DEV
When I try to add a new case in the system with all fields filled out and tell it to open and save- It gives me a red message that Ecourt has encountered and internal error.  Important - Want to be able to add test cases to find out if other stuff is working.
3/8 RC:  is this fixed?
 38Security Summary Link
Security summary link opens box with truncated right side on first click -- opens full box on second click.
 39View Party
An error occurs when clicking to view a party after a party search.
 41Add New Plain Field
In the past removing the new plain field cured the error.  This time it did not.  The only difference in my procedure was that I waited a bit longer (while adding item to VBug) before deleting the item.
3/8 RC: Michael??
 42Add New Plain Field
Attempting to add a new plain field to an entity produces and error.  After receiving the error, the application locks you out of viewing the entity, unless you delete the new field before leaving the screen.
3/8 RC: can't check "unique" box when table has rows.
 44User Permissions - Group Assignment
Search Events doesn't work for mpratt.  Left navigation is limited for michaelcpratt.  Both accounts are set to administrator.
 45Importing Lookup List
I created two lookup lists with 5 items each.  Then I created five relationships between the two lists.  I exported both lists to a xml file and changed the names/descriptions for the lists in the xml file.  Then I imported the xml file to the lookup lists in eCourt.  Both of my lookup lists were created upon import.  The five items appeared in each listed correctly.  However, the relationships were not imported.
My xml file is attached.
My exported lists are named:
My imported lists are named:
    Michael-County Import Test
    Michael-Municipality Import Test
3/8 RC: Cannot import Relationships.
 48Prevent different courts from changing an address
For one person, can we define address by court/location.
Example: Person has one Physical address for Orleans/District, and another Physical address for Orleans/Family.  We have 63 court offices.  What are options for this "address issue"?
3/8 RC:  Also See other item about severing link from Directory.  We will talk to KM about this week of 3/10.
 51Case Entity Definition
When I tried to save a new "plain field" to the case entity it produced an error and I could no longer view the case entity.
3/8 RC: shouldn't have checked "unique" because table already had rows and that checkbox is not valid.  Sustain fixed this in 3/6 build.
 52Menu Search
Searching for menus produces no results.
3/8 RC: I didn't know the answer.
 54missing case (cont.)
Actually, there is only 1 case not 2 with casenumber 'OT123456' in database dbECourt_90DayTrialTestAndDev.
3/8 RC: see ID#56
 55View/Update Form
How do I configure eCourt to display a specific view/update form when opening a particular type of case?
3/8 RC: use form override?? I wasn't sure of answer so I didn't close this item.
 56missing cases
I created a new entry under Case Initiation: other-jx for ‘Other’ case.  I defined its own Header View, Case Init Insert Froms, Folder Views …and successfully input some cases in.
The problem is, I can link to the case from My Workspace/My Recent Cases (through user zxia), but when I did a search, these cases never showed up.
When set the search condition as filing date from 2/19/09 to 2/19/09
The RESULTS said 1-0 of 6.
If search case OT123456, the screen is"Results 1 - 0 of 2".
The search query found these cases, but seemed miss some connection to present on the screen.
What did I miss?
3/8 RC: when searching for case the search returned 1 - 0 of 6.  PartyType should have been in screen?  Screen wanted to show defendents.  May be fixed in a newer release, bug that Post condition generated a bad label.
 58CI-Citation dead after deleting Doc Def
Here's the screen
3/8 RC:  Save As bug?  Michael, my notes were not clear on this, we made lots of notes, this is where we learned the Red fields are in error, also about your "back door" to get in and fix a form???
 59CI-Citation dead after deleting Doc Def
This morning I CAN return to the case initiation screen. Still can't enter a new case in case init screen though, needs doc def.  /cf
 62Juvenile Case Initiation in the DEV system - RED message
Juvenile Case Initiation in the DEV system - RED message -
Ecourt encountered an internal error. You can't go and click on the Juvenile Case Initiation screen and click on CHINS, it won't do anything.  It will NOT go into the case initiation screen to be able to enter data.
 63CI-CHINS' has configuration problems
Juvenile Case Initiation in the SME system - Yellow message -
Form"CI-CHINS' has configuration problems, please contact system administrator.  You can't add a new case in the SME system with this message.
3/8 RC: we think we fixed it.
 64CI-Citation dead after deleting Doc Def
Deleted the doc def field:
Case Initiation Insert Forms
Now I get the above error when I click on Case Init Insert Forms … can’t get back into the screen.
 66Add Document
Trying to add a document produces an error screen.
 67Minutes Administration
Nothing happens when I click add.  Nothing happens when I try to search.
 69Time Slot Template error
The Time Slot Template screen produced an error that wouldn't reset, even after going to other menu items and back.
 71Search Calendar
I get an error message when I click to search under the Calendar menu.
 73Save and Open error message
I entered information in my case initiation screen as shown in the first screen shot.  Then clicked Save and Open.  The result was the error in the second screen shot.
 75Doc Def Required
Doc Def is required, but there is no red asterisk beside the field label.  Also, it would be better if the application moved the cursor to  the field instead of just giving an error message.
3/8 RC: this is the case where red asterisk is not on field because it is not required unless you enter data into the field.  ISSUE: default values in drop downs cause eCourt to think that data in that block was filled in so it requires the other fields to be filled in.
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 4Delete Note
When I have two notes on a case, I can delete a note, but when there is only one note, the delete button does nothing.
3/8 RC: note with appostrophe in name wouldn't delete
 16GL Account Segment Error Upon Opening
Error occurred after clicking to open:
 System Setup >Modules>Accounting>Assessment Engine>GL Account Segment.
3/8 RC: they know about this.
 23Save Search Doesn't Filter
I created a search and put it on Michael’s menu. The search limits returned items to the CVC case type.  I put the search on Michael’s menu and it works fine. However, when I save a search, the saved search does not remember to filter for CVC cases.
3/8 RC: running from dashboard didn't filter.
 24Form Item Update Drops Required Property
When you update a form field that has been designated as require, the update screen unchecks the required box.
 25Error deleting lookup list relationshiop
I created a lookup list relationship.  Then tried to delete it.  The result was an error as shown in screenshot.
 43Security Administration Tasks
The task selection does not function correctly upon form loading.  After you click "all" or "none", then the individual tasks are selectable and displayed properly.
 72Calendar Icon
When you scroll down and then click a calendar icon, the calendar opens higher on the page where it is out of sight.  If you click the scroll bar to go up the page, the calendar closes so you can't see it even after scrolling up where it appears.
 Attachment91Limited User - More Info
When logged in as a limited user (i.e. public), you receive the appropriate message for "access denied". But if you try to click on "more info...", you just get the access denied message back. It seems appropriate that a limited user not get the more info but is that correct? Can more info be turned off for certain accounts?
RY 3/20/09: Changed status to bug fixed.
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 1Party Search Navigation2
Testing revealed that if you add a case entity field (result column) to a search based upon the party entity, the search results are associated with the correct case for the person.  The sustain party search has no case entity field so it drills to case Id 393 for Duane Cole.  My party search has case number in the results so it drills to case Id 109 for Duane Cole (the correct case number).  So another question is what is the source of the number 393?  Is that a unique identifier for a person?  Should the person search drill to a person, rather than a case?  What happens to named persons who are not listed in the directory?  Is there a larger broader person data base with unique identifiers?
3/8 RC: there was no case number in the result.
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