About the Committee

The Supreme Court adopts the rules of practice and procedure for all state courts. The Supreme Court appoints advisory committees to assist in keeping the rules up-to-date. The tasks of the Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure include:

  • Reviewing the operation and effectiveness of the civil, appellate, and small claims rules
  • Receiving proposals to change rules or adopt new rules
  • Making proposals to change rules or adopt new rules and sending these proposals to the Supreme Court
  • Sending proposed rules to the bar and public for comment and, when required, holding public hearings on proposed rules or rule changes
  • Receiving comments

Once a proposal has been sent out for comment, the committee may make further changes or may recommend that the Supreme Court adopt the change. The Supreme Court is responsible for promulgating any amendment.

The committee includes:

  • Two superior judges
  • One superior court clerk
  • The chair of the Vermont Bar Association’s corresponding standing committee
  • Seven other members appointed by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court designates the chair of the committee. The Supreme Court also appoints a reporter for the committee. The reporter revises or drafts rules at the request of the committee or the Supreme Court. The reporter's notes, which are published in the rules, explain the history and application of the rules.

Committee Members

Allan Robinson Keyes, Esq.Chair
Honorable Harold E. Eaton, Jr.Liaison from Supreme Court
Professor Pamela VesilindReporter
Gregory Weimer, Esq.VBA Member
Honorable Samuel Hoar, Jr.Superior Judge
Honorable David A. BarraSuperior Judge 
David Koeninger, Esq.Member
James Dumont, Esq.Member
Bridget C. Asay, Esq.Member
Navah Spero, Esq.Member
Anne DamoneSuperior Court Clerk
Karen McAndrew, Esq.Member
Bonnie J. Badgewick, Esq.Member

Contact Information

Allan Keyes, Esq., Chair
Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure
Ryan, Smith & Carbine
PO Box 310
Rutland, VT 05202
Email: ark@rsclaw.com