August 22, 2019

New Registration Process For Media Organizations and Individuals

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The Vermont Supreme Court has approved a registration process for news media organizations and individuals who seek to use devices to record or transmit in Vermont courts.

To record or transmit judicial proceedings, media must register. Media intending to record or transmit on a regular or frequent basis may apply for a permanent registration certificate with the Court Administrator. This registration is now open and media members are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, media members may be asked by courtroom staff to display a copy of their registration. Media members, who do not have a permanent registration certificate, may apply for a one-time registration but court proceedings will not automatically be delayed pending application and review. Full details of the registration process and application forms can be found at the URL below:

The registration process was approved by the Supreme Court in conjunction with rules governing the possession and use of recording and transmitting devices (defined broadly to include cell phones, tablets, and laptops) in courthouses and courtrooms. (See Administrative Order No. 46 - Administrative and Performance Standards For Possession and Use of Recording and Transmitting Devices, VRCP 79.2 - Possession and Use of Recording and Transmitting Devices, and VRAP 35 - Possession and Use of Recording and Transmitting Devices at the URL above).