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Environmental Division

Opinions 2010 - Present

Environmental Court

Please note starting April 1,2012 all Opinions posted will be signed.

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Environmental Case NameDocket NumberDecision DateCountyJudgeAdditional Docket #'s
expand Decision Year: 2017
Korrow Real Estate, LLC Act 250 LU29-3-16 Vtec02/15/2017WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Supeno, et al98-8-16 Vtec02/14/2017AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Morrisville Hydroelectric Project Water Quality103-9-16 Vtec02/07/2017LamoilleHon. Thomas Walsh
Goodwin CU105-9-16 Vtec01/31/2017ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Confluence Behabioral Health LLC CU15-2-16 Vtec01/23/2017OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Blazer Home Occupation99-8-16 Vtec01/06/2017RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Laberge Shooting Range JO96-8-16 Vtec01/04/2017ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
McCullough Crushing, Inc. Act 250179-10-10 Vec3-1-10 Vtec
expand Decision Year: 2016
Chippers, Inc. CU51-6-16 Vtec12/19/2016WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Lyndon v Brink31-3-16 Vtec12/15/2016CaledoniaHon. Thomas Durkin
Mahar CU113-9-15 Vtec12/02/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
110 East Spring Street CU11-2-16 Vtec11/28/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Taylor Variance136-11-15 Vtec11/22/2016CaledoniaHon. Thomas Walsh
Burns Two Unit Residential120-8-14 Vtec11/18/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Lee NOV17-3-15 Vtec11/17/2016AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin61-5-15 Vtec
Laberge Shooting Range JO96-8-16 Vtec10/20/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Okemo Mountain School Fitness Facility81-7-15 Vtec09/30/2016WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Leverenz Act 250 JO123-10-15 Vtec09/30/2015Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
29 Pleasant Street Design Plan18-2-16 Vtec09/23/2016WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Langlois Novicki Variance48-5-15 Vtec09/09/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin148-12-15 Vtec; 8-1-16 Vtec
Werner CU44-4-16 Vtec08/31/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Rublee CU140-11-15 Vtec08/23/2016OrleansHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Colacecci65-5-15 Vtec08/19/2016LamoilleHon. Thomas Walsh23-3-16 Vtec
Champlain Oil Co McDuff 19-2-16 Vtec19-2-16 Vtec08/01/2016WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Mahar CU113-9-15 Vtec07/13/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Stanion NOV129-11-15 Vtec07/12/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Hinesburg Hannaford Act 250 Permit113-8-14 Vtec07/07/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec AMENDED DECISION ON THE MERITS; SUPREME CRT DKT 2016-273
Ring 85 Depot Street CU138-11-15 Vtec07/06/2016LamoilleHon. Thomas Walsh
McCullough Crusing, Inc. Act 2503-1-10 Vtec06/24/2016WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh179-10-10 Vtec
Killington Resort Prkg Proj. SP155-11-14 Vtec06/21/2016RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Killington Resort Parking Proj A250173-12-13 Vtec06/21/2016RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Langlois Novicki Variance48-5-15 Vtec06/10/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin142-12-15 Vtec , 8-1-16 Vtec
Martin and Skeer NOV150-12-15 Vtec05/31/2016LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Pintair Growth Management54-5-15 Vtec05/27/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Branon22-2-16 Vtec05/16/2016OrleansHon. Thomas DurkinName changed to ANR v Branon & Branon Trustees
Snyder NOV141-11-15 Vtec04/28/2016AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
110 East Spring Street CU11-2-16 Vtec04/22/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
N.E, Materials Grp 35-3-13 Vtec04/18/2016WashingtonHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 5/18/16
Ossterman Deemed Approval124-10-15 Vtec04/13/2016AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Hinesburg Hannaford CU129-9-12 Vtec04/12/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec,69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec
Hinesburg Hannaford SD Revision68-5-14 Vtec04/12/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 129-9-12 Vtec, 163-11-12 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec
Hinesburg Hannaford Act 250113-8-14 Vtec04/12/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh129-9-12 Vtec, 163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec, 69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec See AMENDED DECISION ON MERITS 7/7/16
Lawrence Bonneet St Major Dev128-11-15 Vtec03/15/2016BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Killington Resort Parking Project A250 Amendment173-12-13 Vtec03/07/2016RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Jericho Market Act 201-1-16 Vtec03/02/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Beauregard NOV3-1-15 Vtec02/11/2016FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Bacon dba Bacon Timber Harvest101-6-09 Vtec02/09/2016OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin102-6-09 Vtec, 6-1-11 Vtec
Churchview Estates, LLC NOV9-1-15 Vtec02/01/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Purvis Nonconforming Use45-5-15 Vtec01/27/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
APC Property LLC dba Burlington Bedrooms71-6-15 Vtec01/21/2016ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh116-9-15 Vtec
Legrand and Scata Variance110-8-14 Vtec01/05/2016OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
expand Decision Year: 2015
NE Materials Group, LLC Act 250143-10-12 Vtec12/23/2015WashingtonHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Dkt 2016-32 Reversed 8/12/16
Killington Master Plan Act 250147-10-13 Vtec12/11/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin173-12-13 Vtec, 155-11-14 Vtec
Killington Resort Parking Project155-11-14 Vtec12/11/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin147-10-13 Vtec 173-12-13 Vtec
WhistlePig, LLC A250 JO21-2-13 Vtec11/19/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Colaceci et al65-5-12 Vec11/13/2015LamoilleHon. Thomas Walsh23-5-15 Vtec
Legrand and Scata Variance110-8-14 Vtec11/12/2015OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Bacon, et al101-6-09 Vtec10/28/2015OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin102-6-09 Vtec and 6-1-11 Vtec
Hinesburg Hannaford CU129-9-12 Vtec10/27/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec,69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec , 114-8-14 Vtec
Town of Brattleboro v Lawrence68-6-15 Vtec10/19/2015WindhamHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v McGee94-8-15 Vtec10/09/2015RutlandHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal Filed 10/23/15 Dkt No. 2015-412
Reap Barn CU57-6-15 Vtec10/07/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Hinesburg Hannaford CU129-9-12 Vtec09/16/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec,69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec 114-8-14 Vtec
Rowe et al Act 250 Gravel Pit96-7-12 Vtec09/11/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh102-7-11 Vtec
WhistlePig LLC Act 250 JO21-2-13 Vtec09/02/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin58-5-14 Vtec
38 Tasha Lane Water & Sewer Fees136-9-14 Vtec08/28/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Wagner Guay Permit150-10-14 Vtec08/27/2015Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Hale Mtn. Fish & Game Permit54-5-13 Vtec08/20/2015BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Camp Abnaki Sign91-7-15 Vtec08/13/2015Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Moody Subdiv72-5-14 Vtec08/12/2015RutlandHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2015-341 2/11/16 AFFIRMED
Hinesburg Hannaford Water Quality114-8-14 Vtec08/11/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec,69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec
Foss NOV (Shared Parking)140-9-14 Vtec07/30/2015LamoilleHon. Thomas Walsh
Roger Rowe et al Act 250 Gravel Pit96-7-12 Vtec07/22/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Tilton Variance87-7-14 Vtec07/16/2015EssexHon. Thomas Walsh
934 North Avenue LLC CU121-8-14 Vtec07/15/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
NRB v Stratton Corp106-7-14 Vtec07/13/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Vt Turquoise Hospitality LLC131-8-14 Vtec06/24/2015BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Sanfacon NOV48-4-12 Vtec06/23/2015WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh183-12-12 Vtec
Couture SD53-4-14 Vtec06/17/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Two Bad Cats LLC169-12-14 Vtec05/29/2015RutlandHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Crt appeal 2015-238 Affirmed
Champlain Farms Site Plan43-4-13 Vtec05/20/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Stakeholders At Danville 05828, Frye v Community National Bank, et al55-5-15 Vtec05/19/2015CaledoniaHon. Thomas Walsh
Warner NOV37-3-14 Vtec05/13/2015OrleansHon. Thomas Walsh
Killington Village Master Plan Act 250147-10-13 Vtec05/13/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Budget Inn NOV50-4-13 Vtec05/05/2015WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
NE Materials Grop Act 25035-3-13 Vtec04/30/2015WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh143-10-12 Vtec
Connor Group LLC Major SP CU74-6-13 Vtec04/24/2015FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Hale Mtn Fish Game Club Improvement190-11-10 Vtec04/17/2015BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin54-5-13 Vtec
Norris CU65-5-14 Vtec04/14/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Dugan Landscape Permit130-8-14 Vtec04/08/2015WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Wagner Guay Permit150-10-14 Vtec04/02/2015Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Hovey Act 250 Permit130-9-13 Vtec03/31/2015EssexHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court 2015-205 Affirmed
Tree Top Dev. Co. Act 25077-6-14 Vtec03/25/2015WindhamHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2015-168 Affirmed 2/11/16
Lakehouse Pub Grille Permit80-6-13 Vtec03/19/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Wood NOV and Permit Applications138-8-10 Vtec03/06/2015WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec
Hinesburg Hannaford Wetland Determination73-5-14 Vtec03/04/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh129-9-12 Vtec, 163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec, 69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec 113-8-14 Vtec, 114-8-14 Vtec
Hinesburg Hannaford CU129-9-12 Vtec03/04/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh163-11-12 Vtec, 68-5-14 Vtec,69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec, 73-5-14 Vtec, 113-8-14 Vtec 114-8-14 Vtec
Dorr Earth Extraction124-9-13 Vtec02/27/2015BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Saxon Hill Sand Extraction42-3-11 Vtec02/25/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinNKA Allen Brook Dev. Inc. Sand Extraction
Moody SD72-5-14 Vtec02/20/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Davis WW WS167-11-14 Vtec02/18/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Orlandi Act 250 Kennel Permit71-5-14 Vtec02/13/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
St. Johnsbury Academy A25013-1-14 Vtec02/06/2015CaledoniaHon. Thomas Durkin
Hinsdale Trust Boundary Adjustment116-8-14 Vtec02/04/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Hannaford SD Revision68-5-14 Vtec02/04/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh69-5-14 Vtec, 70-5-14 Vtec
Warner NOV37-3-14 Vtec02/02/2015OrangeHon. Thomas Walsh
town of Ludlow v Thomas74-5-14 Vtec01/28/2015WindsorHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2015-082 Dismissed for failure to comply 10/27/15
PCH, Inc. PCG, Inc Building Permit107-7-14 Vtec01/22/2015CaledoniaHon. Thomas Walsh
WhistlePig, LLC Act 25021-2-13 Vtec01/16/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin58-5-14 Vtec, 60-5-14 Vtec
WhistlePig LLC CU60-5-14 Vtec01/09/2015AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin21-2-13 Vtec, 58-5-14 Vtec
Margare Pratt Assisted Living SP111-8-14 Vec01/08/2015OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin112-8-14 Vtec
Champlain Farms SP43-4-13 Vtec01/08/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Farmer Mold & Machine Works, Inc.15-2-14 Vtec01/07/2015RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
expand Decision Year: 2014
Bradford Oil CAP139-10-13 Vtec12/22/2014WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh307-5-06 Wncv
Kodis Second Story Addition43-3-14 Vtec12/19/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Lancaster SD Application1-1-14 Vtec11/24/2014FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
NRB v Strattom Corp.106-7-14 Vtec11/14/2014RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Brisson Gravel Extraction34-3-13 Vtec11/07/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh24-3-13 Vtec SUPREME CRT APPEAL 2014-455 AFFIRMED
Vt Turquoise Hospitality, LLC Discharge Permit131-8-14 Vtec11/06/2014BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Equinox Sq. Assoc. Change of Use64-5-14 Vtec10/31/2014BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Killington Resort Parking Project173-12-13 Vtec10/21/2014RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin143-12-13 Vtec
Dorr et al Earth Extraction124-9-13 Vtec10/10/2014BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh
B and M Realty Act 250103-8-13 Vtec10/07/2014WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Savoy Permit Revision to "As Built"180-12-13 Vtec10/02/2014WindhamHon. Thomas Walsh
Kelley Variance56-4-14 Vtec09/29/2014RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Creative Spirit CU99-7-13 Vtec09/26/2014OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Hovey Act 250 Permit130-9-13 Vtec09/16/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Madden v Town of New Haven49-4-14 Vtec09/12/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Town of Colchester v Andres30-3-11 Vtec08/28/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2014-365 Affirned 2/06/2015
Vinagro Waste Transporter76-6-13 Vtec08/22/2014VermontHon. Thomas Walsh
Champlain Parkway68-5-12 Vtec08/21/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court appeal 2014-352 Affirmed 8/21/2015
Wood NOV & Permit Application138-8-10 Vtec08/12/2014WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec
Union Bank Act 2507-1-12 Vtec08/07/2014LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Killington Resort Parking Project A250173-12-13 Vtec08/05/2014RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Moore 3-Lot Subdivision123-9-13 Vtec07/28/2014WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
DeGraaf Change of Use 62-5-14 Vtec07/24/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
City of Burlington v Muir117-8-13 Vtec07/23/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
934 North Ave LLC121-8-14 Vtec07/15/2015ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Brothers Building Co. Change of Use119-8-13 Vtec07/10/2014WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
NE Materials Group Amended Act 25035-3-13 Vtec07/02/2014WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit Act 250267-11-08 Vtec06/23/2014WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin60-4-11 Vtec
ANR v Howard and Howard131-10-13 Vtec06/10/2014WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Burlington Airport Act 250 JO42-4-13 Vtec05/13/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2014-192 AFFIRMED 3/6/15
City of Burlington v Muir117-8-13 Vtec05/01/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Castleton Expansion and Renovation129-9-13 Vtec04/28/2014RutlandHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt appeal Dkt 2014-193 Affirmed 12/2014
Rockingham School District Permit Renovation20-2-13 Vtec04/24/2014WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Connor Group LLP Major Site Plan and CU74-6-13 Vtec04/21/2014FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Lathrop Ltd Partnership122-7-04 Vtec04/17/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin210-8-08 Vtec, 136-8-10 Vtec
Buckwald Home Occupation CU181-12-13 Vtec04/15/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Zaremba Group Act 250 Permit Chester36-3-14 Vtec04/10/2014WindsorHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2014-162 6/28/2015 AFFIRMED
J.R. Vinagro Corp76-6-13 Vtec04/07/2014VermontHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Harrison Concrete13EC0092503/19/2014FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Bissig Subdivision Final Plat87-7-13 Vtec03/12/2014LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Hovey Act 250 Permit130-9-13 Vtec03/06/2014EssexHon. Thomas Walsh
Shatney NOV171-12-13 Vtec03/04/2015CaledoniaHon. Thomas Durkin
Whiteyville Prop LLC179-12-11 Vtec02/26/2014ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of New Haven v Clark25-3-13 Vtec02/14/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Lathrop Limited Partnership II210-9-08 Vtec02/11/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin122-7-04 Vtec, 136-8-10 Vtec
Lathrop Limited Partnership I122-7-04 Vtec02/11/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin210-9-08 Vtec and 136-8-10 Vtec
Lathrop Limited Partnership I122-7-04 Vtec02/11/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin210-9-08 Vtec, 136-8-10 Vtec
Brisson et al v Town of Monkton24-2-13 Vtec01/30/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh34-3-13 Vtec; Supreme Court Appeal 12/08/14
Brisson v Town of Monkton 24-2-13 Vtec01/10/2014AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh34-3-13 Vtec Supreme Court Docket No. 2014-072
Fuller Building Permit141-10-13 Vtec01/10/2014AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt 2014-050 10/10/14 Affirmed
expand Decision Year: 2013
Brisson et al v Town of Monkton24-2-13 Vtec12/23/2013AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh34-3-13 Vtec
Whiteyville Properties, LLC179-12-11 Vtec12/19/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Ashford Lane HOA Act 250 Application69-5-13 Vtec12/06/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Memorial Hall Renovation Addition128-9-13 Vtec11/25/2013WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Chelsea Sand Pile CU89-7-12 Vtec11/20/2013OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Smith Boathouse Permit117-8-12 Vtec11/13/2013AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Harrison CU155-11-12 Vtec11/12/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Pelkey Final Plat Major SD172-12-12 Vtec11/06/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Donovan CU Permit83-6-12 Vtec11/04/2013CaledoniaHon. Thomas Walsh
Grant and Menard CU114-8-13 Vtec11/01/2013LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Union Bank Act 2507-1-12 Vtec10/30/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Conlon CU Permit2-1-12 Vtec10/28/2013WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Lathrop Ltr Partnership I122-7-04 Vtec10/18/2013AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin210-8-08 Vtec, 136-8-10 Vtec Supreme Court Appeals filed 11/14/2013 Dkt Nos. 2013-444, 2013-445, 2013-446
Williamson third Tier Application55-4-12 Vtec10/07/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh248-12-09 Vtec, 184-11-10 Vtec, 185-11-10 Vtec 14-2-11 Vtec Supreme Court 2013-0426 Affirmed
J. R. Vinagro Wast Transport Permit76-6-13 Vtec09/13/2013VermontHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Budzyn, et al141-10-12 Vtec09/12/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Musto WW & WS Permit88-5-10 Vtec08/28/2013RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh5-1-13 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2013-366 & 367 filed 9/18/13
Northeast Materials Broup LLC Amended Permit35-3-13 Vtec08/21/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh143-10-12 Vtec
Highland Crossing SD Act 25097-7-12 Vtec08/19/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
HCRS NOV16-2-13 Vtec08/19/2013WindhamHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Sanford64-5-13 Vtec07/26/2013WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Howard Center Renovation Permit12-1-13 Vtec07/25/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
UVM Certificate of Appropriateness90-7-12 Vtec07/08/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2013-301 Affirmed 1/23/2014 EO
Pelkey Final Plat Major Subdivision172-12-12 Vtec07/03/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin30-3-12 Vtec
N.E. Materials Group, LLC143-10-12 Vtec07/02/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh35-3-13 Vtec
All Metals Recycling, Inc.171-11-11 Vtec07/01/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Estus Final Plat Approval92-7-12 Vtec06/26/2013Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Regan Prelim and Final SD 189-9-09 Vtec06/18/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court appeal 2013-281 8/14/14 AFFIRMED
Smith Building Permit208-12-10 Vtec06/18/2013EssexHon. Thomas Durkin
Zaremba Dollar General66-5-12 Vtec06/12/2013WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Harrison CU Permit155-11-12 Vtec06/03/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
NRB v Dorr, et al49-4-13 Vtec05/17/2013BenningtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt 2013-215 Affirmed 1/9/15
Schuyler NOV29-2-12 Vtec05/09/2013WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Town of Westford v Mathieu Properties, LLC28-2-12 Vtec05/08/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Buss CU Application130-10-12 Vtec04/29/2013WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Pizzagalli Properties, LLC Mountain View Park Act 250114-8-12 Vtec04/17/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Moretown Landfill Recertification37-3-13 Vtec04/12/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
University Mall, LLC v City of So. Burlington102-8-12 Vec04/09/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Barefoot & Zweig Act 250 Appeal46-4-12 Vtec04/08/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas DurkinCorrected Copy; orginal issued 4/5/13
All Metal Recycling, Inc.171-11-11 Vtec04/04/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Cote Site Plan Approval52-4-10 Vtec04/01/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Smith Boathouse Permit Application117-8-12 Vtec03/26/2013AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
UVM Certificate of Appropriateness90-7-12 Vtec03/19/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Barefoot & Zweig Act 25046-4-12 Vtec03/14/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Crandall & Stearns Waiver & Deck Application134-9-11 Vtec03/12/2013OrangeHon. Thomas Walsh
Berger & Katz Expansion Application119-7-10 Vtec03/07/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Cote Site Plan Approval52-4-10 Vtec02/27/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Estus Final Plat Approval92-7-12 Vtec02/25/2013Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Bennington Wal Mart158-10-11 Vtec02/20/13BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh26-2-06 Vtec and 49-3-10 Vtec
Roystan Ridge Extraction121-7-10 Vtec02/06/2013OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Leonard & Sayour Zoning Permit118-8-12 Vtec02/05/2013BenningtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2013-080 9/13/13 AFFIRMED
Fowler NOV159-10-11 Vtec02/04/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Colchester v Andres30-3-11 Vtec01/31/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2013-081 11/21/13 Affirmed in part and remanded
University Mall, LLC & 205 DS, LLC v City of S. Burlington102-8-12 Vtec01/29/2013ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Sweet Building Permit19-2-12 Vtec01/25/2013FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Waitsfield Water Supply Final Plan Approval67-5-12 Vtec01/18/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit LLC JO267-11-08 Vtec01/17/2013WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin60-4-11 Vtec Supreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2013-069 Affirmed: remanded to clarify Cond No. 16 1/17/14
expand Decision Year: 2012
Barefoot & Zweig Act 25046-4-12 Vtec12/21/2012WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Lidstone Setback Waiver130-8-10 Vtec12/19/2012RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh152-9-10 Vtec, 212-12-10 Vtec, 10-1-11 Vtec, 178-12-11 Vtec,33-3-12 Vtec
Regan Accessory Use117-8-10 Vtec12/14/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Whiteyville properties, LLC179-12-11 Vtec12/13/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Sweet Building Permit19-2-12 Vtec12/12/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Group Five Investments, LLC CU34-3-11 Vtec12/04/2012AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court appeal Dkt 2013-009 Affirmed 2/14/14
Big Rock Gravel Act 25045-3-12 Vtec11/28/2012WindhamHon. Thomas Walsh
King's Daughters Home, Inc. Garage Demolition173-12-11 Vtec11/21/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Persons et al97-6-10 Vtec11/16/2012EssexHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt. 2012-274 Affirmed
Town of Fairfax v Beliveau274-11-08 Vtec11/14/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Union Bank Act 2507-1-12 Vtec11/08/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Union Bank Act 2507-1-12 Vtec11/08/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Univest Management, Inc. & Gerardi Waiver180-12-11 Vtec11/03/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Walsh
Town of Waterford v Bellefeuille153-8-09 Vtec11/01/2012CaledoniaHon. Thomas Walsh
Gould Accessory Building After Remad14-1-12 Vtec10/31/2012AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Group Five Investments, LLC34-3-11 Vtec10/24/2012AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2013-009 Affirmed 02/14/14
Hurricane Auto CU92-7-11 Vtec10/12/2012WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Champlain Oil Co CU89-7-11 Vtec10/10/2012AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal 2012-405 AFFIRMED 2/21/14
Town of Westford v Mathieu Properties, LLC28-2-12 Vtec10/10/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Edgar NOV163-11-11 Vtec09/28/2012WindsorHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court appeal 2012-396 11/1/12 Dismissed as Untimely
Bennington Wal Mart158-10-11 Vtec09/24/2012BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Fowler NOV159-10-11 Vec09/19/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
49 Tanglewood Final Plan76-6-12 Vtec09/08/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Conlon CU Permit2-1-12 Vtec08/30/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Conlon CU Permit2-1-12 Vtec08/30/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Bennington Wal Mart158-10-11 Vtec08/17/2012BenningtonHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Second City Prop, LLC et al100-7-11 Vtec08/09/2013RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
Smith Building Permit208-12-10 Vtec08/08/2012EssexHon. Thomas Durkin
Fowler NOV159-10-11 Vtec08/08/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Persons et al97-6-10 Vtec08/02/2012EssexHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Dkt 2012-274 Affirmed
Blake Lake Dunmore153-10-11 Vtec07/25/2012AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Fairfax v Beliveau274-11-08 Vtec07/24/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Walsh
Foregger Rev trust 4-Lot SD157-10-11 Vtec07/13/2012WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Frantz WW Water Supply Permit173-10-10 Vtec07/06/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Appeal 2012-257 3/15/15 Dismissed by Stip of ptys
Quesnel Waiver Appeal150-1-11 Vtec07/02/2012AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Natural Environments LLC 3 Lot SD58-4-11 Vtec06/27/2012OrangeHon. Thomas Durkin
Main St Place LLC46-3-10 Vtec06/19/2012OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin120-7-10 Vtec, 191-11-10 Vtec, 168-11-11 Vtec
Main St Place LLC120-7-10 Vtec06/19/2012OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin46-3-10 Vtec, 120-7-10 Vtec, 191-11-10 Vtec
Main St Place LLC168-11-11 Vtec06/19/2012OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin46-3-10 Vtec, 120-7-10 Vtec 191-11-10 Vtec
Gould Accessory Building Permit14-1-12 Vtec06/07/2012AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
Berger Katz Expansion Applications119-7-11 Vtec05/30/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin141-9-11 Vtec
Transtar LLC46-3-11 Vtec05/24/2012BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Frechette 6-Lot SD54-4-11 Vtec05/10/2012Grand IsleHon. Thomas Walsh
Goddard College CU175-12-11 Vtec04/26/2013WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
ANR v Second City et al100-7-11 Vtec04/26/2012RutlandHon. Thomas Walsh
All Metal Recycling Inc171-11-11 Vtec04/23/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Hale Mtn Fish and Game Club190-11-10 Vtec04/19/2012BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Okemo LLC PUD Amend221-11-09 Vtec04/05/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Fairfax v Beliveau274-11-08 Vtec03/30/2012FranklinHon. Merideth Wright
Wood NOV and Permit Applications138-8-10 Vtec03/27/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec This is a corrected decision of one issued 2/22/2012 Supreme Court 2012-146 Affirmed
Bjerke Zoning Permit Denial72-5-11 Vtec03/22/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh
Nye Conditional Use Permit75-4-09 Vtec03/21/2012AddisonHon. Thomas Walsh
LaFogg Subdivision final Plat103-7-11 Vtec03/09/2012WindhamHon. Thomas Walsh
Bibby 5-Lot Final Plat subdivision189-11-10 Vtec03/02/2012FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Saman ROW Approval176-10-10 Vtec03/01/2012WashingtonHon. Thomas Walsh
Wood NOV & Permit Applications138-8-10 Vtec02/22/2012WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec Corrected Decision issued 03/27/12Supreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2012-146
Stowe Highland Merger/Subdivison Application35-3-11 Vtec02/15/2012LamoilleHon. Thomas WalshSupreme Court Dkt No. 2012-100 AFFIRMED 1/11/13
Moran Site Plan Amendment154-10-11 Vtec02/15/2012ChittendenHon. Thomas Walsh4-1-12 Vtec
Gilmore LLC 5-Lot Subdivision131-8-10 Vtec02/09/2012WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Northfield v Drown, et al218-11/09 Vtec01/23/2012WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Smith Building Permit (Garage)208-12-10 Vtec01/09/2012EssexHon. Thomas Durkin
expand Decision Year: 2011
Town of Huntington v Harriman and Goodrich27-2-11 Vtec12/27/2011ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Wilcox Ice Cream Factory70-4-07 Vtec12/20/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Nancy Lewis Revocable Trust Variance110-6-08 Vtec12/14/2011ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Earle145-10-11 Vtec12/07/2011VermontHon. Thomas Durkin
Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit60-4-11 Vtec11/23/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit60-4-11 Vtec11/22/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Saman ROW Approval176-10-10 Vtec11/09/2011WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Chaves Londonderry Gravel Pit60-4-11 Vtec11/07/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Champlain Valley Meats, Inc. Act 250 Application15-2-11 Vtec11/07/2011Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
Frostbite Mine12-1-11 Vtec11/03/11WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin
Chittenden County Fish & Game Club, Inc.47-3-11 Vtec10/24/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Town of Georgia v King105-6-10 Vtec10/19/2011FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Woodstock Comm. Trust and Vermont Housing PUD203-10-09 Vtec10/14/2011WindsorHon. Merideth Wright15-1-10 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal Dkt No. 2011-398
ANR v Deering and Andrews170-10-10 Vtec09/29/2011AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSee Amended Decision 10/12/2011
Smith 4-Lot Subdivision244-12-09 Vtec09/27/2011RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Lawrence Site Plan Approval166-10-10 Vtec09/22/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Stowe Highlands Lot Merger Subdivision Application35-3-11 Vtec09/09/2011LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
Freimour and Menard CU Permit59-4-11 Vtec09/07/2011FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Saman ROW Approval176-10-10 Vtec09/02/2011WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Krag Special Zoning Permit for Culvert51-4-09 Vtec08/31/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court appeal Dkt 2011-348 Appeal withdrawn/Dismissed
Town of Georgia v King105-6-10 Vtec08/25/2011FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Hale Mountain Fish and Game Club, Inc Improvement Application190-11-10 Vtec08/23/2011BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Gould Accessory Dwelling Application33-3-11 Vtec08/23/2011AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Ridgewood Estates HOA & Indian Creed HOA57-4-10 Vtec08/09/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Audet WW System & Potable Water Supply Permit128-8-10 Vtec08/03/2011WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Losier Variance Application79-4-08 Vtec08/02/2011EssexHon. Thomas DurkinPost Judgment Decision; previously appealed to Supreme Court Dkt No. 2010-309 Affirmed 1/27/11
Musty Zoning Permit174-10-10 Vtec07/28/2011ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court appeal Dkt No. 2011-290 7/12/11
Lawrence Site Plan Approval166-10-10 Vtec07/27/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Lawrence Site Plan Approval166-10-10 Vtec07/27/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Martin and Martin Variance Application3-1-09 Vtec07/08/2011BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin215-11-09 Vtec
Allen Road Land Co. Act 250 Appeal62-4-11 Vtec07/06/2011ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin63-4-11 Vtec
Granville Mfg Co., Inc. Act 250 Permit2-1-11 Vtec07/01/2011AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Richard Site Plan Amendment87-5-10 Vtec06/17/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court appeal Dkt No. 2011-245 1/26/12 AFFIRMED
Wood NOV & Permit Application138-8-10 Vtec05/20/2011WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec
Wood NOV and Permit Application138-8-10 Vtec05/20/2011WindsorHon. Thomas Durkin1-1-11 Vtec
Lake Champlain Bluegrass Festival JO #6-007204-11-10 Vtec05/12/2011Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
Musty Zoning Permit174-10-10 Vtec04/29/2011ChittendenHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt No. 2011-290 7/12/11
Lake Champlain Bluegrass Festival JO204-11-10 Vtec04/27/2011Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
Saman ROW & Subdivision176-10-10 Vtec04/21/2011WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Lathrop Limited Parternship I122-7-04 Vtec04/12/2011AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin210-8-08 Vtec, 136-8-10 Vtec
Gerlach Parking Area31-2-09 Vtec04/04/2011WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Musto Construction Permit132-7-09 Vtec03/10/2011Rutland
Barrup Auto Sales Relocation216-12-10 Vtec03/09/2011OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Kid's Cove of Wallingford CU Permit118-7-10 Vtec03/03/2011WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Omya Solid Waste Facility Final Certification96-6-10 Vtec02/28/2011RutlandHon. Merideth Wright273-11-08 Vtec
Wright Parcel Act 250 Subdivision JO Opinion55-4-10 Vtec02/23/2011Grand IsleHon. Merideth Wright56-4-10 Vtec
Schwartzkopf 4-Lot Subdivision Application94-6-10 Vtec02/15/2011BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Bowen CU Application93-5-10 Vtec02/10/2011FranklinHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal Dkt 2011-112 Affirmed 7/7/2011
Toor and Toor Living Trust NOV18-1-10 Vtec01/31/2011Grand IsleHon. Thomas Durkin
Omya, Inc. Act 250 Application137-8-10 Vtec01/29/2011RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
SP Land Co., LLC Golf Course PUD74-5-10 Vtec01/27/2011RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Carrigan Waiver & Variance Applications38-2-10 Vtec01/13/2011AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Village Associates Act 250 LU Permit6-1-08 Vtec01/06/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Feeley Construction Permits4-1-10 Vtec01/03/2011ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright5-1-10 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal Dkt No. 2011-273 Dismissed 8/24/11
expand Decision Year: 2010
Merchant and Anderson Site Plan Amendment205-10-09 Vtec12/15/2010WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Brousseau/Wedgewood Act 250 Application260-11-08 Vtec12/08/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
S.P. Land Co., LLC Golf Course PUD74-5-10 Vtec11/30/2010RutlandHon. Thomas Durkin
Downing Act 250 Application225-11-09 Vtec11/29/2010CaledoniaHon. Merideth Wright
Lakeview Inn CU Appeal193-10-09 Vtec11/24/2010OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Merchant & Anderson Site Plan Application205-10-09 Vtec11/18/2010WindhamHon. Thomas Durkin
Sheffield Wind Project252-10-08 Vtec11/17/2010CaledoniaHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2011-046 10/25/2011 Pursuant to AAs Not of w/drawal, AE M to dismiss denied for mootness
Omya Solid Waste Facility Interim & Final Certification273-11-08 Vtec11/16/2010RutlandHon. Merideth Wright96-6-10 Vtec
Verizon Wireless Barton Act 250 Permit6-1-09 Vtec10/29/2010OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Bessette and Mayo Construction Permit16-1-10 Vtec10/20/2010FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Sheil Material Replacement Application249-12-09 Vtec10/19/2010WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Moore Accessory Structure Permit161-8-09 Vtec10/11/2010WindsorHon. Merideth WrightSee Decision & Order on Remaining Issues issued 3/30/2012 as Footnote 3 supersedes Footnote 24 in this decision
Hogan Variance Permit35-2-10 Vtec09/30/2010BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Chiorgno Building Permit Application71-5-10 Vtec09/21/2010BenningtonHon. Merideth Wright
Champlain Oil Co., Inc. CU Permit200-10-09 Vtec09/08/2010AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Sheffield Wind Project252-10-08 Vtec08/26/2010CaledoniaHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2011-046 filed 2/8/11
Pion Sand and Gravel Pit Act 250245-12-09 Vtec08/12/2010OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Sp Land Co. et al Act 250 Permit Amendment257-11-08 Vtec08/03/2010RutlandHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt 2010-332 filed 9/1/10
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail Act 250 JO (Reconsidered)208-10-09 Vtec07/30/2010Hon. Merideth Wright
Ridgewood Est. HOA & Indian Creek HOA57-4-10 Vtec07/21/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Champlain Oil Co., Inc. CU Application200-10-09 Vtec07/16/2010AddisonHon. Thomas Durkin
Audet Wastewater System & Water Supply Permit34-2-10 Vtec07/13/2010WashingtonHon. Merideth Wright
Losier Variance Application79-4-08 Vtec07/13/2010EssexHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Court Appeal Dkt 2010-309 1/27/11 AFFIRMED
Wilcox Ice Cream Factory70-4-07 Vtec07/080/2010BenningtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Nordlund v Van Nostrand et al42-3-10 Vtec07/07/2010AddisonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal Filed Dkt No 2010-283 Affirmed 7/15/2011
Hitchcock 2-Lot Subdivision218-11-09 Vtec06/18/2010RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Benning Accessory Use Permit184-9-09 Vtec06/16/2010AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
Champlain Marina Dock Expansion28-2-09 Vtec06/16/2010ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Champlain Marina Dock Expansion28-2-09 Vtec05/19/2010ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Rinker's, Inc. dba Rinkers Communications & Shepard Act 250 LU Permit302-12-08 Vtec05/17/2010CaledoniaHon. Merideth WrightSupreme Court Appeal 2010-446 7/13/2011 Affirmed
JLD Prop St. Albans Wal Mart116-6-08 Vtec05/03/2010FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin92-5-07 Vtec, 242-10-06, 80-4-08 Vtec Original Decision issued 1/20/2010 Supreme Court Dkt 2010-097 filed 4/5/10
Smith 4-Lot Subdivision Final Plat244-12-09 Vtec04/30/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
DeSimone & Moisis Family Trust CU Application247-12-09 Vtec04/27/2010WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
Big Spruce Road Act 250 Subdivision95-5-09 Vtec04/21/2010LamoilleHon. Thomas Durkin
ANR v Bacon d/b/a Bacon Timber Harvesting101-6-09 Vtec04/19/2010WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin
Hitchcock 2-Lot Subdivision218-11-09 Vtec04/16/2010RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
City of Burlington v Charboneau155-8-09 Vtec04/13/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Bedard PRD Subdivistion Sketch Plan104-5-07 Vtec04/09/2010ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Northfield v Drown, Law Dorman and Strong218-10-08 Vtec04/06/2010WashingtonHon. Thomas DurkinSupreme Crt Appeal Filed Dkt No. 2010-151 Dismissed 5/28/10 for failure to file Appellant's docketing statement & transcript order form.
Sunset Cliff Homeowners Assoc., v. City of Burlington & Keystone Dev. Corp.198-8-06 Vtec03/31/2010ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
Rivers Development, LLC Conditional Use7-1-05 Vtec03/25/2010WashingtonHon. Thomas Durkin68-3-07 Vtec
Atwood-Hood PRD116-6-09 Vtec03/18/ 2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright117-6-09 Vtec
ANR v Blood dba Three Mountain Lodge Restaurant190-8-08 Vtec03/08/2010LamoilleHon. Merideth Wright
Ashline Site Plan Application242-12-09 Vtec03/04/2010FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin
Town of Brattleboro v Lawrence132-6-08 Vtec02/19/2010WindhamHon. Merideth Wright
ANR v White36-2-08 Vtec02/16/2010RutlandHon. Merideth Wright
Main Street Place, LLC Demolition Permit163-8-09 Vtec02/12/2010OrleansHon. Thomas Durkin
Guite' Act 250 JO #3-128 (Revised)126-7-09 Vtec02/04/2010WindsorHon. Merideth Wright
Highland Development Co., LLC & JAM Golf, LLC Master Plan194-10-03 Vtec02/02/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright
Martin & Perry, LLC Final Plat222-10-08 Vtec01/22/2010ChittendenHon. Thomas Durkin
City of Burlington v Beliveau29-2-09 Vtec01/15/2010ChittendenHon. Merideth Wright274-12-07 Vtec Supreme Crt Appeal 2010-70: Affirmed 7/16/2010
Valois Airplane Storage Application254-11-07 Vtec01/12/2010AddisonHon. Merideth Wright
expand Decision Year: 2007
Gingras Act 250 Permit Amendment22-3-15 Vtec01/11/2017FranklinHon. Thomas Durkin