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Family Division

Divorce with Children Forms

Windham District/Family Courthouse

Form Number
Affidavit ~ Family CourtForm 804
Affidavit as to Military Service on Default of Appearance by DefendantForm 231
Affidavit of Child CustodyForm 834
Annulment InformationAnnulment Information
Answer to Divorce Complaint & Counterclaim WITH KIDSForm 837 Kids
Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis COPEForm 228C
Child Support Order400-00802
Complaint for Divorce WITH KIDSForm 836 Kids
ConfidentialForm 849
Department of Health Record of Divorce or Annulment FormDepartment of Health Record of Divorce or Annulment Form
Divorce Mediation CompletionDivorce Mediation Completion
Divorce Mediation IntakeDivorce Mediation Intake
Final Decree/Order Property Contested - long formForm 879L
Final Decree/Order Property Contested - short formForm 879S
Final Divorce Stip PropertyForm 878
Financial Affidavit400-00813A
GAL PreTrial Proceeding Activities ListForm 897A
GAL Request for Appointment of Attorney for ChildForm 891R
Genetic Testing Stipulation & Order400-00870
Information SheetForm 800
Medical Child Support OrderForm 802M
Miscellaneous MotionForm 830
Motion & Affidavit for Default JudgmentForm 806
Motion for Genetic Testing400-00869
Motion to Enforce Child Support, Maintenance Supplement and/or Spousal SupportForm 823
Motion to Modify Child SupportForm 803
Notice of Action & Request for Waiver of Service WITH KIDSForm 820Kids
Notice of Appeal - MagistrateForm 829
Notice of Appearance for Self Represented LitigantForm 831
Notice of Hearing - Motion to Establish Child SupportForm 801
Objection to Wage WithholdingForm 810
Parentage StipulationForm 872
Petition for Wage Withholding (after 7/1/90)Form 809
PR&R Stipulation (Parenting Plan)Form 825
Property Affidavit400-00813B

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