In recognition of the impact that individuals with mental health issues have on Vermont’s courts and to respond to their needs, the Vermont Supreme Court has recently established the Vermont Judiciary Commission on Mental Health and the Courts. Comprised of representatives from each of the three co-equal branches of Vermont state government including judges, legislators and executive agencies that assist people with serious mental illness, the Commission’s overarching purpose is to advance the pursuit of equal justice under the law while identifying advances in the justice system that will positively impact the administration of justice where it intersects with mental health, evaluate solutions and recommend change.

Commission Members

Chief Justice Paul L. Reiber, Co-Chair
Justice Karen R. Carroll, Co-Chair
Judge Thomas Carlson, Vice-Chair
Judge Katherine Hayes, Vice-Chair
Vermont Court Administrator Teri Corsones
Chief Superior Judge Thomas Zonay
Chief of Trial Court Operations Laurie Canty
The Vermont Bar Association President Andrew Manitsky
Vermont Attorney General Designee Domenica Padula, Chief, Criminal Division
Vermont Defender General Designee Marshall Pahl
Executive Director of the States Attorneys Association John Campbell
Senator Virginia Lyons
Representative Martin LaLonde
Commissioner of VT Department of Mental Health Emily Hawes
Commissioner of Department of Corrections Nick Deml
Commissioner of VT Department of Public Safety Jennifer Morrison
Commissioner of VT Department for Children and Families Designee Jennifer Myka, General Counsel
Commissioner of VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living Monica White
Agency of Human Services Secretary Designee Samantha Sweet
Representatives of State’s Designated Hospitals Emma Harrigan and Devon Green
Representatives of State’s Designated Agencies Simha Ravven, M.D. and Karen Kurrle 
Vermont Legal Aid Representative Brigid Lynch

Committee on Competency Evaluations and Related Issues, Justice Karen Carroll, Chair

Committee on Pre-Charge Diversion, Judge Thomas Carlson, Chair

Committee on Post-Charge Pre-Trial Services, Judge Kate Hayes, Chair

Committee on Mental Illness and Intellectual Disability Training, Judge Thomas Zonay, Chair