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Commission on Judicial Operation

Supreme Court Building

The Commission on Judicial Operation was created by an act of the Vermont Legislature in May 2008 and charged with conducting a thorough review of Vermont’s court system, with the goal of providing for more efficient and effective delivery of judicial services. In May 2009, the Commission was further directed to identify at least $1 million in savings in the FY 2010 budget.

The 15-member Commission met eight times and heard from more than 800 participants who responded to surveys or took part in focus groups. The Commission’s final Report to the Legislature was unanimously approved by Commission members on Nov. 6, 2009, and offers more than a dozen key recommendations to meet the Legislature’s directives. If adopted, these recommendations would save a combined $2.4 million in state and county budgets.

The Legislature will take up the Commission’s report when lawmakers return to Montpelier in January 2010. The Commission is grateful to all who helped in this effort.

Reports and Information

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expand 01 - H.470 As Passed by the Senate and the House
expand 02 - H.470 As Passed by the Senate
H-470 As Passed by Senate
expand 03 - H.470 As Passed by the House
expand 04 - H.470 Comparison
H 470 Comparison
expand 05 - Legislative Briefing - Dec 11, 2009
expand 06 - Final Report to Legislature
Final Report to The Legislature
expand 07 - Commission Meeting - Nov 6, 2009
Agenda November 6, 2009
Commission Draft Bill
VLCT County Budget and Tax Cap Memo to Commission on Judicial Operation
Revised Savings Chart for Work Group on Resources, Facilities, and Personnel
expand 08 - Commission Meeting - Oct 6, 2009
NCSC Draft: Improving Court Efficiency
Working Group Clarification
expand 09 - Commission Meeting - Sept 11, 2009
Weighted Caseload Summary
Report – Public Input and Information Sharing
Report – Restructuring of and Access to the Judiciary
Commission Minutes 121608 Meeting
Commission Minutes 022009 Meeting
expand 10 - Survey Results
Assistant Attorneys General Survey
Court Administrator's Office and Supreme Staff Survey
Court Partners Survey
Government Court Partners Survey
Legislator Survey
Probate Judges Survey
State's Attorney Survey
Vermont Association for Justice Survey
VBA – Bennington County Survey
VBA – Chittenden County Survey
VBA – Lamoille County Survey
VBA – Washington and Orange County Survey
VBA – Windsor County Survey
VBA – Criminal Law Section Survey
VBA – Family Law Section Survey
VBA – Probate Trust Law Section Survey
expand 11 - Focus Group Notes and Regional Forum Notes
Assistant Attorneys General Notes
Court Administrator's Office and Supreme Court Staff Notes AM
Court Clerks and Managers Notes (1)
Court Clerks and Managers Notes (3)
Court Partners – District Court Group Notes
Court Partners – Family Court Group Notes
Court Partners – Law Enforcement Group Notes
Court Staff Notes – 061609 AM (2)
Court Staff Notes – 061609 PM (2)
Court Staff Notes – 061709 PM (1)
Legal Aid Notes
Probate Judge Notes
States Attorneys Notes
Trial Court Judges-Hearing Officers-Magistrates Notes (2)
Vermont Association for Justice Notes
VBA – Addison County Notes
VBA – Caledonia, Orleans and Essex Counties Notes
VBA – Franklin, Grand Isle and Lamoille Counties Notes
VBA – Washington and Orange Counties Notes
VBA – Windsor County Notes
VBA – Family Law Section Notes
expand 12 - Correspondence
Superior Court Clerks' Position Paper
"Elder Protection Court, an Introduction"
Ensuring Justice for Older Americans
Judge Bruce letter 052709
Judge Fowler letter to Justice Burgess 071509
Justice Burgess Reply to Judge Belcher with Probate Caseload Attachment
Additional Comments Received and Forwarded from Members of the Bar
Letter from Wanda Audette - Director of Adoption, Lund Family Center
Letter from Joseph Bauer as Presented by David Carter at Commission Meeting 091109
Letter from Andrew De Treville
OCS Court Events
Letter from Joseph Bauer 092209
Letter from James Dumont 092909
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (Vermont Chapter) Letter 102009
Letter from Assistant Judges 101509
Letter from Judge Kohn 102609
expand 13 - Interim Legislative Report
Interim Legislative Report
Commission Focus Group and VBA Forum Calendar
Appendix B. - "The State of the Judiciary"
Appendix D. - Weighted Caseload Analysis Proposal from National Center for State Courts
Appendix F. - Financial Charts
Commission Court Data
Appendix G – Commission Court Data - Probate Courts
Appendix I. - Personnel of the Vermont Judiciary
Appendix K. - Examples of Judicial Branch Efficiency Measures Previously Taken
expand 14 - Audio Files
Commission Meeting Audio - Nov 6, 2009
Commission Meeting Audio - Apr 6 2009