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Vermont Probate Division

Changing a Name

Orleans Superior Court

Name Change Information
Frequently Asked Questions
expand  I want to go back to using my maiden name. Do I need to do anything?
expand  How much will it cost to change my name?
Name changes are relatively inexpensive and simple. The filing fee is $150.00.
expand  What is the Vermont Statute for changing a name?
expand  What requires an official name change?
Common everyday usage does not require a legal change of name. If you decide that you want to start calling yourself a different name, you are free to do so, as long as it is not for an illegal purpose. A legal name change is required when you want to start doing legally binding business under your new name or use the new name on official documentation, such as a passport.

Adult Name Change Forms
To file (start) a case you must complete the        forms packet with an * next to the form name.

Minor Child Name Change Forms
         To file (start) a case you must complete the          
 forms packet with an * next to the form name.
Form Number
Name Change of Minor Child InformationName Change of Minor Child Information
700-00123Petition of Minor to Change Name
Miscellaneous Forms