September 06, 2019

Vermont Judiciary Seeks Feedback on Courtroom Policies

Vermont Judiciary logo

Provisional media policies for individual Vermont courtrooms are now available online. The Judiciary is seeking feedback from members of the media before finalizing these provisional policies. Please review these policies and submit your feedback using the Vermont Courtroom Policies Feedback form.

Court Administrator's Office staff will be scheduling in-person site visits to courtrooms requested to be visited by members of the media. The purpose of these site visits will be to enable members of the media to review courtroom-specific features, such as the assigned location for recording devices, for the purpose of offering feedback. Please complete the "Request a Site Visit" section of the feedback form to indicate which courtroom(s), if any, you would like to visit

Please submit your request to visit a courtroom(s) by Friday, September 20, 2019. Following that date, Court Administrator’s Office staff will schedule site visits to all courtrooms members of the media have indicated an interest in visiting. Members of the media will be notified of the date, time, and location of all site visits. Only one visit per site will be scheduled. The Judiciary intends to finalize all provisional policies within two weeks of the last site visit.