September 29, 2020

Information Regarding Tyler Technologies Security Incident

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Last week Tyler Technologies experienced an IT cybersecurity breach on their internal network. Tyler is working with security firms and law enforcement to determine the extent of the event. At this time the Judiciary’s E-Filing website, portal website, internal Odyssey systems will remain up and functional. All aspects of the Odyssey project are proceeding as scheduled. This operational status is subject to change as we receive more information from Tyler about the nature of the breach.

As a part of our review of this incident, the Judiciary has communicated with most of the other state Judiciaries who use Tyler products and has coordinated with the Vermont Agency of Digital Service and our partner, NuHarbor Security, to ensure we’re taking the necessary steps to keep our network and systems secure. Tyler has indicated that “based on the evidence available to-date, all indications are that the impact of this incident was directed at our internal corporate network and phone systems.” Nevertheless, we have taken precautions based on expert advice we have received, which are similar to those executed in other states. We continue to closely monitor the situation and our environment.

Tyler is regularly updating their website with information regarding this incident. All Vermont Odyssey systems, including Guide and File and the Public Portal, continue to operate normally.