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Vermont Supreme Court

Unpublished Entry Orders 2001 - 2005

Supreme Court Building

Case NameFiledUnit/DivisionTrial JudgeDisposition
expand Year of Decision: 2005
State v.WinchellRutland District CourtNancy CorsonesAffirmed
In re KarovAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
In re ConnarnWashington Superior CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
Miller v. PolomskiLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanAffirmed
Brooks v. Town of CharlotteChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Wisch v. LakatosRutland Superior CourtRichard W. NortonAffirmed
In re C.J.Lamoille Family CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
In re WilcoxFranklin Superior CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
Richards v. RaymondFranklin Family CourtThomas J. DevineAffirmed
In re K.B.Franklin Family CourtStephen B. MartinAffirmed
Shannon v. GaffneyWindham Family CourtKatherine A. HayesAffirmed
Prior v. StanislasFranklin Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
In re WestEnvironmental CourtMerideth WrightReversed
Carr v. LanctotOrange Superior CourtJohn P. MeakerAffirmed
In re Estate of WilliamsLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanReversed
State v. PriorWindham District Courtn/aaffirmed
Wardle v. Town of RoxburyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aaffirmed
Hopkins v. Loring Corp.Windsor Superior CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
State v. DubrulChittenden District CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
State v. CarrWindsor District CourtHarold E. Eaton, Jr. and Paul F. Hudsonaffirmed
Grindel v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
In re T.B. and T.B., JuvenilesCaledonia Family CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
Brown v. SpiveyBennington Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Tallman v. TallmanLamoille Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed
WHM Corportation v. UtterWindham Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. LangloisWashington District Courtn/aaffirmed
Kellner v. BourdeauLamoille Family CourtEdward J. Cashmanaffirmed and remanded
State v. McGreevey ...Orleans District Court/Caledonia DistrictDennis R. Pearson/M. Kathleen Manleyaffirmed
Ladd v. GorczykChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. BeaupreGrand Isle District CourtCharon A. Truereverse and remand
In re L.P., JuvenileOrleans Family CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
LaPage v. MagoniEssex Family CourtBarbara A. Zanderaffirmed
Weaver v. WeaverFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisreverse and remand
In re B.W., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtThomas J. Devineaffirmed
John Tracy Adams II and Adams Family Properties, Inc. v. Town of Fair Haven, John Lulek, Robert Richards, John Seamans and Jay BrownRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Anthony Tanguay v. Howard Knight, Ana Cojubar Coblai and All Persons In Possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, VermontOrleans Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
Patricia Garvey v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed in part and reversed and remanded in part.
McLean Enterprises Corp. v. John Mills, Estate of Roger L. Mills and Claire AloanWindsor SuperiorTheresa S. DiMauroAffirmed
Poquette & Bruley v City of St. AlbansProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aReversed and remanded.
In re D.L. and S.L., JuvenilesCaledonia Family CourtAlden T. BryanAffirmed
State v. Michael LoweryChittenden Districtn/aAffirmed
State of Vermont v. Steven GoldenRutland DistrictNancy Corsonesaffirmed
Denise Thibeault v. Dept of Aging and DisabilitiesHuman Services Boardn/aReversed.
State v. Nancy McKenzieWindham DistrictJohn P. WesleyAffirmed.
Sarah Clark v. Al-Sayed MamannChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
Leita and Roland Pion v. Kevin Bean and Tina ClapperFranklin SuperiorBen W. JosephAffirmed.
Marie DeNoia and Nicholas DeNoia v. Gabriele Jost and Rolland JostLamoille SuperiorEdward J. CashmanAffirmed.
In re R.J., JuvenileLamoille FamilyAlan W. CheeverAffirmed.
In re K.L. & A.L., JuvenilesAddison FamilyChristina ReissAffirmed.
In re C.C., JuvenileChittenden FamilyDean B. PinelesAffirmed.
State v. Jon DemerittLamoille DistrictEdward J. CashmanAffirmed.
Roger Provost v. Teresitia ProvostWashington FamilyGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed.
In re Appeal of Glenn & Elouise MartinEnvironmental CourtMerideth WrightReversed and remanded.
Peter B. Smith v. Town of Mt. HollyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aAffirmed.
Robert Thayer v. Kerry Gibbons-ThayerOrleans FamilyDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
The Blodgett Supply Company v. Robert E. Lowery, Sr.Chittenden SuperiorRichard W. NortonReversed and remanded.
In re N.B., III, JuvenileBennington FamilyNancy CorsonesAffirmed.
In re B.Y., H.Y., G.Y. and T.Y., JuvenilesFranklin FamilyJames R. CrucittiAffirmed.
Raymond Donley v. Dielene DonleyChittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
Edwin A. Towne, Jr. v. StateChittenden SuperiorMatthew I. KatzAffirmed.
In re Edwin A. Towne, Jr.Windham SuperiorKaren R. CarrollAffirmed.
Laureen R. Silovich v. Joseph SilovichOrange Family CourtAlan CheeverReversed and remanded for additional findings.
David Papazoni v. Dept for Children & FamiliesHuman Services Boardn/aAffirmed.
Alpine Haven Property Owners Assn v. David Orrock, Susan White, Edward Deptula, Bertrand Emmett, Joseph Emmett, Frederick and Laura Snyder, Deborah Upshall and Esther VerhelstFranklin SuperiorEdward J. CashmanAffirmed and remanded in part.
Charter One Bank v Evergreen Advertising & Marketing, Robert Kesner, Michael Palmer & Palmer Legal Mediations Servs.Rutland SuperiorWilliam D. CohenAffirmed.
Joanne P. Flanders v. Robin M. BombardRutland SuperiorWilliam D. CohenAffirmed.
Diana Bedell v. Clinton Bedell, Jr.Chittenden FamilyHelen M. ToorAffirmed.
State v. Randy PudvahFranklin DistrictMark S. KellerAffirmed.
State v. Alexander ConstantiniOrange DistrictAmy M. DavenportReversed and remanded.
State v. Jason A. AmesFranklin DistrictMark J. KellerAffirmed.
Daniel Anderson v. Beth AndersonFranklin FamilyJames R. CrucittiAffirmed.
State v. Patrick GibbonsWashington DistrictGeoffrey W. CrawfordAffirmed.
Byron Martin v. Steven Gold, Commissioner of Dept of Corrections, et al.Orleans SuperiorDennis R. PearsonAffirmed.
Anthony Redington v. Dept of Employment & Training (Dept of Human Resources, Employer)Employment Security Boardn/aAffirmed.
Jessica Miller v. Town of Cabot and Secretary of State Deborah MarkowitzWashington SuperiorMatthew I. KatzAffirmed.
In re Z.F., JuvenileWashington FamilyM. Kathleen ManleyAffirmed.
expand Year of Decision: 2004
Rogers v. FergusonChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Borkowski v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
Morse v. SpragueChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Moore v. ThomasLamoille Superior CourtEdward J. CashmanReversed
Tassey v. AyersWashington Family CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
Choiniere v. AguiarChittenden Family CourtLinda LevittAffirmed
Carlson v. MewhinneyFranklin Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
Ostheimer v. StarkWindham Superior CourtJohn P. WesleyAffirmed
State v. DesautelsFranklin District Courtn/aAffirmed
State v. HillAddison District CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
Duprey v. DesoFranklin Superior CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
Griffin v. GriffinBennington Family CourtDavid Howardaffirmed
In re J.D. Assocs.Environmental CourtMerideth WrightReversed
Atkins v. WrisleyChittenden Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed
In re SanvilleLabor Relations BoardAffirmed
Mason v. MasonChittenden Family CourtLinda LevittAffirmed
In re T.B.Washington Family CourtGeoffrey CrawfordAffirmed
State v. StutesWindham District CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Stevens v. StevensEssex Family CourtBarbara A. ZanderAffirmed
Zuckerman v. EngelWindham Superior CourtGeoffrey Crawfordaffirmed
Kobus v. CrownChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Spillane v. HamelChittenden Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
Reilly-Austin v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
In re A.B.Windsor Family CourtAmy M. DavenportAffirmed
In re M.R.Orleans Family CourtAlan W. CheeverReversed
In re B.T.Chittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
State v. BenjaminRutland Superior Courtn/aaffirmed
State v. LawrenceChittenden District CourtAffirmed
Griffin v. Town of VershireProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aAffirmed
In re D.G.R.Caledonia Superior CourtAffirmed
State v. BeatonEssex District CourtAffirmed
Smith v. Vermont Air National GuardChittenden Superior CourtAffirmed
Traverse v. TraverseRutland Family CourtAffirmed
Flint v. DETEmployment Security BoardAffirmed
Ayer v. Libra International Racing, Inc.Chittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Briggs v. BriggsChittenden Family CourtLinda LevittAffirmed
Jackson v. PowersAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
In re K.M.Department of Educationn/aAffirmed
In re T.K.Franklin Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
Rowe v. Department of PATHHuman Services Boardn/aAffirmed
In re D.P.Orleans Family CourtAlan W. CheeverAffirmed
State v. BlutoFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
Marble v. First American Flood Data Services, Inc.Washington Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutAffirmed
State v. GibneyFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
State v. BartholomewEssex Family CourtBarbara A. ZanderAffirmed
Szymkowicz v. Town of ShorehamAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
In re S.M.Chittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
State v. OrmsbeeChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephReversed
Skumautz v. Horeshore Acres, Inc.Windsor Superior CourtAlan W. CookAffirmed
State v. VeachBennington District CourtDavid A. HowardAffirmed
Clogston v. ReynoldsChittenden Family CourtMark J. KellerAffirmed
Wetherby v. VincentFranklin Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
New England Partnership, Inc. v. Rutland City School DistrictWashington Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutAffirmed
Bonk v. CharbonneauFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
Gardner v. Town of ShrewsburyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aAffirmed
Beck v. NauFranklin Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenAffirmed
Peters v. Benways TransportationChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Bailey v. HalpinOrleans Superior CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.Affirmed; reversed
In re PRB Docket Nos. 2002.043 & 2003.031Originaln/aSuspended
State v. OjiearontrWindsor District CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
Chandler v. CVPS, et alWindham Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Concord General Mutual Insurance Co. v. DelongRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Coursen v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
Carlson v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aAffirmed
State v. ForneyAddison District Courtn/aReversed
State v. James WebbAddison DistrictHelen ToorAffirmed.
State v. Jeffrey CastonguayChittenden DistrictBen W. JosephAffirmed.
Mary Lynn Lobello v. Estate of Roy NicholsonWashington SuperiorAlan W. CookReversed and remanded.
In re James MorenoFranklin SuperiorHoward E. Van BenthuysenThe superior court's 9/11/03 & 1/2/04 orders are vacated, and the matter is remanded for appointment of counsel & for commencement of further proceedings to address petitioner's PCR claims.
David & Susan Bourgeois v. Town of DerbyProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aAffirmed.
Michael Trahan v. Claire TrahanChittenden FamilyAlden T. BryanAffirmed.
Steven Thomas, Jr. v. Danielle FineWindham FamilyKatherine A. HayesAffirmed.
Agency of Natural Resources v. John WellmanEnvironmentalMerideth WrightAffirmed.
Gomez v. Okemo Mountain, Inc.Windsor Superior CourtDismissed
expand Year of Decision: 2003
State v. StanardWindsor District CourtPaul F. Hudsonaffirmed
State v. ForcierChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
In re D.G.Washington Family CourtMark J. Kellerreversed
Forbes v. Champlain Construction Co.Addison Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
Anderson v. AndersonChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
LaFrance v. OstiguayFranklin Superior CourtBen W. Josephreverse and remand
In re SimoneauEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightvacate order in part
Dahlgren v. DahlgrenChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Wool v. GorczykOriginaln/a
Merike Petrich v. Twin Pines Housing Trust, Inc. and Wallace RobertsWindsor Superior CourtAlan W. Cookaffirmed
John Robert Hamilton v. Town of Holland Selectboard, Town of Holland and Town of Holland Tree WardenOrleans Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirm in part; reverse and reman in part
State v LafleurChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmith, Helen Toorreverse and remand
Conger v. StateLamoille Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
Mitrano v. KellyWindsor Family CourtPaul F. Hudsonremand and affirm
Little Estate v. Town of WilliamstownProperty Valuation and Review Divisionn/aaffirmed
Martorano v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
In re J.A., JuvenileCaledonia Family CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
In re J.B. and A.L., JuvenilesOrleans Family CourtJohn P. Meakeraffirmed
State v. JohnsonRutland District Courtn/aappeal rejected
State v. JosephChittenden District CourtDean B. Pinelesaffirmed
State v. NolanBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
State v. Bedell, ...Washington District Court and Bennington Superior CourtAlan W. Cheever and John P. Wesleyaffirmed
State v. CrellerGrand Isle District CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
State v. DuffyWindham District CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
In re Brandy MitchellChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Eastman v. FisherWindsor Family CourtPaul F. HudsonVacate and remand
Mayo v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
Dudley v. DETEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
State v. ManiattyFranklin District CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
Fidelity Mortgage Group, Inc. v. Joseph MulveyWindham Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. LoukoChittenden District CourtDavid A. Jenkins and Michael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
Remes v. HydeRutland Superior CourtWilliam D. Cohenaffirmed
State v. MillingtonRutland District CourtNancy Corsonesaffirmed
Grega v. DavisWindham Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
John Goodhue v. Landmark Trust U.S.A., Inc.Chittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed; reversed
Quinn v. Gorczyk et al.Bennington Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
State v. DeyoWindham District CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Jankowski v. StateRutland Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
State v. BushawOrleans District CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.affirmed
Kimberly Otten v. Stephen Garand and Lori Garand, C.L.O., JuvenileOrange Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Anita L. Cohn v. Robert D. GuthrieChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
State v. ClarkEssex District CourtDennis R. Pearsonreversed
In re A.A., JuvenileCaledonia Family CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
Gary and Jean Bressor v. William and Betty PrestonChittenden Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. PombarOrange District CourtJohn P. Meakeraffirmed
State v. LaplantFranklin District CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
In re Appeal of James BlanchetteEnvironmental CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. ChurchLamoille District CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
Windham County Humane Society v. Jesse-Lynn V. GentlewolfWindham Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
State v. HaseltonWashington District CourtEdward J. Cashman & Patricia M. Zimmermanaffirmed
State v. QuinnWindsor District CourtAmy M. Davenportaffirmed
Grenier v. GrenierCaledonia Family CourtM. Kathleen Manleyaffirmed
In re John MaddenEnvironmental CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
State v. WhiteWindham District CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
State v. RheaumeFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
Orr v. Meristar Vermont Beverage Corp.Rutland Superior CourtWilliam D. CohenAffirmed
Crannell v. GorczykOrleans Superior CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.Affirmed
In re C.R.Chittenden Family CourtDavid A. JenkinsAffirmed
Daimler Chrysler Services North America, LLC v. SylvesterFranklin Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonReversed
In re A.L.Addison Family CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
State v. RamsayOrange District CourtMichael C. PrattReversed
Root v. RootRutland Family CourtM. Patricia ZimmermanDismissed
State v. DesautlesFranklin District CourtCond. of release
State v. BurkeChittenden District CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
State v. AndrewsRutland District CourtNancy CorsonesAffirmed
State v. BrownAddison District CourtMatthew I. KatzAffirmed
Guinard v. BowenWashington Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutAffirmed
State v. HurlbutFranklin District CourtMichael S. KupersmithAffirmed
Meservey v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance CompanyWashington Superior CourtMary Miles TeachoutReverse and Remand
In re E.S., JuvenileWashington Family CourtStephen B. MartinAffirmed
Gras v. CarterGrand Isle Superior CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
Jackson v. JacksonEssex Family CourtBarb ZanderAffirmed
St. Pierre v. StanfordFranklin Superior CourtDennis R. PearsonAffirmed
Hanson v. BurroughsRutland Family CourtWilliam D. CohenAffirmed
Coulter v. CoulterBennington Family CourtDavid SuntagAffirmed
State v. OrmsbeeChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephReversed
Maurice and Claire Desautels v. James and Nancy ReynoldsAddison Superior CourtHelen M. Toor and Matthew I. KatzAffirmed
Boivin v. Town of AddisonAddison Superior CourtHelen M. ToorAffirmed
State v. ChildChittenden District CourtBen W. JosephAffirmed
In re A.B.Bennington Family CourtEllen H. MaloneyAffirmed
expand Year of Decision: 2002
State v. HanerBennington District CourtNancy Corsonesaffirmed
State v. McGeeChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
In re Application of Four C's, Inc.BISHCAn/aaffirmed
State v. BurakCaledonia District CourtMark J. Kelleraffirmed
State v. RussellFranklin District CourtDean B. Pinelesaffirmed
State v. HuninskiWindham District CourtPaul F. Hudsonaffirmed
Nicholas v. Town of PownalBennington Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
In re K.S., J.S., A.S., & L.S., JuvenilesCaledonia Family CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
In re A.L., E.L. and T.L., JuvenilesChittenden Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
In re Richard L. JamesBennington Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyaffirmed
Scott v. PolakChittenden Superior CourtDavid A. Jenkinsreversed
Coor v. CoorChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Stephanie Smith v. Chittenden CorporationCommissioner of Department of Labor & Industryn/aaffirmed
James Gabaree and Traci Trudo v. Peerless Insurance CompanyChittenden Superior CourtDavid A. Jenkinsaffirmed
State v. CahillEssex District CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
In re Appeal of Gregory and Sharon ParkeEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
State v. CerretaniBennington District CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. RushfordChittenden District CourtBrian Burgessaffirmed
In re Eugene MartelCaledonia Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
State v. WhittemoreRutland District CourtNancy Corsonesaffirmed
Nina Udell v. Eric A. PillemerBennington Family CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
State v. PixleyWashington District CourtM. Patricia Zimmermanaffirmed
Sherry E. Vukoder v. Department of Employment & Training, IBMEmployment Security Boardn/aaffirmed
Vicki Poulos (Office of Child Support) v. James PoulosRutland Family CourtWilliam D. Cohenaffirmed
John Paluska and Cynthia Brown v. Robert Calcagni, d/b/a Calcagni Electric and The Cincinnati Insurance CompanyWashington Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeverreversed
In re J.C., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
Orleans Town School District v. James Chapdelaine and Orleans Support Staff....Orleans Superior CourtStephen B. Martinaffirmed
State of Vermont v. Steven D. EkbergChittenden District CourtMichael S. Kupersmithaffirmed
Joshua Manheimer v. Sherry St. GermaineWindsor Family CourtWalter M. Morris, Jr.affirmed
In re Appeal of Weston BoardmanEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Craig Kissell v. Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and Mount Snow, Ltd.Windham Superior CourtJohn P. Wesleyreverse and remand
Debra K. Parenteau v. Alan L. ParenteauOrleans Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
State of Vermont v. Scott HartiganLamoille District CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenaffirmed
James Millett v. John Gorczyk, et al.Orleans Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
BWL, Inc. v. Edward and Patrice SiergieyWashington Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzreverse and remand
Eastcoast Home Loans, Inc. and Jim A. Collins v. Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care AuthorityWashington Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
State of Vermont v. Nathan HazlettWindham District CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. StockerRutland District CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
Pilla v. PillaChittenden Family CourtBrian Burgess and Matthew I. Katzaffirmed
Elkins v. Microsoft Corp.Windham Superior Courtn/aDismissed
Town of Hartford v. Marc and Susan WooEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Mosher v. MosherRutland Family CourtWilliam D. Cohenreverse and remand
Julie Pecor (Office of Child Support) v Henry BauerRutland Family CourtWilliam D. Cohenaffirmed
Pike v. PikeChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Thompson v. ThompsonBennington Family CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
Willey v. MichaudAddison Family CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed
State v. BrooksFranklin District Courtn/aaffirmed
Jeffrey Stillings v. John Gorczyk, Commissioner Dept. of CorrectionsFranklin Superior Courtdenied
In re Charles MashtareFranklin Superior CourtBen W. Josephreversed
Stonegate Mountain Trust v. Town of BridgewaterProperty Valuation and Review Divisionaffirmed
Quimby v. SchaufusLamoille Superior CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenreversed
Millett v. GorczykChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Millett v. GorczykOrleans Superior CourtStephen B. Martindismissed as moot
State v. BuehlerBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
State v. EriksenAddison District CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
Schipper v. QuinnWindsor Family CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
In re B.S., JuvenileFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
Letourneau v. LetourneauFranklin Family CourtJane G. Dimotsisaffirmed
State of Vermont v. Kent SwiftWashington District Courtaffirmed
In re Appeal of Thomas J. MorseEnvironmental Courtaffirmed
Dunnett v. Town of Ludlow Zoning Board of AdjustmentWindsor Superior Courtaffirmed
State of Vermont v. JudkinsGrand Isle District Courtaffirmed
In re Appeal of J.D. AssociatesEnvironmental Courtaffirmed
King v. KingBennington Family Courtaffirmed
In re D.M., JuvenileBennington Family Courtaffirmed
Martin v. D.E.T.Employment Security Boardaffirmed
Labrie v. LabrieOrange Family CourtAlan W. Cookaffirmed
In re Perry ComeauEssex Superior CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
Christiansen v. ChristiansenOrleans Family CourtJohn P. Meakerreverse and remand
State v. HatchFranklin District CourtDean B. Pinelesaffirmed
In re Appeal of Gary and Suzanne GregoireEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightaffirmed
Zittritsch v. ZittritschChittenden Family CourtDavid A. Jenkinsreverse and remand
LaMoria v. LaMoriaRutland Family CourtFrancis B. McCaffreyaffirmed
In re Judge Development CorporationChittenden Superior CourtDavid A. JenkinsDismissed
State v. HuntBennington District CourtDavid A. Howardaffirmed
State v. KelceyWindham District Courtn/areverse and remand
State v. GallBennington District CourtDavid Howardaffirmed
In re James W. Quinn, IIIBennington Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Ronald D. Forant, Sr. and Carmel Allaire v. Jules and Kate Chatot, et al.Washington Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
In re Marilynn ChristianRutland Superior CourtKaren R. Carrollaffirmed
State v. PowersChittenden District CourtBrian Burgessaffirmed
Philip Aaron, et al. v. Jordan Stern, et al.Chittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
Daniel C. and Jeanne E. Brown v. Citation Mobile HomesWindham Superior CourtRichard W. Nortondismissed for lack of jurisdiction
In re M.F., JuvenileRutland Family CourtTheodore S. Mandeville, Jr.affirmed
In re S.H. and D.H., JuvenilesFranklin Family CourtJane Dimotsisaffirmed
State v. BrownWindsor District CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
Cochran v. CochranCaledonia Family CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
Bigelow v. BigelowRutland Family CourtTheresa S. DiMauroaffirmed
General Truck & Equipment, Inc. v. Ralph A. WrightWindham Superior CourtRichard W. Nortonaffirmed
Diamondstone v. DiamondstoneWindham Family CourtDavid Suntagaffirmed
Lake Construction Limited Company v. Ram N. SinhaChittenden Superior CourtMary Miles Teachoutaffirmed
In re Clinton BedellAddison Superior CourtMatthew I. Katzaffirmed
David Searles v. Board of Education and Town of Rutland School DistrictWashington Superior CourtAlan W. Cheeveraffirmed
State v. FagansWindham District Courtaffirmed
expand Year of Decision: 2001
Harris v. HarrisWindsor Family CourtTheresa S. DiMauroreversed and a portion is affirmed.
State v. WashingtonChittenden DistrictJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
In re Club Metronome, Inc.Liquor Control Boardaffirmed
Mansfield v. MansfieldRutland Family CourtWilliam Cohenaffirmed and remanded
State v. LigourieWashington District CourtDavid Suntagaffirmed
Gilfillan v. GilfillanOrleans Family CourtHoward E. VanBenthuysenreversed
David J. and Lynn C. Domina, George A. and Carolyn A. Cota v. George A. and Bradford B. MooreLamoille Superior CourtBen W. Josephaffirmed, but reverse order awarding attorney's fees and expert witness
In re Appeal of Pearl Street MobilEnvironmental CourtMerideth Wrightreverse and remand
In re B.L.W., JuvenileOrleans Family CourtDennis R. Pearsonaffirmed
In re C.M., JuvenileChittenden Family CourtJames R. Crucittiaffirmed
Clemmons v. ClemmonsChittenden Family CourtLinda Levittaffirmed
Trager v. Baraw Enterprises, Inc.Lamoille Superior CourtAlan Cookaffirmed and remanded