March 05, 2021

Rules for Public Access to Court Records and the Rules for Electronic Filing Educational Session

The judiciary held an educational session on March 4, 2021 to discuss revisions to the Rules for Public Access to Court Records and the 2020 Rules for Electronic Filing, which were made in anticipation of electronic filing and implementation of Odyssey, the electronic case management system. As the Odyssey and efiling rollout was implemented, the efiling rules committee recommended changes based on user experience from judges, court staff, and system users.

The session provides an overview of some of the key rule provisions, explains recent amendments, and demonstrates how the rule requirements interact in a practical way with Odyssey and efiling. The presenters and the general topics include:

  • Hon. John A. Dooley (Ret.), Chair of the Efiling Rules Committee and former member of the Public Access Committee on public access in electronic world
  • Hon. Walter M. Morris (Ret.), Reporter to Efiling Rules Committee and former Reporter to Public Access Committee on general efiling requirements, and recent amendments regarding service contacts and certifying service
  • Andy Stone, Odyssey Project Team Leader on how to efile nonpublic documents and data
  • Elizabeth Kruska, attorney and president of VBA, on efiling and service from a practitioner viewpoint.

A recording of the session is available at

The materials are provided below.