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 Electronic Filing And Registration

The Vermont Civil, Criminal, Family and Environmental divisions will e-mail Notices of Hearing to attorneys soon. If you are already registered in eCabinet, Notices of Hearing will be sent to the e-mail address(es) you provided in that process. If you are not already registered in eCabinet, please click the "Attorney Email Registration" or the icon above to register up to three e-mail addresses to which you would like your Notices of Hearing sent.  A schedule detailing when Notices of Hearing will be sent via e-mail will be publicized as soon as the necessary rules changes are approved.  Helpful information about the e-mail registration process appears below. 

Email Contact Us

Please contact us if you need help with registration or account problems:  Contact the Judiciary Helpdesk via email at: or call 1-802-828-4357.

E-mail Frequently Asked Questions
expand  How do I find my eCabinet Registration Number (ERN)?
expand  I'm unable to access eCabinet and get a message about "security". What can I do?
Make eCabinet a "trusted site" on your Internet Explorer browser.
1. Go to the eCabinet sign on page.
2. On your menu browser, go to Internet Options
3. Security Tab on popup
4. Click on Trusted Sites
5. Click on Sites button
6. Cut and paste the email address of the site ni question to the box tha tsays;:"Add this website to the zone."
7. Click Add
Shut Window
Try logging in again
expand  When will the courts begin to send notices of hearing to attorneys via e-mail?
expand  Whom should I contact if I need help registering?
Please contact the Judiciary Helpdesk via email at: or call 1-802-828-4357. 
expand  How do I find out if I am already registered in eCabinet?
expand  How do I update my eCabinet contact information (such as modifying an email address?)
Sign into eCabinet.   Click on "Account", then "My Profile".   Contact information may be changed on tnis page.
expand  Why is there no link in my "Activation" email?
expand  Will I need my attorney license number to register?

Yes, you will need your attorney license number, which is on your attorney license card. You can also e-mail to request the number.

expand  I have tried to register in eCabinet and I get an error message. What should I do?
expand  How do I change my email address(s)?
It is important that you register any e-mail address changes. If you want to modify the e-mail address(es) you’ve registered, log on to eCabinet with the user name and password you provided when you register.  Click “Account” and then click “My Profile” to modify your contact information, including e-mail addresses.
expand  How do I ensure that emails from eCabinet or other Judiciary sites don't go into my junk email folder?
expand  When do I use my Security Question answer?
You will be asked to specify a security question and answer when you register. Note the security question and answer you use, because after you register you will receive an activation e-mail that will ask for the same security question and answer.  In addition, if you forget your password, you will be able to reset your password by clicking "Forgot Password?" on the eCabinet banner screen, and entering your username and security answer.
expand  What if I forget my user name or password?
expand  What if I want to register multiple e-mail addresses?
You can register up to three e-mail addresses.  Notices of Hearing will be sent to each of the e-mail addresses you provide in the registration process, starting on a date to be publicized soon.
expand  When will I start getting Hearing Notices via e-mail?
expand  If I am registered in eCabinet, do I need to register again to receive Notices of Hearing by e-mail?
No, you do not need to register again in eCabinet.  If you are already registered in eCabinet for electronic filing, Notices of Hearing will be sent to the e-mail addresses you have provided.
expand  Can my paralegal or legal assistant register to receive Notices of Hearing via e-mail?
expand  If I register my e-mail addresses to receive Notices of Hearing via e-mail, am I also registered for electronic filing?
Yes, the same registration is used for both receiving Notices of Hearing via e-mail and electronic filing via eCabinet.
expand  Will Notices of Hearing be sent as an attachment in the e-mail?
expand  Can I exclude one or more of the e-mail addresses I provide from the Notice of Hearing e-mail process?

Notices of Hearing will be sent to each of the (up to three) e-mail addresses you provide when you register in eCabinet.  There is not an option to exclude one or more of the e-mail addresses from the e-mail notification process.