The NG-CMS project is scheduled to officially begin rolling out this spring with the Judicial Bureau. Here is a project timeline:

NG-CMS Timeline

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When will the Judiciary begin using Odyssey to support the Judicial Bureau?

The Judicial Bureau began using Odyssey on June 5, 2019.

Will I be able to pay my tickets and other citations online?

Yes. Individuals can make Judicial Bureau payments using the Public Portal. The Public Portal can be accessed directly through this link: A link to the Public Portal is also available on the judiciary’s main website.

Can I still make citation payments (traffic tickets) at any court in the State?

Once Odyssey rolls out to the entire state (approximately in the winter of 2021), drivers will be able to pay traffic tickets from any courthouse.

Do I need a credit card to make payments?

A credit card will be required for payments made online or over the phone. To pay with a method other than credit card, and prior to Odyssey being rolled out to the entire state, a driver will need to go to the courthouse in White River Junction or mail the payment.

When will the Judiciary begin using Odyssey to support the Superior courts (trial courts)?

For the trial courts, the Judiciary is implementing a phased regional rollout of Odyssey to occur in four phases over the next two years. The first rollout will be to the Southeast region (Windsor, Orange and Windham units) in Fall 2019, followed by the Southwest region (Bennington, Rutland and Addison units) in Spring 2020. Next will be the Northwest region (Chittenden, Grand Isle, Franklin and Lamoille units as well as the Environmental Division) in Summer 2020, and last will be the Northeast region (Washington, Orleans, Essex and Caledonia units, as well as the Vermont Supreme Court) in Winter 2020. Exact dates will be determined by the Court Administrator. 

When can lawyers and self-represented litigants file cases online?

Tyler’s Odyssey File & Serve™ (OFS) solution enables the electronic filing of documents with the court via a secure, Web-based portal, including online filing for self-represented litigants (SRLs).

Attorneys and SRLs will be able to begin using OFS in late Fall 2019, 30 – 60 days after the first regional Trial Court Go-Live.

What public documents will be accessible online? How will I access them? What about the documents that will not be available online?

At this time, only Judicial Bureau cases can be viewed online through the Public Portal. With the expansion of Odyssey across the state, all divisions will be moving towards electronic case files. For information about the public accessibility of court documents, see the Rules for Public Access to Court Records. Odyssey will provide the same level of access to public records that these rules and other Vermont statutes require.

In short, a party to a case, a person appointed by the court to assist in a case, or an attorney who represents a party in a case will be able access all documents filed in the case online through the Odyssey Public Portal, at any time from any internet capable device (such as a home or office computer, or a smart phone). This is true for all cases, whether public or not.

Non-parties, however, will not be able to view criminal, family, and probate cases online through the Public Portal because 12 V.S.A. Sec. 5 bars the court from providing internet access to such case records. Non-parties may view all non-confidential cases files (including criminal, domestic and probate cases) during regular court hours through public computer terminals to be installed in every courthouse.

Almost all court records will be electronic only after Odyssey is rolled out statewide. Very limited exceptions may include some exhibits that are admitted into evidence, like large, cumbersome documents that cannot be scanned or copied into electronic format, or physical objects. Such non-electronic documents or objects will be reviewable on request, at the relevant courthouse, during regular court hours.

Will I be required to electronically file my case(s), or can I still use paper?

Attorneys will generally be required to use the electronic filing system for all filings. Self-represented litigants may choose to continue to file paper document by hand or by mail, or may elect to register and utilize the electronic filing system.

How much will it cost to electronically file a case?

Filing fees will not change. Use fees and convenience fees based on payment methods may apply. Some filers will be permitted to file without fees such as persons who qualify for indigent status and government agencies.

How will we access Odyssey File & Serve for e-filing?

While e-filing is not yet operational, individuals will access Odyssey File & Serve from any internet capable computer using this link: The system supports Internet Explorer® 10 or 11; Chrome™; Mozilla® Firefox®; or Safari® application programs. No software purchases or downloads will be required.