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Frequently Asked Questions: Can I see all electronic filings on a case?


Can I see all electronic filings on a case? 


A registered eCabinet filer can view any documents that he or she has filed in a case by logging on and clicking the “My Filings” tab. A chronological list of the filer’s filings will appear, and the filer can click on any of the documents listed to view the document.  Members of the public can view any public documents in eCabinet by using the Public Access Terminals at the Rutland Civil Division, at the Windsor Civil Division, and at the Vermont Supreme Court building. It is not possible at this time for a filer to view documents which other filers have filed in the case, other than through the Public Access Terminals described above.  

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Created at 10/10/2010 16:15  by Rick Conklin 
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